Locate lost iPhone by signing in to iCloud

It is not strange that bad feeling that we get when we lose our cell phone due to theft or loss , it is horrible to touch our pocket and not be able to or rather find our phone, without a doubt terrible, unfortunately when it is turned off due to lack of battery or worse still no signal.

Once you have confirmed that it is a robbery; You can put into action the following tips that we give you this in a short time after the event occurs, however, we recommend you try to recover your device with the help of the authorities to find its location faster.

Electronic devices accompany us in our day to day and that is why it is not uncommon for them to get lost. To this risk we must add the risk that friends of others decide to appropriate our devices. If you want to locate a lost or stolen iPhone , we will explain how to do it.

Do not worry friend (a), since this article will be in charge of helping you as much as possible so that you can find your mobile device. In case you have not lost it, it is also important that you have full knowledge for these circumstances of so much stress for the iPhone user.

By keeping this article in mind you will be fully prepared for any unexpected circumstance such as the loss of an electronic device . For this you must have the necessary knowledge. Therefore, since it is an important and delicate topic, even if this is not your case, we recommend that you continue reading.

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  1. Applications that can help us recover and locate our iPhone
    1. Find My iPhone
  2. Steps to follow to recover our mobile device:
    1. Step 1: Find an iPhone Terminal
    2. Step 2: Download the App – Find My iPhone
    3. Step 3: Select your Lost Device
    4. Step 4: Secret Password – Lost Mode
  3. Conclusion about the theft or loss of our iPhone

Recommendations that you should take into account when your device is lost or stolen

If you have lost your phone or it has been stolen, there are two steps that you should never forget:

  • Report the loss or theft to the police
  • Inform your mobile operator of the loss of the device

Have you lost your iPhone ? Did you lose it and have no idea where you can find it?

Believe it or not, iPhones have a GPS tracker that allows them to be located for prompt recovery in case of theft. Of course, there are hackers who can breach the security of the device, so if this happens to you, you must act quickly.

Apple has established protocols and solutions so that in these cases, the user can recover the phone as soon as possible, it is important to note that you must have an account created along with your device, to be able to access it, if you do not have it yet you can follow a few simple steps to have it ready in minutes.

So you don’t have to worry, because with today’s technology and the algorithms for solving this type of problem in the iOS operating system, you can find it very quickly and also very easily.

Locate lost iPhone by signing in to iCloud

If you have the “Find My iPhone” option turned on, the first thing you need to do is sign in to iCloud Find  from any Mac or PC computer or use the “Find My iPhone” app from another Apple device .

Step 1: First we enter the official page of iCloud and log in.

Step 2: We enter our Apple ID and password to access our account.

Step 3: We search among the options within the account is “find my iPhone”, we click on it.

Step 4: We wait for the app to locate our iPhone, shortly after the iPhone will be shown on the map.

Note: You can now choose to use the app to lock your iPhone and erase your personal data, send a sound if it’s just missing, or call the authorities and use the app as a means to help them get your iPhone back.

If the mobile is not within your reach you must activate the Lost mode . This option allows you to remotely lock your phone by entering the four-digit code you use to protect your data.

Activating Lost Mode allows you to record the device’s location and display a personalized message with your phone number so they can contact you.

In the event that you have added debit or credit card numbers to Apple Pay , activating Lost mode implies that the device suspends the ability to pay through this system.

Locate lost iPhone if you do not have the “Find my iPhone” option activated

Mobile phones usually contain a lot of information and personal files, the best thing if you cannot locate the lost iPhone is to erase the contents of the device . To do so, go to iCloud, select your device and click Erase.

Keep in mind that erasing the device if you later remove that device from your iCloud account will turn off Activation Lock so anyone can use your phone.

Remember that:

  • If the mobile is turned off or without connection, you can put it in Lost mode, lock it or delete its contentsremotely without any problem.
  • Lost Mode is turned off by entering the passcode on your phone,or through iCloud or the Find My iPhone app.

This works in the following way: the mobile periodically leaves its state without battery or turned off to simply transmit the exact location of the mobile. In this way , we understand that the battery never completely dies , what happens is that it reserves a part of it to transmit information about the whereabouts of our cell phone, simply Great.

Therefore, you only have to locate it in the Apple store and acquire this wonder and use it with a few simple steps and in a matter of seconds, so you will know how to locate an iPhone turned off.

If you didn’t have Find My iPhone turned on before you lost your device, you won’t be able to use it to locate your phone, but you can protect your data .

