Is Samsung Galaxy J1, J2 Prime, J3 2022, J5, J5 Prime, J7 and J7 Prime waterproof?

At the moment of making a brief review about which are the preferred smartphones of the majority of users today, we can quickly come to the conclusion that many of the people of Samsung are at the forefront of the favoritism of a huge amount of public. In this particular case, however, we didn’t want to stop at the classics, like the Galaxy S, but actually give others a chance, as specifically happens with the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime .

The truth is that, apparently, there are many users who want to know more details related to the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, and among these details, they are almost especially interested in finding out if it is a terminal that has IP certification, that is, if it is waterproof Some of the queries that have been coming to us in this regard are the following: samsung galaxy J7 if it is waterproof, Galaxy j7 prime waterproof, the samsung galaxy j7 prime is anti water. In other words, if you have ever carried out a search of this type on your mobile devices or on Google , we recommend that you continue reading about the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

Does the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime have Water Resistance?

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  1. Can you put the Samsung J7 Prime in the water?
  2. Samsung Galaxy J7 waterproof?
  3. The Samsung Galaxy Waterproof?
  4. The Samsung J7 Resists Water
  5. Samsung J5 Prime is aquatic
  6. Dip Samsung J5
  7. Waterproof Case Samsung J5
  8. IP68 certification on the Samsung Galaxy J5
  9. Samsung J2 Prime Cousin of Aquaman?
  10. Samsung J2 Prime underwater
  11. Is the Samsung J2 Prime waterproof?
  12. Samsung Galaxy J3 waterproof
    1. IP certification on the Samsung Galaxy J3 2022
  13. Samsung Galaxy J1 is waterproof
  14. Will the Samsung Galaxy J1 be waterproof?

Can you put the Samsung J7 Prime in the water?

The first thing we have to mention before going into the details about whether the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime can be submerged, is that we are in the presence of a mobile device that has very good features and design, always considering its price as well. You must consider, in this sense, that many have questioned about this mobile, if it is submersible or aquatic, especially taking into account that other Galaxy S or Galaxy A from the people of Samsung do have this presentation .

The truth is that it is enough to review the technical specifications and all the features offered by the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime user manual to realize that we are in the presence of a device that, indeed, does not have any type of IP resistance . In fact, it is curious that anyway, many have carried out the waterproof test on the Samsung J7 Prime, placing the device in a container with liquid, to check what is the resistance level that it can offer.

What you have to keep in mind is that our recommendation, beyond the video that we leave at the end of the article, is that under no circumstances are you going to place your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime in a container of water, taking into account that the most it is likely that it will end up being damaged in one way or another. Beyond this, we must add at the same time that since the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime does not have protection, it is better never to risk it, in any case, to a situation of complete exposure like these .

Samsung Galaxy J7 waterproof?

Many come to confuse the galaxy J7 with the Samsung Galaxy s7 and it is that the truth is that they are two different worlds from each other, as is the case of the S7 that is resistant to water with a resistance of IP68 everyone would think that the Samsung Galaxy J7 waterproof or that it is also waterproof but it is not, and you have to be very careful with this, because it can represent problems for some unwary who end up immersing their cell phone in any kind of container with water.

The Samsung Galaxy Waterproof?

Although there are many claims that the Samsung Galaxy J7 waterproof , or waterproof, is submersible, there are videos that supposedly prove that it withstands the effects of water, and that nothing happens to the mobile, in personal experience from seeing so many continuous accidents due to the effects of water on a mobile, I know in a good hand that perhaps the effects of water are not seen at first, but then they will be seen and that is that you can take it out of the water and turn it on but you don’t know if it will last on or if it will work perfectly .

The Samsung J7 Resists Water

It happens that these low-mid-range mobiles do not have any protection because it represents a greater expense for the assemblers, and that is why they are located in this range, due to this we must be aware of the risk represented by water and Humidity in an electronic board, be it a mobile phone or any device, the damage caused by humidity is severe, reaching its contacts, to the point of collapse.

