Is it safe to use my Huawei mobile?

A few months have passed after an executive order imposed directly by the President of the United States (Donald Trump) prohibited the use of services from foreign telecommunications companies in American territory with danger of national security . Due to this statement, the US suspended all kinds of business activity with Huawei. Despite the fact that in the end the United States gave in and the negotiations are still ongoing, the situation is still tense . In today’s article we will talk about how a decision like this can affect mobile security and how the use of VPN applications can help you with your question of whetherIs it safe to use a Huawei mobile? .

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How did this decision affect Huawei mobile users?

This decision seriously affected the Chinese telephony giant, since despite the fact that Android is a free Software Operating System, by suspending business negotiations with the US , Huawei mobiles no longer have support from Google, so they the owners of these devices found themselves without access to the various software tool updates regularly offered by the company.

Did this decision affect the mobile phones that were already on the market?

No, since all products that carry Android must be tested to obtain the corresponding security and compatibility certificates . So Huawei users were not left without updates immediately. In addition, this gave Huawei room to be able to negotiate its conditions with the United States so that they would lift the veto in this Country to carry out its business activities under certain conditions.

Negotiations With Huawei Return

On June 29, 2019 , Donald Trump lifted the veto imposed on Huawei so that the company will be able to resume negotiations with other American technology companies such as Intel, Google or Qualcomm.

What Happens Now With Huawei Mobiles?

Well, according to the US , they are once again “safe” (as if they were not before), so once again you will have access to updates .

Will the US Ban Huawei Again?

Surely, the case is that the United States is panicking and does not know how to stop the country of the rising sun. And it is that in the next 10 years China is expected to be the first world potential, something that has already begun almost without realizing it thanks to the fact that they have the most advanced 5G technology.

That is why sooner or later, the United States will again block the use of Huawei mobiles on American soil . So, if that happens again , how can I download and update applications on my Huawei mobile? . And we are talking about apps for everyday use such as:

  • YouTube.
  • Google Maps.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Google Play.

Well, easy, thanks to the VPN , but what are these kinds of applications and what services do they offer?

VPN What is it and what is it for?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network , thanks to these platforms we can mask our IPs and simulate our connections from another geographical point . Thanks to this feature, we can start a private, fast and the best… SAFE browsing.

If you want to know more about the subject, then I will leave you a website with a lot of information to use Free VPN services . In this way, whether Donald Trump is right or not about whether it is safe to use Huawei mobiles , we will always be protected since it never hurts to be cautious.





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