How to unlock a cell phone from a Google account

All Android users have a Google account yes or yes. After all, it is essential to start the device and also to enjoy all the services that this company offers us, which are many and very useful.

However, many people want to know how to remove Google account from cell phone . It is not too complicated, but you should know that having said account on the device gives you a series of advantages to take into account and great security in it. In the same way, you can recover a recently or mistakenly deleted Google or Gmail account

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  1. How to unlock a cell phone from a Google account
  2. Delete Google account on Android
  3. Remove Google theft protection
  4. Delete Google Android account
  5. remove google account from android
  6. How to delete or recover your Google account step by step
  7. How to delete Google account very easily
  8. Backup before deleting everything
  9. How to delete Google account
  10. How to delete or remove the Google account from a Samsung Galaxy J5
  11. Verify your account on Samsung J5
  12. Delete Google account J5
  13. How do I delete my personal data?
  14. How do you delete your information from the Internet?
  15. The Google form to delete your data from the Internet

How to unlock a cell phone from a Google account

The good thing about the Google account is that when someone wants to perform a factory reset or Hard Reset and delete everything we have on the device. You are asked for the Gmail data to be able to do it.

This is quite safe because no one could delete anything we have unless they have access to said account. Something that happens a lot, unfortunately, when cell phones are stolen. Since when you format or factory reset a mobile, everything that is stored in it is lost. From photos, videos, contacts, applications, customizations, others.

Delete Google account on Android

Another thing that can happen is that you bought a second-hand device and you want to format it, but when you are in the middle of the process a message like this appears:

“This device has been reset to continue sign in with a Google account .” Creating a Gmail Google account is easier than you think.

When this message appears you have to enter the data of the account that was previously on the device. In case you do not know the account, the ideal would be to talk to the person who sold you the phone to help you solve it.

Now if what you want is to delete the Google account to put another. You can do this from the Settings> Accounts menu . But you will need the data from it to be able to delete it and then put another Google account for the device to work correctly.

Remove Google theft protection

In a few words and summarizing a bit: it is essential to know the access data of the account that is currently linked to the mobile device in order to delete it in any way. Google took this issue too seriously so it is impossible to do otherwise.

The only alternative that could come to stay and this is already for slightly more advanced users is to try to flash a new ROM or official firmware in order to try to avoid being blocked by the account. Although this alternative is for users who have more knowledge. In any case, the last option can always be to take the device to a technical service to help you solve the problem.

Delete Google Android account

The Google account on Android is not only useful to access all Google services such as the Play Store , but it is also used to make backup copies of your contacts and photos and videos, for example, in addition to this it is used to to be able to locate your mobile phone in case you lose it or it is stolen, so it is undoubtedly extremely important to have a Gmail account that is yours linked to your mobile device.

For this reason, in the event that your phone is blocked because you cannot access the Gmail account, the only solution in this case is to perform a hard reset or a factory reset in order to configure everything again from scratch, such as if we had just acquired it, this means that you will lose all settings, contacts, photos, videos, apps, etc. That you would not have saved in a backup copy.

remove google account from android

In the event that you forgot the Google account that you have configured and, therefore, you cannot unlock the phone, you will have no other option than to go to a specialized technical service so that they can delete that account and add the new account to be able to use the phone. Keep in mind that if you go to an official technical service you must bring proof of purchase, invoice, warranty, etc.

In this way, confirm that the phone is indeed yours and you acquired it legally and that you did not get it illegally, since it is quite common for many people who acquire it in this last way to find their mobile phone blocked.

How to delete or recover your Google account step by step

If you have an Android mobile device , then you surely know that when you activate it for the first time, it is necessary to add certain personal information, much of which is summarized within our Google or Gmail account , without which the terminal is almost Useless.

Well, from time to time it happens that with the passage of time, we forget what our Google account is, or why not also, that for different reasons we want to delete it. Whatever the case, next we are going to teach you two of the main step-by-steps related to a Google account, those that have to do with how to delete a Google account, and how to recover a Google account.

  • First of all, go to this Google website,
  • There you will have to enter your data to enter the account
  • Once open, you must go to Account preferences, where a new screen will open
  • The next thing will be to click on Delete Google account and data, an option that appears at the bottom of the screen
  • At that moment Google will ask you for your password, which you will have to enter again, and it will ask you if you want to make a copy of your profile, which can be useful if you do not want to lose your personal data
  • Then you will see two options, and you will have to activate both to delete the account
  • Finally, you have to click on the option to Delete the account, so there will be no trace of it

It is important that you keep in mind, beyond the previous step by step, that the fact that you have deleted your Google account does not mean in any way that when you search for your name on Google , for example, your personal information will be skipped.

What is deleted when you remove your Google account are the profiles connected to this social network, among which we can mention, for example, those that correspond to Google Maps, Drive, Gmail and YouTube, among other La Gran G services.

How to delete Google account very easily

For whatever reason, if you want to know how to delete a Google account, we will explain it to you in this article. You should keep in mind that deleting a Google account is not the same as deleting a Gmail account. Since by deleting Google you delete it forever, including all the services of the internet giant that are associated with it.

It is more than evident that before beginning this process it is highly recommended to make a backup copy since everything you have in said account will be eliminated with it. That is why in case you have photos or several files saved in said account, it is necessary to make a backup in case you do not want to lose them.

