How to update the car GPS to change the time,

TomTom NV is a Dutch company that produces traffic, navigation and mapping products. It also makes action cameras, GPS sports watches. Fleet management systems and location-based products. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, TomTom was originally called Palmtop Software, founded by Peter-Frans Pauwels, Pieter Geelen, Harold Goddijn and Corinne Vigreux.

As of 2015, the company has 4,600 employees worldwide and sells products in more than 50 countries. TomTom has 56 offices in 37 countries. TomTom as a company offers five types of products: navigation devices , in-dash navigation and car control services, navigation software for installation on mobile devices, sports watches and action cameras, you can easily calibrate your GPS.

How to change the time of your GPS?

Dashboard systems are released for the automotive market. Navigation devices and portable devices with installed software are known as drives. TomTom Business Solutions products offer telematics services for fleet management , aimed at the business market. The latest of these is the GO 9000, which provides telematics services in a portable unit the same size as TomTom’s sat navs.

Smarter than ever, the latest TomTom GO GPS navigation device integrates seamlessly with your phone. You can read your text messages and allow full use of your phone’s personal assistant. Real-time updates from millions of drivers give you extremely accurate traffic information and enable smart routing to avoid delays right on your GPS navigation device. Alerts of the latest locations of fixed and mobile speed cameras will help you keep the speed limit, you can locate a person.

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How to change the time on the TomTom GPS?

  • From the main menu, tap Change preferences.
  • Touch the arrow icon until you reach the screen with the “Set Clock” icon
  • Select how the time should be displayed, and then tap Next.
  • Touch how you would like the time to be displayed
  • Click done
  • Set the correct time to display
  • Click done
  • This will set the new time on your unit.
  • The easiest way to set the time is by tapping the Sync button. Your navigation device will take the
  • GPS information time.

Note: You can only use Sync if your device can receive a satellite signal, so you can’t set the clock this way when you’re indoors.

After using Sync to set the time, you may need to adjust the hours based on your time zone and daylight saving time. GPS is an extremely useful tool when it comes to driving on unfamiliar roads. It is important to keep the data used by the GPS updated because otherwise it may give wrong directions due to changes made to the road. In this tutorial we will teach you how to update your GPS, we will focus specifically on the TomTom brand and we will explain in detail how to update it.

How to Update your GPS for Free?

Explanation of how to update GPS

Step 1 – Click here to download and install TomTom Home.

Step 2: Connect the device to the computer and once the TomTom Home program is open, select the updates of your preference based on the description of each one and click on “update and install”.

Step 3: Go to the GPS navigator on your device; there you must select the “options” menu. Once you are inside the menu click on map corrections.

Step 4 – Select the fixes that have been verified by the TomTom company or by many users. Then click on the “next” option and on the “finish” option.


The steps to keep the GPS map updated are extremely simple. It should be mentioned that there are other types of updates but these are paid and this article was aimed at those who want to update for free. The importance of a GPS lies in the fact that it is a more modern, comfortable and practical way of orienting yourself on unknown paths. There is no doubt that thanks to it you can save a lot of headaches and time reviewing a physical map; Not to mention the possibility of ending up losing you and with them wasting time and even exposing yourself to a dangerous situation.

On top of this, a person driving without a companion who can check a map is at a serious disadvantage without GPS: They can’t drive safely and check the map at the same time; instead that element is completely eliminated by having GPS available as your personal guide every stretch of the way.

While the importance of keeping it updated lies in the fact that if it works with wrong information due to the modifications that the roads have suffered, then it will not properly fulfill its function. This is why this article is very useful. Follow the steps to the letter, especially the recommendation on how to select the updates, since you should always choose only the trusted source.





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