How to use Google Maps offline,

Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the most useful applications that many of us have on our mobiles, and it is that it not only offers us a huge amount of attractive information regarding traffic or transportation, but it is also the best in its segment. for almost everyone.

Over time, Google Maps has been adding a huge number of features, and some of them have to do directly with being able to use the application without even being connected to the Internet.

In this particular article we want to pay attention to the requests of many of our readers, to teach you how to use Google Maps offline, in other words, to be able to  use the maps without having Internet access , something that is especially necessary if you plan to travel to areas that are too far away .

Indeed, it is about being able to give a twist to one of those applications that has won over the public from all over the world over time, so if you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to tell us about it.

Before you start with the tutorial, it is very important that you know how you can download and install google maps, the best map application for Android without the need for internet.

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  1. Now you can have Google Maps without the need for internet
  2. It is possible to use Google Maps without internet on your iPhone very easily
    1. Abrir Google Maps
    2. Do Map Search
    3. Use Offline Download Tool
    4. Save New Offline Map
    5. map saved
  3. This way you can access your downloaded maps in Google Maps

Now you can have Google Maps without the need for internet

The truth is that it has happened to me on numerous occasions, and surely also to many of our readers. We are referring specifically to the fact that we are trying to use this application and since we do not have Internet access or we have run out of mobile data, we simply cannot do it.

If this problem has happened to you at some point, you have to know about it that making it impossible for us to navigate Google Maps without the Internet has ended, so let’s go with some details.

What you have to know is that even though it is true that it is impossible to navigate Google Maps without having Internet access, it is also true that there is the possibility of downloading the maps of the country of residence or of any territory that we plan to visit in the next weeks.

Once you have downloaded these particular contents, you will have the possibility to access Google Maps offline, that is, without being aware of having an Internet connection at that particular moment.

As you can see, we are talking about a step by step that is especially attractive for travelers, taking into account that thanks to it you will have access to Google Maps without Internet regardless of where you are, something essential if you are visiting places that do not you know too much

Beyond the issues that we always mention, in the same way you have to consider in this type of case that all the information that we usually see in Google Maps is the same that is downloaded in this type of situation.

During the last few years, whenever many of us needed a map application that would give us a hand when we had to go to some unknown address or find out where this or that place was, we chose Google Maps. Of course, this is not a coincidence.

But issues such as that it is installed by default on all Android mobiles, 8 out of 10 worldwide, and on the other hand and at the same time, that it is really the most complete, above the variants of both Microsoft and Manzana.

However, there was always a point to criticize regarding Google Maps, and that is that it consumed too much of our data from the telephone plan, that is, our monthly rate.

But luckily, those times have changed forever, and now Google Maps are also available in offline or offline format, as we are going to explain below.

Something quite important that you should know since it is one of the most useful tricks of Google Maps and it is how you can vectorize maps or use vectors in Google Maps.

Well, as we said before, for a long time we knew that one of the main disadvantages of betting on Google Maps as our maps, had to do directly with the enormous amount of telephone data that we consumed.

However, since the developers of the multinational known for its search engine have announced that the service is also available in offline format.

You have to know that we now have the possibility of downloading different areas of Google Maps to be able to access them without being connected to the network, something especially useful when we know that we are going to travel outside the country, to save us a huge amount of money that is usually spent on Roaming in these cases.

“Starting today, you can download a map of an entire area to your phone , and the next time you’re offline—whether you’re on a highway or in an underground parking garage—Google Maps will still work seamlessly.”

The people of Google officially communicated at the time, indicating that first of all the versions capable of supporting this novelty would reach devices with the Android operating system, as we could otherwise imagine, while at the same time later it would be the time of iOS ,Windows Phone,etc.

In addition, it should be noted that this function will not be available worldwide from day one, but will actually gradually expand throughout the planet, until then it will cover most of it.

Until recently, we had to be content with too limited use of these types of options, as long as Google Maps allowed us to see only small spaces when we didn’t have Internet access, and that also worked in a few countries.

Thanks to the new update of the app, we will find that it will not only be possible to visit those areas with much more detail. If you don’t know how you can travel, see the routes and traffic and reach your destination on Google Maps .

But we can even access directions to reach our destination, search for specific sites that we like, and at the end of the day get much more detailed data such as schedules, reviews and other contact information.

Thanks to these new features, which to tell the truth have been expected for a long time, taking into account, as we said before, that Google Maps are the most widely used map systems in the world.

