Privacy Policy For Content

Your personal data collected by (simplified business name) will be used and stored for the time necessary to provide the service or for the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy to be achieved, considering the rights of data subjects and controllers.

Privacy Policy For Content In

Technically, you don’t need a terms of service statement. It is not required by law, but it is generally advisable to include these terms on your website to cover the expectations and agreements between you and your users.

Some companies may even ask you to make one available before you can enter into a relationship with them. For the most part, website owners and users behave fairly and reasonably, making their terms and conditions information redundant. However, in unusual circumstances, such as those involving abuse, theft of intellectual property or illegal behavior, explicitly stating terms and conditions can provide basic protections for you and your business, limiting your liability and clarifying your rights to content posted on the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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