How to Delete Google Account in a Very Simple Way

Backup before deleting everything

When deleting a Google account all the data that was in it such as photos, files, Excel, etc. Everything is lost forever. Therefore, making a backup is essential. To do this, we recommend you go to this website and follow the steps.

In Google Takeout things are too simple. The first thing you have to do is select the data you want to download, marking it from the right side (if you want to download it, it must be in blue) Once you have everything selected, you will have to press the button below that says “Next ”.

Now what you have to do is configure in what format the total file is going to be downloaded. It can be Zip or some other format, it is the most recommended anyway. You can even decide how to receive the file, if it is by email, by Google Drive account, others. Once ready, simply click on create file and it will go wherever you asked for it.

How to delete Google account

Next, we are going to start the process to delete the Google account . The first thing you are going to do is go to the Google page where you can enter your profile. For this you must press on your profile photo so that the “Google Account” option appears.

Now you are in your account settings. You will be able to see a large number of options, the one that really interests us is the category that says “ Account preferences” that is located on the right of the screen. In this category is the option we are looking for.

Already in Account Preferences. What we are going to do is look at the column on the left and you are going to press where it says “ Delete your account or certain services ”.

You will see a new section where two options appear: “ Delete products ” and “ Delete Google account and data ”. Obviously we are going to go for the second “Delete the Google account and the data”.

On the next screen, Google asks you to confirm your identity by providing the password again, for security reasons. After this you will be able to see all the things that will be deleted when you delete your account. Remember that all this content related to Google services is lost forever.

How to delete or remove the Google account from a Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung mobile devices are some of the most sought after on the market , and if we were to highlight the preferred models of users, we would have to pay particular attention to both the Samsung Galaxy J5 and the Galaxy J7.

In particular, we are going to stop at the first of them, since next we want to teach you how to delete or remove the Google account from this device, without having to resort to a technical service or anything similar.

Verify your account on Samsung J5

And it is that more than one reader has been mentioning to us that he encountered problems when getting rid of the original Google account of the device, taking into account that if we do not know the password of the previous owner, then we will have problems accessing the terminal .

This method, which is to protect the mobile in case of theft or loss , is usually a problem then, especially for people who buy these used terminals, in case the original owners have not removed the Google account.

The only alternative that we have left in these cases, then, has to do with  formatting the cell phone or factory resetting it, in this case through an action that we have mentioned on more than one occasion, the so-called Hard Reset. When doing so, although the system will ask us again for a Google account, we will no longer need the data of the original, but we will be able to establish our own.

Delete Google account J5

On the other hand, we must say that there is a method used by all those who have a Samsung Galaxy J5 in any of its versions, including the Galaxy J5 Prime or the Galaxy J5 Pro. It has to do with Once we have formatted the mobile, thus removing the Google account, you do not have to activate the WiFi even if the system asks you to, but skip to then place the new Google account .

When you are done with the above configuration that we have mentioned, you should not lose sight in any way that you will be in a position to keep your smartphone protected from the people of Samsung . If you plan to sell it at some point, remember to delete the Google account to save the new owner the trouble. Google is one of the largest servers on the entire web.

How to Delete Your Personal Data from Google

It has millions of workers and very few people want to leave this server or an account on it, yet there are those who request it for some reason. This is more than deleting an account, it is an almost legal process. This is directly linked to the company that offers the services.

This is the reason why some people find the simple fact of wanting to delete their Google data permanently tedious. If you still do not know how to delete your Google data , here we tell you, continue reading.

How do I delete my personal data?

Various people in the world are very private when it comes to their personal lives, so they prefer not to leave a trace on any social network or internet server.

So if you are one of those people who loves the incognito in the options, you can look for a specialist website.

As it is “Without a trace” they will advise you on that and they will contact you to teach you the different ways you have to delete the information that you do not want to appear on the internet. From then on, you will only have to follow what they tell you so that the data cleaning process is successful.

If you have accidentally deleted your mail, but you don’t really know how to recover it , here we will see the procedure that teaches us how to recover my Gmail mail. Likewise, user data, contacts and others.

How do you delete your information from the Internet?

This is done through a Google form.

However, you should keep in mind that when doing this, you must be clean on the web.

This means that the searches that you have carried out during that month or from three months to date, are not inappropriate, excessive, irrelevant, among other things.

When it comes to wanting to delete your information from the internet or your data from Google , in this case, an investigation process is opened.

In this is that the company has the right to exhaustively search for the reason for your decision.

So, if you still want it, you must fill out this form with everything that is requested.

When you open that link, you will be informed that, for privacy reasons , you have the right to delete some personal data from the web. However, they also have the right to evaluate the reason for it.

The Google form to delete your data from the Internet

The form will ask you for the following:

  • Your country of origin.
  • You must include your full name.
  • If a third party is helping you carry out this procedure, you must take into account that they should write their name on the form and the relationship or relationship they have with you.
  • Your personal email.

After this, copy and paste into the form the web pages that you want to no longer appear in the search results, in turn, you must write a comment about why you want to eliminate each one of them.

To complete the procedure you must upload a copy of a personal document that identifies you, don’t worry, Google will get rid of your document later, it’s only for security measures.

Click on a box in which they tell you to certify that all the information you send is correct, sign the document and send the form, if your request is accepted, you will no longer have that other information in Google .

And voila, that’s it! Have you been able to remove the Google account from your Samsung Galaxy J5 with this step by step?





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