Is it bad to have many friends on Facebook?

Facebook is the main social network in the world, one in which 2 out of every 7 human beings who inhabit this planet have an account, and therefore, a very easy way to reach them, it would be normal for you to be curious to see if someone is entering your account without permission.

Is It Bad to Have Many Friends on Facebook? What if you have a lot of friends?

Have you ever heard the rumors that it is bad to have many friends on Facebook? Well, what happens is that older people, above all, are somewhat fearful that we have a significant number of friends on Facebook , and it is for this reason that they recommend that we be careful when we begin to add people to our profile.

It is important to be up-to-date on this globalized social network that today is becoming increasingly relevant in everyone’s lives, without a doubt it has become the only  truly relevant social network among adults .

Another option would be to directly block all your friends one by one, although, well, it would not be normal for you to do so, although many do it in an “outburst”, beyond this belief, we are going to analyze if it really is bad to have many friends on Facebook , or if it is really nothing more than an urban myth.

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  1. What about unknown friends on Facebook?
  2. Risks of having many friends on Facebook

What about unknown friends on Facebook?

It is normal that when you spend so much time on Facebook you start playing video games from your play store or that you go to applications like FaceApp and see which famous person you look like , although well,  you usually go to see memes that I don’t really judge you, they are interesting

The first thing we have to say in this regard, and which does not only affect social networks, is that excesses are usually bad, so you should try to be as careful as possible, as long as you are interested in staying isolated from the social networks dangers.

Having many friends on Facebook is not something dangerous in itself , but the more friends we have, the less selective we are with them, and it is possible that some appear that only have the objective of trying to deceive us.

For this reason we can say that when you have friends you don’t know on your Facebook account, start taking all kinds of precautions, and more aware of the terrible cases that usually start on social networks.

Risks of having many friends on Facebook

What tends to happen is that many of the users who have a lot of friends have been trying to be popular , so to speak, trying to get a lot of likes or just a lot of friends, and so they have watched less carefully who they added to their account.

But don’t worry, Facebook has Community Standards to guarantee your safety, as time passes this social network manages to become a high-impact social network, reaching more and  more people around the world ,

That is why even Mark Zuckemberg, owner of this social network, has been trying to launch the free version of Facebook for some time, he promises to reach the last corner of the planet with free Facebook internet for that reason, although it is not bad to have many friends, it is not recommended to add anyone to our network either.

This caused great controversy among the whole world, since giving a service like Facebook to the whole world for free undoubtedly represents a very ambitious project that only a millionaire like him could monopolize, the market was very excited when he released this news

Every day it plays a more important role in everyone’s life and I think we should begin to take social networks much more seriously, both in terms of  cybersecurity of our information and in terms of sociability and the way in which they are present many works in these social media, since this is where an advertising campaign can have the most impact

Even more than on TV or conventional media, Facebook has become a power, which is why we entrust our security to it, our advice in this regard is that, as far as possible, only have people in your networks those you know, among which we can mention, for example, friends, relatives, colleagues, or at least their friends.

If you only have people you know in real life or for whom you have some specific references added to your Facebook profile , then the chances of one of them trying to trick you are much lower.

On the other hand, if it is a stranger, unfortunately the chances of us falling into some kind of trap that hurts us increase. Do you have many or few friends on Facebook?





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