How WhatsApp works

Most likely, you already know the benefits that WhatsApp offers , but in any case, from here we are going to try to briefly explain what this application is for , which is increasingly common on our smartphones and tablets. It is a tool through which we can maintain contact with people who are anywhere in the world, either through messages or even through calls. As of today, there are already more than 600 million people who have decided to download WhatsApp on their terminals and make use of the most complete messaging application in the world.

WhatsApp was born in 2009 and as we said, since then the number of users of this instant messaging service has only grown. One of the keys to its success is that it works on a large number of operating systems: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone… The fact that it is an all-terrain application also helps, since from it we can send instant messages, text messages voice, images, videos and location sharing. It is the definitive application as far as communication is concerned and cannot be missing from any smartphone.

A priori, this may not seem like something innovative either, but one of the main reasons why it is used and one of its most outstanding advantages is that the entire process is carried out completely free of charge. In other words, we will be able to keep in touch with people who are even in another country without having to spend huge amounts of money as was the case through phone calls or SMS.

The reason why WhatsApp is a tool that allows us to make phone calls and send messages and files for free is because the entire process is carried out over the Internet. In this sense, it is important to bear in mind that in order to use this application it is essential to have a connection, either data or by connecting our device via Wi-Fi. Of course, we can download the application for free, but later we will have to pay one dollar a year, a minimum amount if we take into account everything we are going to save.

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  • Use WhatsApp on PC with WhatsApp Web

How WhatsApp works

It is very likely that you have previously used similar messaging applications, for which you have to search for the people you want to contact and add them to your directory. Likewise, those people have to accept the request or else the connection cannot be established. Before continuing, it is important to take into account that, as with these tools, WhatsApp Messenger must also be installed on both devices, that is, on the one making the call (or the message) and on the one receives it.

Well, the way WhatsApp works is very characteristic in this sense, and it is that all the phone numbers that we have added to our phonebook will automatically become WhatsApp contacts. For this reason, all we will have to do is add the phone number of the person with whom we want to keep in touch in our mobile phone book and from the first moment we will be able to talk with them without limits.

How to download WhatsApp on your terminal

If you are determined to install WhatsApp on your device, you should know that both downloading and installation are different depending on the type of terminal you have (mobile, cell phone, PC or tablet) and depending on your operating system (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian or Windows Phone).

Download WhatsApp for Android

In order to use this system, it is important to bear in mind that it will be essential that both we and the person we are going to contact have the application installed on their device. But we should not worry in this regard, since the process is much simpler and faster than we may think at first.

First of all, what we must do is download the WhatsApp APK file, which will allow you to easily install the application on your terminal. An APK file is an Android-specific installer, much like an EXE is on Windows. At the end of this article you have the link to download the file.

Once you have downloaded the APK file, you need to allow your device to install it. To do this, go to the Settings menu, then go to Security and activate the option that says “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources”.

With this, you’ll be ready to install WhatsApp: look for the folder where the APK file is located and click on it from your Android mobile or tablet to start the installation. You will see that in a few moments you will be able to enjoy the most popular instant messaging service in the world.

Now we will have to proceed to configure WhatsApp on Android, and for this we will only have to enter the applications section and click on the new icon that will have appeared with which we will open the tool.

As it is the first access we will have to configure the account by entering our name and telephone number, and with these simple steps we will have finished all the necessary process and we will have the possibility to start using WhatsApp for Android enjoying each and every one of its possibilities .

Download Link :

Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry

WhatsApp for BlackBerry is perhaps the most overlooked version of the messaging app, though even so it remains one of the best messaging apps available on BlackBerry. It allows us to send messages to our contacts, images, videos, audio files and even our location. However, it does not have more recent options, such as WhatsApp calls.

Being able to enjoy the messaging client is very simple. As we do with any other application, we will have to download WhatsApp from BlackBerry World, the BlackBerry application store. The process is very simple:

  • We look for the application in the store or click on this link.
  • We click on the “Install” button.
  • We wait for the download and installation to complete and create our WhatsApp account.

