Scholomance: tactics and passage

Scholomance is one of the oldest dungeons in World of Warcraft. In the Mists of Pandaria expansion, players will encounter an updated version of it.

English name of the dungeon : Scholomance

English boss names : Instructor Chillheart , Jandice Barov

RattlegoreLilian Voss и Darkmaster Gandling.

Scholomance is located in the crypts under the fortress of Caer Darrow. Once upon a time, the noble Barov family lived here, but then the dungeon went to the dark wizard Kel’Thuzad, who turned the crypts into a school of necromancy. Today, the Scholomance is headed by the dangerous and treacherous Dark Master Gandling.

The classic version of this dungeon is almost eight years old – Scholomance is one of the instances of the original World of Warcraft , which can be entered from level 38. We are also interested in an updated version of the dungeon, which appeared in Mists of Pandaria and is designed for five level 90 players. Five dangerous bosses await them.

How to kill Instructor Iceheart?

Ice Heart Instructor

This “girl” teaches at the Scholomance something like an “introduction to the specialty” for very young students. She is excellent with ice magic, which she will use in battle.

At the very beginning of the battle, Instructor Iceheart creates two ice walls along the edges of the hall, touching which will instantly kill the player. The difficulty is that over time, these walls will move, more and more fettering the fighters in the movement, so dragging out the fight is not the best idea.

And you will have to move a lot in this battle. First, Instructor Frozenheart casts the Frost Snap spell on the ground, small areas that you need to run out of. Secondly, every now and then a random player is cast “Wrath of Ice” – until this spell subsides, it is better to stay away from your group mates.

The main difficulty for the tank and healer of the group is the Gravetouch spell, which increases the damage of the next ten attacks. When using it, it is better to keep the most effective healing and defensive skills.

Having been defeated, Instructor Iceheart moves into a phylactery that needs to be destroyed as soon as possible. Finding it is easy – the phylactery appears in the same place where the boss stood before the fight. Magic tomes start flying around the hall – try to dodge them and finish off the boss.

How to kill Jandis Barov?

Jandis Barova

Jandis Barova teaches a course in illusions at the Scholomance. Twice per battle – at 66% and 33% health – she will create many “clones”, and players will have to look for the real Jandice among them . The appearance of each clone is somewhat different from the appearance of the boss, but if you can’t figure it out, just kill the illusions one by one, the group receives little damage at this stage of the battle.

The tank should turn Jandis away from the rest of the group and watch out for the use of the “Amazing Speed” trait – at this time it is better to run away from the boss so as not to take a lot of damage. The rest of the group avoids Gravity Surge, which not only damages players but also knocks them back, blinding them for a few seconds.

How to kill Thunderklyn?


The Thunderwedge is a creepy monster created by Gandling to protect Scholomance. In the room where this boss fight takes place, heaps of bones are scattered across the floor. By clicking on one of them, the player receives “Bone Armor”, which will protect him from the most dangerous attack of the boss – “Bone Spike”. After the attack, the armor needs to be updated.

Since each pile of bones gives only one armor, it is better for the group to spread out around the hall so that all players can get protection. In addition, blue flames will appear next to the piles of bones, being in which causes considerable damage – just run away.

Through melee attacks, Thunderfly gradually gains the Rust buff, increasing his attack power. As soon as the tank begins to realize that it is taking too much damage, the boss can be kited for a while, keeping at a distance until the “Rust” subsides from him.

How to kill Lilian Voss?

Lilian Voss

Lilian Voss came to the Scholomance to seek revenge on Gandling . For some time she will act together with the players, but then she will fall under the power of Gandling, so the former ally will have to be eliminated.

The main thing that players should be able to do in this battle is to disperse quickly. At times, Lillian pulls all party members to her, casting the Dark Flame spell for a while. Players under its effect will begin to leave behind a purple fire that is best avoided. Just be on the move and try not to run to where other players are.

In addition, Lillian will sometimes jump towards one of her opponents, dealing damage in an area around him. This is another reason to keep your distance from each other.

When Lilian Voss has half her health left, a new phase of the battle will begin. Her released soul randomly follows one of the players, dealing damage around her. Just kiting while keeping a distance – Lilan moves slower than the players, so it’s not very difficult.

Having defeated the soul of Lillian, we continue to finish off her body according to the tactics described earlier. Before dying, she still tries to attack Gandling – but the dark master escapes, so the players will have to deal with him.

How to kill Darkmaster Gandling?


Gandling attacks his enemies not only with direct spells, but also with “Immolate”, which deals damage for a while – quickly dispelling this debuff, the healer will simplify his task. At times, Gandling will call on a whole group of his students to help, who will attack the players. The master himself at this time receives half the damage, so it is better to kill students quickly.

At times , Gandling transports one of the players to a locked room filled with zombies. Just destroy them to open the exit. The healer should dispel enemies – this will be more effective than attacking. If a tank or a healer is in the room, the rest of the group must “survive” the time until he returns.




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