How to take a selfie from a Samsung Galaxy Ace

Although it is true that over time Samsung’s main terminals have been those of the Galaxy S range, we cannot fail to point out that many others have been successful in the company’s recent past . Among them we can mention, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Ace, which although a good number are no longer working, some users continue to take advantage of it daily.

And we say this because lately, with the rage that exists for selfies, several users of this device had been asking us if we could take selfies with the  Samsung Galaxy Ace . Of course, the question arises because, when we review the technical features of this equipment, we can verify that its initial edition does not come with a front camera, which the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 does have, a VGA type specifically.

The first thing we think needs to be highlighted at this point is that the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Ace 2 are different, so both terminals cannot be evaluated in the same way. One of the main differences that anyone can notice has to do with the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has a selfie camera, while the Samsung Galaxy Ace does not, you can configure your selfie stick.

The problem that few mention at this point is that when we want to take a selfie with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, we can’t do it because the front camera is simply not part of the Camera application. However, there is the possibility of downloading some specific applications that enable this VGA type sensor , so that you will not be left without your selfies.


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  1. Taking selfies with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
  2. We show you which are the best applications for you to publish all your selfies

Taking selfies with the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Well, after verifying that the  Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 does not have an automatic front camera, many of its users might come to believe that it is indeed impossible to take a picture of oneself with this device. However, as we always say, Android terminals have solutions to almost all potential problems. Thanks to the many applications in the Google Play Store, you can download BB12 to make your selfies incredible.

Although there are many applications that we could recommend at the precise moment of making the Samsung Galaxy Ace’s VGA front camera useful , on this particular occasion we are going to dwell on just two of them.

The first of these applications is BestMe Selfie Camera , one of the best when it comes to redirecting directly to the secondary and front cameras of our smartphones, which also includes options such as more than 120 filters in real time, ease of sharing images for Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks, and a timer so that we can perfectly prepare for the selfie

Then, the second app that we wanted you to know when it comes to taking selfies , is the so-called High Speed ​​Camera (GIF), something different from the previous one, insofar as it takes short videos, as the name suggests. This app is capable of taking up to 40 photos per minute and then generating the best possible one with all the information, with an included LED flashlight and many additional effects, you can look good in your selfies.

We show you which are the best applications for you to publish all your selfies

You are ready to take all the selfies you want with your Samsung Galaxy Ace ; we are sure that you will want to publish them in the best applications; Next we will tell you which are the perfect apps for you to publish and give a special effect to all your photos:

  • Instagram: must be the first option to show; In this social network you can publish your best selfies applying all the effects they have for you, do not hesitate to try it.
  • Google Photos: If you have a lot of photos and your device’s memory is running out, don’t miss the opportunity to save your files in this cloud.
  • Canva: a perfect application for design lovers, it gives you the opportunity to make the necessary touch-ups so that your selfies are the best.
  • Photo Studio: with this app you will be able to make photo montages like an expert photographer.

With these applications you will be able to publish any photograph, especially the selfies that you take with your Samsung Galaxy Ace ; Live the experience of sharing your best moments with the best applications.





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