It is important to understand that perhaps on the Internet you can see how a Samsung Galaxy J7 is submerged in water, but this is totally contradictory because at the moment the phone does not seem to be affected but later the damage will be seen to the point that perhaps the touch is damaged or perhaps the screen I have seen many cases where even the battery ends up burned or without enough force to keep the mobile on.

In any case, we recommend a bag that is 100% waterproof, which allows you to record and take pictures underwater without fear of the phone being damaged or coming into contact with water, since it does not have any certified or more obviously with one of very low quality, very different from what would be the case of the Galaxy S7 that has an IP68 certificate. To get this type of bag or case, which protects the mobile against water, you can find them under the name of ” Waterproof case ” and thus make the Samsung Galaxy J7 waterproof available in any well-known electronic store on the Internet.

Are the Samsung Galaxy J5 and J5 Prime Waterproof?

Indeed, recently we have been receiving countless queries in this regard, some of which have to do directly with the possibility of submerging the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime . We are going to summarize some of these queries so that our readers have them a little more clearly: j5 prime against water, characteristics of the j5 prime waterproof yes or no, is the j5 premium waterproof, j5 prime resistant to water? Or is Samsung J5 also for water? You can check that all the queries have to do with the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime, of course.

The first thing we have to mention before going into details has to do directly with the fact that this Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is a mobile from the Galaxy J family of terminals, a family that many prefer when buying a phone to renew theirs. own self. The beauty of the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is that it has been improved over its previous version. And many consider that, from this, the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime could be submersible, although the main doubts about it begin here .

Samsung J5 Prime is aquatic

Once all the previous elements have been pointed out, we have to say that unfortunately when we talk about the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime, and as its manual indicates, this in particular is not a mobile device that can be submerged. We have to point out, in particular, that not only can it not be submerged, but it should also not lend itself to having direct contact with water or a humid environment. What happens is that the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime does not have IP certification, like the best Galaxy A and Galaxy S today .

What happens is that when we review the web, even in some of the main search engines in the world, we can find a series of videos related to the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime, which show that some of their owners submerge them in water in different circumstances. The problem is that the fact that these particular terminals are not damaged does not in any way mean that they are waterproof , but rather that these units have actually survived minimal submersion.

However, it is enough to review the main forums and social networks in the world, to reach the conclusion, at the same time, that a huge number of units of the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime also show serious malfunctions or damage after being submerged. As we said, this  Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime does not have any type of protection against water, and it is something that we must take into account, of course. What you should do, in case you want to take advantage of it in other ways, is to buy a waterproof casing, one of those sold on sites like eBay or Amazon, although if it is damaged by being submerged, you will always lose the guarantee.

Dip Samsung J5

As I said, it must have some shortcomings and if we are going to the case, the issue of being waterproof is one of them. Because this mobile device is not to go underwater . Since it does not have any IP certification, therefore, it is not resistant to water or dust or anything.

In any case, if you want to put the device under water, there are some covers or casings called Waterproof Case that cost very few dollars, we are talking about 4-5 dollars and with which you can put any mobile device under water.

Waterproof Case Samsung J5

Although it is correct to say that from the factory we do not have the option to submerge it and get the most out of our j5 underwater . It is extremely economical to be able to shield our mobile against water since some internet pages and establishments, its price does not exceed €3. An easy way to purchase it online is listed below, if you want to give your photos a new focus or simply enjoy your phone to the fullest, without fear of it being damaged by water or dust.

IP68 certification on the Samsung Galaxy J5

The truth is that when we say that the Samsung Galaxy J5 could have IP68 certification, we have to be extremely careful, considering that many people do not really know what that implies. Basically, this certification indicates that the Samsung Galaxy J5 will be resistant to water and dust . This, of course, is an advantage over mobiles that do not have this quality, but you should not trust it.

