Psychological safety – psychological safety

Psychological safety at work is a team member’s belief that they will not be penalized or humiliated for discussing thoughts, questions, concerns, or mistakes. Because members want to avoid interpersonal risks when working with others. I don’t want to be ignored for asking questions or looking for information. was seen as incompetent is seen as a bad person and is seen as someone who interferes with the work of others

If there is mental safety at work People will have the confidence to perform behaviors such as asking questions, sharing information. asking for help experimenting with new things talking about mistakes and requesting feedback which can affect further learning

that means Psychological safety does not mean a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, the camaraderie of members. or without pressure or no problems within the team In that mentally safe environment It allows members to discuss issues or mistakes, exchanging information and diverse ideas, resulting in the creation and sharing of solutions and new approaches. in developing processes and work results leading to an increase in performance both at the individual and group levels

In addition, psychological safety reduces learning anxiety. When employees in the organization have to learn new things from the changes of the organization as well.

**Factors affecting mental safety**

  1. Context support – Having the right resources and rewards for the team.
  2. Leader coaching
  3. Leader inclusiveness
  4. Interaction with quality team membe




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