  • Change your Apple ID password toprevent anyone from accessing your iCloud data or other services from your lost phone.
  • Change the password of Internet accounts: email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

No one is exempt from losing their iPhone or having it stolen, so the best thing you can do is always have the Find My iPhone option turned on , thus increasing your chances of finding it, when some of these scenarios happen.

Applications that can help us recover and locate our iPhone

Although there are insurances of some commercial type, which allow us to increase or improve security , despite the redundancy, because we can return the iPhone, in case of theft or some accident, of course we are at the expense of these clauses not having small print .

So there is a high probability that no, they will return it to us and that is terrible, therefore, we are at the mercy of our luck, there is also another scenario that is even sadder, that it is lost, stolen or some accident caused by it. style and do not have insurance, this is worse, in any case I think that none of the scenarios is pretty.

So we agree that losing our smartphone is not pretty, it’s like an extension of oneself, an arm, a hand, well it’s okay not so much. But we agree that without our smartphone today, it is like going back to the caves , because of my work without my smartphone I am simply lost.

However, by divine grace and the developers of this century, there are a few software that allow you to locate a turned off iPhone , one of them is the application called Find My iPhone and that you can easily find from the App Store.

Find My iPhone

It is one of the best applications on the market, very light, also free of ads (ads), which is undoubtedly an incredible tool that allows us to locate our phone in a matter of seconds. According to the developers , it is in charge of monitoring the location of our phone and sends us the last known record of its whereabouts , thus revealing the location without further ado.

If it is the case that the phone is turned off, it can be located in any way, since Apple has activated a technology that allows the smartphone to be located even if it is turned off. These devices have the best protocols in case they get lost, due to their functionality and quick response from their components. This greatly facilitates its location.

Steps to follow to recover our mobile device :

Step 1: Find an iPhone Terminal

Quickly, the moment you realize that you have lost or misplaced your mobile device, you must borrow another iPhone terminal , with the capacity to install an application on it.


Step 2: Download the App – Find My iPhone

“Find my iPhone” which is found in the app store, and is downloaded in seconds . Once the application is installed, you must go immediately from the same mobile device where you installed the application.

You have to access your iCloud account , using your username and password. This iCloud profile is the one you created when you bought the iPhone, this profile identifies you on the Apple platform and you must enter the search section.

Step 3: Select your Lost Device

You will go to the tab, which identifies your device in order to find your iPhone . You must select the icon corresponding to your phone, so that in this way a drop-down menu will open in which you will find different options.

Step 4: Secret Password – Lost Mode

You will have to press the lost mode. Next, it will ask you for a secret password , which will serve as extra protection.


You must write a message with your phone number, so that the person who finds it, when trying to use this phone, can read it immediately; In this way, the person will know how to act when getting the phone. However, if it will be a robbery, this trick may not work.

The message can be explaining the situation, that you lost your iPhone and the number so that the person who finds it can call you at the number from which you sent the message. While on the iCloud platform, you can click on accept lock, a total and automatic closure of your iPhone .

Therefore, no person will be able to unlock it and see your private information, such as associated bank accounts in addition to other personal information. This is the protocol stipulated by Apple for these stressful and overwhelming cases. We recommend that in these circumstances you maintain a complete calm.

Carry out the aforementioned process calmly, writing in a friendly way to the individual who got the phone, in this way it is more likely that you will return it. Whatever the reason, we find ourselves unable to know where it is and believe me that is horrifying. However, this wonderful company designed a tool (software) that allows you to locate an iPhone even if it is turned off. A great idea, don’t you think?

Conclusion about the theft or loss of our iPhone

Depending on the specific circumstance, the best option may be to use iCloud to find out where the iPhone is and go to the police , but in other cases it is best to simply block it and delete personal data.

Keep in mind that with this second option you at least make sure that nobody can use it without having extensive knowledge to completely violate the security of the device, which is unlikely to happen.

Also, there is always the possibility that it simply got lost somewhere nearby. In any case, it is important to know how to use this app to locate the iPhone. This is a sample of how important and useful GPS technology can be for your safety. The fact that this technology is part of the iPhone is proof of how advanced the device is.

Thanks to iCloud it is easy to locate the iPhone in case of theft or loss, you just have to follow each of these simple steps to the letter. We thank you for reading from beginning to end. Tell us how useful these tips have been and what has been your experience using an Apple brand device?





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