The IP68 certification that the Samsung Galaxy J5 will probably incorporate indicates that this device can be submerged in clean water for a maximum of 30 minutes, with a maximum depth of one meter . That is to say, you will see that there are some limitations of taking advantage of this feature that you will necessarily have to take into account in these cases.

Without going any further, for the Samsung Galaxy J5 or any other smartphone that has water resistance, you have to know that the Korean firm in no way takes over the guarantee in case it fails due to being submerged. For this reason, our recommendation is that you do not trust yourself, and even if it is submersible, do not play in the water with your Samsung Galaxy J5 .

At present there are not exactly few mobile devices that are resistant to water . This is not about some kind of fashion or anything similar, but it is something extremely necessary in order to avoid possible “catastrophes” so to speak, since surely on some occasion you have seen someone lose their mobile phone permanently because this got wet, if you were lucky that it never happened to you, then consider yourself lucky. Because losing a mobile for such a thing is just horrible.

At present there are several devices that have an IP certification of which make it resistant to water and even dust. But not resistant to a few droplets, but to being submerged for a fairly long period of time and 1.5 meters deep, so the difference between being waterproof or not is quite noticeable.

Samsung J2 Prime Cousin of Aquaman?

When a mobile is not submersible, it happens that perhaps nothing happens to it at the moment, but little by little the humidity and the water that remains inside begins to reach the electronic components of the mobile, causing it to gradually begin to work in a way that in a few words it should not, until reaching the tragic end where it completely abandons us.

Samsung J2 Prime underwater

We can even see videos on YouTube where they say that the Samsung J2 prime is waterproof, waterproof, etc. The issue is that although it can be submerged and possibly continues to work well for a while (a few hours), little by little the water reaches all its components and in this way it begins to be damaged more and more until the point where it leaves to work and you have to take it to a technical service to see if it is possible to recover said device or not.

You have to be very careful when it comes to water and mobile devices, I would not risk it, much less out of simple curiosity. In case you really want to put it in the water there are options and one of those is a kind of lining or casing which is called Waterproff Case that costs practically nothing, it is very cheap and with it you will not have problems putting any mobile device underwater as it perfectly protects your phone underwater.

Is the Samsung J2 Prime waterproof?

The issue is actually that this device does not have an IP68 certification , which is precisely to realize whether or not it is submersible, whether or not it is waterproof. Therefore, if you also try to put your mobile under water, the only thing you are going to achieve is ruin it.

Likewise, for those who need to put their mobile phone in the water for some reason, there are certain quite useful accessories that serve this purpose. One of them is called ” Waterproff Case ” with which we can put the device in a kind of case that is quite rare, but practical with which we can control it underwater without any kind of problem or limitation.

We know that perhaps aesthetically and practically speaking it is not the best, but to be honest, how often are we going to put it under water? Also, I get the impression that it generates more trust using the Waterproff Case than when they are IP68 certified, which is more personal than anything else.

In any case, the only way to make the Samsung J2 Prime work in the water without losing the Smartphone, is with this kind of accessory because it is not waterproof.

Without any doubt, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is one of the most successful smartphones that we can find in the catalog of the Korean firm today, and the truth is that there are many users who have already purchased it. We have to emphasize, in the same way, that we are eager to know all the aspects of the next Samsung Galaxy J3, so we are going to dwell on it.

The truth is that we know that during the first part of next year the Samsung Galaxy J3 will appear on the scene, and in addition to having analyzed some of the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy J3, we believe that the Korean firm could be working on adding the famous certification IP68 to this device , something that we did not want to stop thinking about.

Samsung Galaxy J3 waterproof

Well, we were saying then that the Samsung Galaxy J3 will probably be waterproof. And the truth is that there is enough information to be able to account for it, and it is enough to review other famous Korean mobiles. We can take the case of the Galaxy A family devices, which were mostly waterproof two generations ago, and will be so again in 2022.

The Samsung Galaxy J3, like its older brothers, the Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J7, will most likely have a unibody body, specially developed with IP68 certification . This will allow users to have the possibility of submerging it when they think it is necessary, an obvious advantage in these times.

