How to watch free tv on mobile

Have you ever wondered how to watch free TV on your mobile ? Many times we look for applications that help us entertain ourselves, especially if we are forced to travel often or even have dead hours when we can’t think of anything to do. The fact is that one of the best ways to stay informed and enjoy at this time is through television . For that reason, this time we have prepared a collection of tools to watch TV on your Android .


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Applications to watch free TV on mobile

Currently, there are different tools to be able to watch free TV on your mobile, but some of them are not in Spanish or have been closed. Therefore, in this section we will show you the best tools so that you can carry out this action.

Spain DTT TV


Generally, when we download an application to watch DTT on our smartphone or tablet , one of the problems we encounter is the fact that most of the channels it offers us are not very interesting. We searched and searched until in the end we ended up giving it up as impossible.

Therefore, this time we are going to present this tool with which we can watch the main DTT channels in Spain , including TVE 1 , TVE 2 , Antena 3 , Telecinco , Cuatro , La Sexta , FDF , Divinity , Discovery Max , Teledeporte , Neox , Nova and in general all the channels that we usually consult on our television.

It also has a lot of regional channels such as Telemadrid , Canal Sur , Canal Extremadura , Castilla y León , Castilla la Mancha , Levante TV , RTVC Canarias and many more.

But if we prefer to listen to the radio for a while, we will also have access to any of the stations with which we entertain ourselves day after day such as Cope , Onda Cero , Cadena Ser , Los 40 Principales , Europa FM , Kiss FM , Rock FM , Cadena 100 , RNE , Radio Clásica RNE and many more.

Google Play – España TDT TV, New Look Ink

DTT Spain

But if what we want is to know the location as well as interesting data related to the DTT transmitters , with this tool we can even find out the distance at which each one of them is.

Google Play – Tdt Spain, Miguel Vitorino

Online TV Spain


Another interesting way to watch TV channels Online is through this application. To be able to use it, obviously we will need an Internet connection, and perhaps it is somewhat less effective, since we miss some channels.

To make it free, the usual advertising is included.

Google Play – TV Online Spain, Bingo -YE TV

TV channel Spain


If we have a Smartphone or Tablet with Android operating system version 4.0 or higher, we will have the possibility of installing this tool through which we will be able to watch all the television channels in Spain from our devices, including both national and community ones. .

Google Play – Canal TV España, AddsApps

DTT Guide


And in order not to miss anything, the best thing we can do is have a wonderful guide through which we can consult all the programs , movies , series , news , etc. that will be broadcast on each of the platforms .

This tool is not for watching television, but for knowing the broadcasts at all times and thus organizing ourselves well and enjoying our free time to the maximum.

TDT Channels

Last but not least, we have DTT Channels , an application that is not available in the Play Store. Despite this, it is considered one of the best tools to watch free TV on your mobile . This app is a kind of fully updated TDT oriented to phones. With this application we can see all the free channels in Spain.

Watch free TV on your mobile without installing any application

Don’t you want to install an application to watch free TV on your mobile? We will teach you how to achieve this and be able to enjoy your favorite programs in the language you want and at the highest quality.

Photocall is the best page to watch television from your mobile without having to install any app. The best thing about this website is that you will not have to register to enjoy the content, all you have to do is enter the website and select the channel you want.

Also, one of the main features it offers is the ability to change the speed and quality of the video. Also, you will not find advertising, so everything will be seen more fluidly.





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