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How to use WhatsApp on BlackBerry 2017

WhatsApp is the most used application in the world to be able to stay connected, today I want to tell you exactly how to have WhatsApp on BlackBerry , as you know it was announced a while ago that this application would stop working permanently for the devices of this company that had the operating system blackberry.

That is why in this article I want to tell you a little more about the subject and show you how to continue using WhatsApp on your BlackBerry Q5 with a trick that works for the moment, hopefully it will continue to do so for a long time.

Do you want to know about some messaging applications? If you search you will find many, but there is none like WhatsApp. Surely you have heard about it and the truth is that you talk to it with all the reason in the world, because it is the one that everyone uses, very few people use an application other than WhatsApp, now you must ask yourself how Download WhatsApp for the BlackBerry Q10, surely you have that phone for something you are looking for this information.

Enough of having to ask everywhere how to download WhatsApp for the BlackBerry Q5, here you can find out everything you need and without anyone giving you so many detours. First and foremost it is necessary that you know about the application and about the features of your BlackBerry Q5. First you have to take into account that your BlackBerry Q5 was released a couple of years ago, but this does not mean that it is an excellent device, it still has many things to offer. It has the OS operating system, and thanks to it you can download thousands of applications for free, within that list is Facebook and WhatsApp , although it may surprise you, it may have the two largest applications in the world.

WhatsApp has earned its place , you can see anywhere that it is the best application because it is the first thing people choose when they want to download a messaging application, but it is okay if you do not believe us, we will tell you why it is so used. To begin with, it has unlimited service, that is, you can call and send as many messages and images as you want. If you can send images and also videos and audios really amazing, there is one thing to take into account and that is that you must have an internet connection, but that happens with most applications so it does not count as a disadvantage.

BlackBerry Q5 and WhatsApp form a great duo , as the application does not require many things, this phone can work perfectly, also with the Qwerty keyboard you can use it much better, what’s more, there are many comments that say that it is much more comfortable to use the application with this keyboard.

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WhatsApp BlackBerry Q5 2017

The people who are running out of WhatsApp due to having somewhat old devices are too many, that is why the complaints rise and rise more and more. But the truth is that it is a normal process, since these devices are obsolete, they are in the past. With operating systems that very few people use, it is normal for companies to want to focus on the main operating systems and release better versions for said OS. In this way, the vast majority of us who use Android, iOS and Windows Phone benefit from more people focused on improving the application for these devices.

How to use WhatsApp on BlackBerry 2017

But in case you don’t want to change your mobile phone, I want to tell you a trick to use WhatsApp on BlackBerry.  In order to continue using it, you must change the date of your mobile device, put it in the year 2014, without changing the day or the month. In this way WhatsApp will not ask you to update nor will it prevent you from being used, this is how you can continue using WhatsApp on BlackBerry Q5 in 2017 without any kind of problems.

Install WhatsApp on BlackBerry 2017

In case you do not have the application, you will know that it is not available in AppWorld , what you should do is download a version from the internet, from a trusted web page that allows you to install the file on your mobile device.

Unfortunately for those who have one of these devices, it is the only way to make the application work, without having to change mobile phones. WhatsApp is the most used app in the world and obviously it is necessary to be able to communicate without any kind of problem, it is agile and above all economical things and now you can continue using WhatsApp on BlackBerry in the middle of 2017 .


You do not have to make any problems, here we will tell you everything you need and want to know about the subject. As the utility that WhatsApp has, it is used by millions of people around the world and all those people are right because it is the best in messaging. With it you can send messages for free , even in those messages you can send audios and images. It is widely used by people who travel a lot and want to be in touch with their family, this is one of the best ways, although that is if you have to have a good internet connection because if you don’t have it, the application won’t work for you.

Your BlackBerry Q10 has very good specifications , in this way it meets the requirements required to download WhatsApp, therefore it is good news because you will no longer have to wait any longer to have the most used application in the world, and if you want to download it in just minutes you will be part of this huge community. You just have to search the store for the application and download it, because it installs automatically so all you have to do is wait.


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