IP certification on the Samsung Galaxy J3 2022

Well, let’s assume then that the Samsung Galaxy J3 finally has IP68 certification, which is what we believe will happen. What does it mean that the Samsung Galaxy J3 is waterproof? Well, in principle, you should be able to submerge it in clean water for a maximum of 30 minutes, although not more than a meter deep.

However, one minor detail that we always mention, whether we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy J3 or any other submersible smartphone, is that you should never really submerge it on purpose. It happens that if the Samsung Galaxy J3 has a water damage, even if it is submersible, the Korean firm will not take over the device’s warranty.

This happens because although the Samsung Galaxy J3 is indeed waterproof, it is not in absolutely all conditions, but there are all kinds of limitations that you should take into account, such as depth and time. Since Samsung can’t be sure that you’ve met those requirements, it simply opts out of covering wet phone damage .

Do you wonder if the Samsung Galaxy J1 is waterproof? You have to know then that in this article we are going to try to provide you with absolutely all the information you need to know about this device. The first thing you should keep in mind is that high-end smartphones usually do not have this feature, but we are going to analyze this case anyway.

Indeed, there are many who want to know if the Samsung Galaxy J1 has water resistance or can be put in the water, taking into account that it is a question that is usually related to high- end models . Anyway, we find it interesting to point out in the same sense, that there are other issues that you have to know about the Samsung Galaxy J1.

What happens right now is that if we check the web, we will be able to find a huge number of videos of Samsung Galaxy J1 exposure tests to water, although we have to pay attention to them only in part. It happens that although in certain videos the  Samsung Galaxy J1 is not damaged by water , we recommend that you never expose it to these situations.

Samsung Galaxy J1 is waterproof

Indeed, it is enough to review the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy J1 to be able to verify in this type of situation, that we are in the presence of a device that does not have IP67 or IP68 certification. Translated, this means that the Samsung Galaxy J1 is not waterproof, and therefore, although there are many videos about it, we recommend that you never go into the pool with it .

Let’s put it another way, if you put your Samsung Galaxy J1 in water, then you may find that some of the internal elements of the device are damaged, such as the motherboard. If you have to repair the motherboard of the Samsung Galaxy J1 , you will find an expense that is not too far from the cost of the terminal, and therefore it should be avoided.

The Samsung Galaxy J1 is then a smartphone that does not have water protection certification, so even if it has a current warranty, you can be sure that the manufacturer will not cover any damage it has suffered. For all the reasons that we have mentioned here, we believe that you have to carefully analyze everything before exposing the Samsung Galaxy J1 to water.

Will the Samsung Galaxy J1 be waterproof?

Well, if we stick to what the world’s leading mobile companies have been doing lately, we can conclude that the Samsung Galaxy J1 will not be a submersible mobile device. This responds, in the first instance, to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy J1 will in any case be a low-end device, therefore, it will have to do without certain features .

And precisely among those features that we believe the Samsung Galaxy J1 will have to set aside in order not to raise its price too much, we find that some of them are directly related to the design or aesthetics of the device. Sealing a phone to make it waterproof makes it more expensive , and surely Samsung’s idea behind the Galaxy J1 isn’t for that to happen.

Therefore, if you are waiting for the launch of a potential Samsung Galaxy J1 2018 and you want to know if it will be a submersible mobile, we are able to tell you that unfortunately this will not happen . In any case, you have to know that there are always covers or other options with which we can submerge our mobiles if strictly necessary.

What else would you like to know about the Samsung Galaxy J1? Some other very common searches and queries of users around this type of subject , have to do directly with the following: samsung j1 lte characteristics, samsung lte j1, samsung j1 clear, samsung j1 mercadolibre colombia, samsung j1 lte price, samsung j1 duos features, samsung galaxy j1 price or samsung j1 ace lte features. If you have any other questions in this regard, be sure to contact us so that we can give you a hand in this regard, of course.





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