Secrets for STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

It happens that even those elements of the game that are initially open to everyone become secrets.

It happens that even those elements of the game that are initially open to everyone become secrets. For example, if you do not pay attention to the control buttons, you may not know that you can apply bandages and be treated using hot keys (by default, the Russian letters X and Ъ). In addition, automatic weapons have firing modes that allow you to save ammo: they can be switched using the 0 and 9 keys.

When you press the tilde (~) key, a console appears where you can change the key assignments. For example, it is convenient to assign the crouch/toggle toggle to the B (Russian AND) key with the bind crouch_toggle kb command. In addition, it is possible to switch the camera to a third-person view using bind cam_2 kf4: now when you press F4, the camera will fly back (unfortunately, playing in this mode is inconvenient). The assignment bind cam_2 kf3 allows you to return the standard view using the F3 key. It is useful to assign bandage and treatment to F1 and F2: bind use_bandage kf1 and bind use_medkit kf2. All possible assignments are called by the bind_list command, and you can find out the full list of commands by calling help.

Many are interested in where the save files are hidden. It turned out that the path to these files is not trivial: you need to look for them and the settings files in the C: Documents and Settings All Users Documents STALKER-SHOC folder. Files with the ltx extension are used to store settings.

Perhaps the most difficult stage of the game can be considered the first steps of our character: a light gun and a thin jacket are little consolation. Fortunately, at the very beginning of the game, you can fill your backpack with useful items. Some secrets are known to many: for example, on the cordon not far from the fire there is a dilapidated building, if you go up to the second floor, then behind the greenery you can find a box with useful change. A similar “stash” is hidden in the basement of the house where Nimble constantly sleeps (on the left before leaving the village). It is enough to go down to the cellar and break the box to find something useful.

Other secrets remain hidden even for seasoned fighters. In the attic of the last house (to the left of the exit) you can find a stalker suit that protects against dangers much better than a regular jacket. The problem is that not a single staircase leads to the attic, so you have to use a trick. Climb to the attic of the neighboring house (the one next to the fire), but do not climb inside, but carefully walk along the thin cornice that encircles the roof. Then jump over to the neighboring roof with a running start – here we are! Now we have another problem: the windows are too narrow, and it is impossible to get inside. The problem is solved: stand on the roof of the porch and break the box in the far corner of the attic with pistol shots (you will have to aim through a hole in the roof). If the suit falls out unsuccessfully and cannot be reached, move it further with shots,




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