As you can see it is not complicated at all. However, it is an “obsolete” version of the application. Luckily users of the BlackBerry operating system can enjoy the latest version, although the installation is somewhat more complicated. What we will do is download the version of WhatsApp for Android and install it on BlackBerry using the compatibility with these applications. To do this we will follow the steps below:

  • Download the WhatsApp APK file from the official page, selecting the version for Android.
  • Move the file in question to your BlackBerry.
  • Using the file manager, open WhatsApp from the folder where you have downloaded the .APK.
  • Click on the “Install” button located in the upper right corner.
  • Read the permissions that the application requests to work and click on the “Install” button.

When the download is complete we will be able to use WhatsApp for BlackBerry with the latest functions that the application integrates in the Android version. That means that we can enjoy its latest news, including WhatsApp calls.

Now, to enjoy the application, we simply have to search for it among the installed applications and click on the WhatsApp icon each time we want to use the messaging client, so that we can continue or start a conversation with our friends through WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp for Samsung

Samsung is one of the companies that currently sells the most phones. They have a very varied catalog, being able to choose between high, medium and low-end smartphones, that is, phones for all tastes and pockets. And thanks to the fact that most of them use Android, we can also enjoy all the applications that have been developed for the Google operating system.

Download WhatsApp for Samsung from Google Play

The fastest and easiest method is to download the app from the Google Play Store app store. All we have to do is click on this link to the store. Once inside it you will have to click on the “Install” button, accept the permissions and wait for the application to download to our device to complete.

Download WhatsApp for Samsung from

There is another way, a little more “complex”, to download WhatsApp for Samsung. The advantage of making the download a little complicated is that we can enjoy the news that has not yet reached the Play Store.
What we will do is download the APK file of the application through the link that we are going to leave you at the end of this article. While the APK is being downloaded, we will have to enable a function in the terminal settings that allows us to install applications from outside the Play Store. To do this we will go to Settings -> Security and check the Unknown sources box.

Finally we will have to open the WhatsApp APK file once it has been downloaded. We will be shown a series of permissions that the application requests in order to work on our Samsung device, here we will have to click on the “Install” button and the installation of the application will begin.

voila! We have already installed WhatsApp on our Samsung smartphone. Now we can start talking with all our friends, send messages, images, videos and even make calls. But not before configuring our account, confirming our phone number to be able to use the application and adding a profile image and an alias so that our friends can know whose number it is if they don’t have us added.

Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone

But in order to be able to use the tool without any type of limit, one of the fundamental requirements is obviously to install the application. For this we are going to download the WhatsApp installer for cell phones with Windows Phone. To facilitate the process, at the end of the article we have added a link that will allow you to make a safe download.

However, another way to do it is directly from the store that we have incorporated into the device itself. In this way, the installation will begin shortly and we can perform the installation automatically.

Regardless of the system we have chosen, the final process will be the same, so we will already have the application installed on the device and we can start using it.

Of course, before being able to use it, it will be necessary for us to carry out a brief configuration, since this is the first time that we are going to use it and for this reason we will need to enter some information that is our telephone number and name.

Now we can accept and at the moment we will have at our disposal all the WhatsApp options.

We recommend that before you start communicating, take a look at the various options that you will have at your disposal in order to configure everything to our liking. And with these simple steps we will have already learned how to download WhatsApp for Windows Phone and we will be able to carry out any type of activity completely free of charge.

Download link :

Download WhatsApp for Android tablets

Before starting the whole process, because WhatsApp for tablets cannot be downloaded for free from the Play Store, we will have to enable the installation of applications from unknown sources. This option is found in Settings -> Security and the name may vary depending on the version of Android that we are using.

Once this option is enabled, we will proceed with the download of WhatsApp on our tablet.

