Paint tactics in Max Payne 3

A few tips for survival in the hard action Max Payne 3

Immediately after the release of Max Payne 3 , there were rumors on the Internet about the incredible complexity. Some of the players, spitting on everything, switched to an easy level, the rest gritted their teeth. Yes, this game is really fast kill. In order to survive in Max Payne 3 on medium difficulty, you need to be able to play it. It is desirable to have behind you the experience of passing the previous parts on Dead on Arrival, where the player was deprived of a quick save, and the enemies were strengthened. After completing Max Payne 3, I can give some advice to those who are having difficulty playing the game on the average difficulty level.

1) Actively use covers and sit behind them longer. In this position, your chances of grabbing a bullet are two or three percent, no more. Wait until the enemy calms down and stops bombarding you with heavy fire or starts reloading;

2) Feel free to fire blindly . Especially – if the enemy is approaching your shelter. A wound from a hit in the hands will cause you minor damage, but you can knock the enemy to the ground with heavy fire and then finish him off;

3) Do not be afraid to replay the same difficult moment. Each time the scene is played out differently, and the enemy who killed you before may not appear at all in that place, or miss. In addition, after restarting the checkpoint, the game will most likely restore you to full health and maybe even give you one painkiller;

4) Try not to let the enemies in at a very close distance – from such a distance, a wound from any weapon will be fatal for you. If the enemy still came close to you – rush at him and carry out a melee attack;

5) No matter how effective the slow-motion jump looks , do not use it often and thoughtlessly. Falling to the ground in an open area turns Max into a potential sieve. Jump in such a way that you land behind the next cover. Jumping between office desks and drawers works very well. During the flight, shoot only in the head – to be sure. If you still landed in an open place – do not get up, but continue to shoot, turning on the usual time dilation (left Shift by default). Your chances of survival will double, especially if there are few enemies left in the room;

6) Train yourself to constantly look at Max’s health meter – auto-healing only works here in multiplayer, and Max’s injuries do not affect him in any way (in the first part , he, at least, began to limp) – here you can die, just carried away by the fight;

7) If you manage to develop such a reflex, immediately shoot at the grenades thrown at you . You can very badly annoy the enemies;

8) Use time dilation wisely . Sitting behind cover, Max spends much more time aiming. Turn on slowdown only after he has already leaned out. Optimal rhythm: lean out, turn on, register one headshot, turn off, hide. So you can shoot enemies without taking any damage at all. And the energy consumption for deceleration will not be high at all;

9) When special forces in helmets appear on the arena, get any assault rifle . With other weapons, one headshot may not be enough. Do not shoot at a hull protected by armor. This is a waste of ammo and an unnecessary risk – the longer you stick out, the easier it is for other enemies to hook you. Against groups of opponents without body armor, dual weapons help well, especially the Ingrams. Try not to take two different weapons in your hands – it’s a little more effective to play when both pistols or submachine guns fire at the same rhythm;

10) Do not be lazy to run around and collect ammo after the battle. They end very quickly, especially at the very beginning of the game. When the fight takes place at medium and long distances, it’s very difficult, because. under fire, you don’t particularly run over corpses. Try to less often use automatic weapons, in the magazine of which there are only 20 rounds. In the midst of a fight, this can ruin your firefight. However, you can always quickly switch to one of the pistols (keys “1” and “2” by default);

11) During the battle, do not forget to turn the camera around. Enemies can bypass you when you least think about it;

12) Don’t get distracted by shooting at exploding canisters . They do not detonate immediately and often do not cling to enemies at all;

13) All your skills in the end will be very useful to you in multiplayer.

Max Payne 3 really shakes up the player, not letting him sit lazily behind cover, overgrown with a beard. But all this complexity and high-speed tactics suit this game very well. It is enough just to play it meaningfully and clearly realize your advantages and weaknesses over opponents. And then you will understand that in fact in this game there is nothing so super complicated as it is described on the Internet. Only the final shootout at the airport with a bunch of armored soldiers and a cheerful grenade launcher has been slightly overcomplicated. It is unlikely that you will master it from the first call. As well as from the second. You will need to catch the rhythm and remember the location of the opponents, as well as do not forget to swallow painkillers, and then everything will work out.




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