We have to highlight in the same way that this platform is equated with some of its main competitions, among which we can mention, for example, Here from Nokia.

System that was sold to various automakers to be incorporated into their cars for 2.8 billion dollars, in the cases of some such as BMW, Audi or Daimler . And it was not chosen at random, but precisely because its maps could be downloaded without an Internet connection, something highly valued by users.

If you want to know a little more about the operation of Google Maps now that they are not dependent on Internet networks in the same way, you have to know that downloading areas is as simple as going directly over the one that interests us, and searching between the options that appear on the scene, Download.

In this quick and easy way, you will have the chance to always have that particular site available on your device, and to download, all you need is to have a WiFi connection at hand, so as you will see, this system could save your life on more than one trip abroad.

As long as the WiFi network works, Google Maps will use it, but as soon as it fails, it will start using the maps it has downloaded, that is, it will run without eating data from your rate, thus saving you a huge amount of money.

Google Maps is an application that requires an internet connection to use it. In this way, when you lose the wi-fi or wireless connection, it usually happens that you cannot consult the maps that said app offers you.

How to Use Google Maps WITHOUT Internet on iPhone

In any case, there are different means that will help you to be able to use Google Maps without internet on your iPhone. Here we are going to teach you how to download the maps of those locations that you visit the most or that you will require consultation to reach your destination.

Downloading the maps from Google Maps is extremely simple and will not take you more than a few minutes. Therefore, do not hesitate to follow these instructions to the letter to enjoy Google Maps at all times.

If you want to enter Google Maps from your computer in a fairly easy way and also be able to see the location by satellite, just search the official Google Maps Satellite site from your browser .

You will only need to have your iPhone and the Google Maps application installed. You can do everything else directly from the app, which makes it extremely simple.

Also remember to have an internet connection , since to download maps you will have to search for them directly in the Google Maps app.

It is possible to use Google Maps without internet on your iPhone very easily

You just have to follow the following steps to the letter. It’s something extremely simple and it won’t take long, you can also use it without internet and it can surely get you out of trouble.

Abrir Google Maps

You should search for and open the Google Maps app directly on your iPhone. If you do not have it installed, you must search for it in the App Store and download it. Remember to locate yourself on the initial screen of the app to be able to download maps.

Do Map Search

On the Google Maps home screen, you will have to look for the search bar located at the top of the screen. There you will have to place the name of the city or area you want to search for. Remember to spell it right.

Once all this is done, you just have to select where it says “Search” . In this way, the map corresponding to your search will appear.

Use Offline Download Tool

Once Google Maps has searched for the city or area for which you want to download the maps, you should look for an icon that is shaped like three horizontal lines . Once you have located it, simply select it to display the menu of options without internet connection.

In this menu without internet connection, you must locate the option that says “Your sites” and press it. In this way, you will be closer to the option to download maps.

Save New Offline Map

Once you are in the “Your sites” section, you only have to look for an option that says “Offline maps”. At the bottom of this area you will find, in blue letters, a text that says “Save new offline map” . You just have to press it to access the saving configuration of said map.

map saved

In this save section, you will only have to configure your map to suit your needs. In this way, you can zoom it in or out, and configure its display. Once you have everything ready, just click “Save” .

Finally, you only have to give the map a name that allows you to differentiate it from the rest and recognize it quickly. Once this is done, just click where it says save. You can also select cancel if you want to make any changes to the map.

If you did all the steps, you will already have your map downloaded from Google Maps and you will be able to consult it without being connected to the internet.

This way you can access your downloaded maps in Google Maps

To find a downloaded map, you just have to access the “Your sites” section explained in the tutorial to download maps. Once located here, you just have to locate the “Offline Maps” section and find the option that says “See all and manage”. press it

In this section, you will be able to consult all the maps saved or downloaded to your cell phone. All this without using the internet.

Remember that the maps that you use offline will allow you to zoom and scroll , although you will not be able to do any search or request any indication from the system.

The maps you download from this app require updating every 30 days . After this time has elapsed and you do not update your maps, they will disappear from your list of saved maps. Therefore, remember to constantly download updates to your maps to avoid problems in the future.

Have you been able to access Google Maps offline with this step by step? Have you already tried the new version of Google Maps? If you have any questions and you would like us to solve them through a tutorial, you can leave them in the comments .





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