  1. Download WhatsApp APK file. At the end of this article we will leave you a link to download it. You can do it from your tablet or from the computer and then move the file to the tablet.
  2. Go to the save location and open the downloaded APK.
  3. Read the permissions that WhatsApp requests to work on our tablet and click on the “Install” button.
  4. Once the application is installed we will proceed to open it on our device. We will find the interface with the same interface of WhatsApp for mobiles, although this time expanded. When opening the application we will find a notice that can throw us back: “Alert: it cannot currently be used on tablets”. When reading this message we will simply click on “OK”.
  5. Enter an active phone number to activate the app. You can use a mobile number, a virtual number and even your landline number.
  6. Choose the way in which the confirmation will arrive at the registered number and enter the code that WhatsApp gives you.

Congratulations! You have already downloaded, installed and activated WhatsApp on your tablet. The only thing left to do is set up your profile, add a picture, a nickname and start talking to all your friends through the app.

We have installed the same version for mobile phones, so we can make use of the same functions that we can enjoy on smartphones. Although we must bear in mind that there are some functions that we will not be able to enjoy depending on the tablet that we are using.

Download WhatsApp for PC with Bluestacks

WhatsApp has been asked for many years to release a version for ‘non-mobile’ devices. That is, it has been requested that they create a version for computers, whether portable or desktop.

Fortunately, while the question arose as to whether the company was developing such a version, a particular method to use WhatsApp for PC could be enjoyed. In the case of something as simple as using the same version of the mobile app on the computer.

But how can you make use of an Android app on a Windows, Linux or Mac PC? Very easy. All it takes is an Android app emulator. This time we are going to use Bluestacks , an emulator available for the most popular OS.

The process to download WhatsApp for PC is very simple, but you don’t have to skip any step. Do the following:

  1. Download Bluestacks from its official website. Go to and click on the “Download BlueStacks” button. The web will recognize the system and offer an installer according to your OS.
  2. Install Bluestacks on your computer.
  3. Open the app emulator once installed.
  4. Go to the Google Play Store app and use the search engine to find the WhatsApp app.
  5. Press “Install” on the WhatsApp app to download it on Bluestacks.

With this simple process, in which you follow the same steps as on a mobile to download the application, you can download WhatsApp on your computer. Now all that is left to do is configure the application. To do so, you simply have to register your mobile number in the app and enjoy it.

This is an excellent method to be able to use WhatsApp without a mobile or to have an alternative site where you can use the messaging client. But do not forget that it does not mirror your WA client, so if you register the number that you are currently using on your device, it will stop working on your mobile to be able to be used on your computer. So don’t forget to change the number again if you want to recover WhatsApp on the phone.

Use WhatsApp on PC with WhatsApp Web

After all those years of waiting, some time ago, WhatsApp offered users something ‘similar’ to what they asked for. Instead of offering a WhatsApp client for PC , like the one found in other apps like Telegram, for example, the company launched a web version . A client that can be accessed from any browser, and where it is not necessary to download or install anything on the computer.

You just have to go to the mobile app to scan a code that will show the web version. In this way you can access all the content of the app on the device, being able to enjoy all the features

  1. Access whatsapp.comfrom your browser.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your mobile, go to the menu (the three dots in the upper right corner) and click on the WhatsApp Weboption .
  3. A Qr code reader will open. Focuses the code that appears in the browser.
  4. When read correctly, an extended version of WhatsApp with all your conversations and contacts will appear on the screen.

Unlike what happens with Bluestacks, here it is not necessary to register the phone number again. The WahtsApp website, using the Qr code, shows exactly the same thing that is on the mobile. In this way, that “mirror” effect is produced, where the mobile is seen on the computer screen, and vice versa.

This has a very clear advantage, and that is that you can enjoy all the comforts of your PC in the messaging app. In addition, files from the same computer can be attached, making it a great option when you want to share files stored on your computer, without having to move them from one place to another.

But not all are good things. One of the big drawbacks is that the mobile must be connected to the Internet . The device is the one that receives the signal, so it is completely necessary that it be connected to a WiFi network or through mobile data. In the event that it is not, messages will not be received or sent, so using WhatsApp Web will become completely useless.

As you can see, downloading WhatsApp and carrying out the installation process is much easier than it may seem at first, in addition to installing through the APK file we will have the possibility to install and uninstall at any time and place without fear of having problems for not having an Internet connection.





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