Secrets for Dead Island (PC)

Codes for the game Dead Island do not exist. The developers did not want to make sure that you can get everything at once. Therefore, you will have to use tricks that replace full-fledged Dead Island cheats. However, some of them you could find yourself. First, let’s look at what bugs we inherited from the developers that we could use as Dead Island codes. True, the developers diligently release patches … But I think this is not something to be afraid of.

First, remember where the warehouse is located. Remembered? So, there are a bat and a hammer from the weapons. They can be picked up and sold for 400 bucks. When you return back – the bat and the hammer will again be in their place. This is done so that we can get weapons even with complete lack of money. And it will fit us quite well instead of Dead Island cheats.

Now about the features that replace the Dead Island code with immortality. If you enter the water, then the zombies that are chasing you will drown after the first kick. Why this is so is not clear. But anyway, it’s worth keeping in mind. You can also kill a lot of zombies if you collect a locomotive behind you and climb onto the car. For some reason, zombies cannot climb there, so you just have to kill them. Easy experience and easy money. By the way, everything that you earn during the first playthrough of the game, you will receive at the beginning of the second playthrough as already known. This is not a Dead Island cheat, this is a nested feature from the developers.

And finally, about the interesting features of the game. If you are tired of constant long saves, go to the settings menu and enter the control menu. Now just change the battle style. If you have analog, make it digital. If it’s digital, make it analog. Actually, this allows you to instantly save the game, since it is saved immediately after the change. Not the Dead Island code, but also quite interesting.

Also, one should not forget about such an interesting program as ArtMoney, which works with numbers in any single games and successfully replaces any Dead Island cheats. For example, you can add money to yourself. Or experience. Or health. Or any other element of the game in which numbers are affected. Just use the program to find this number and change it. That’s all.

And the last thing that will help us replace the Dead Island codes is trainers. They make life easier even for those who are too lazy to use ArtMoney. In general, trainers also work with numbers in the game, but with the help of keystrokes. Before starting the game, turn on the Dead Island trainer and remember the numbers that are indicated in it. Now turn on the game and get what you want.




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