How to solve the problem of bullying that society must know

Currently, the problem of bullying It is a problem that can occur in every society and is a serious problem that has not yet been solved. Causing the victims to endure the suffering of being bullied A lot of bullying from other people Therefore, this article will present 15 ways to solve the problem of bullying. Bullying in society, whether at society, at school or at work. which have been compiled as follows

15 How to solve the problem of bullying that society must know

#1 When you feel like you are being bullied, focus and examine yourself.

whether in society at school or social work If you are in a bullying situation Maybe with words or actions, the first thing you need to do is calm down, because it could be your fault. Or maybe it’s not your fault.

After that, let’s explore. Check yourself to see if Did you accidentally do something that made other people unsatisfied? Sometimes our unintentional actions may cause people to be dissatisfied with us as well. but if you explore yourself well If you find yourself in the wrong, you should apologize and fix the problem.

#2 Don’t react, use calmness to fight.

When exploring, check yourself for sure. found that the problem It’s not really from you. But the problem is caused by someone else. So you don’t have to try and change yourself to please them. But to change the idea that It’s not your problem. What you can do is not retaliate.

because when we react will make it in the way of the bullying party Due to the nature of bullying people I want to see the victim react to what I have done. Using stillness to fight might make him feel like he can’t do as he hoped. Until he got bored and finally gave up and stopped teasing.

#3 Try to understand the bully.

In addition to adjusting your own thoughts and attitudes In some cases, it’s worth trying to understand. Or should I try to empathize with the bully? Because those who like to bully others may have their own inferiority complex or mental problems. and do not know how to deal with that problem until it can be vented to others

In this section, I recommend you to read my article on Empathy and you will understand better how empathy can help us solve our problems. What is empathy skill?

#4 Try being open-minded

If you don’t react and use your stillness to fight The situation does not tend to improve at all. You have to try to open up and talk about it for a while. What is the reason for having to bully each other like this? I don’t like the way he treats us. By having to dare to show dissatisfaction with his actions to be known. And must try to communicate sincerely with polite words.

Because sometimes people who behave like this don’t know how the victim is feeling. therefore repeating bullying and misunderstood that it was something that could be done Therefore, expressing that we are dissatisfied with that behavior May make him aware of the feelings of the victim. then less prone to bullying or stop that behavior

#5 Don’t pay attention to people like that.

We cannot pay attention to every people on this planet Therefore, we should be able to distinguish between those who should be valued and those who should not waste time interacting with. While there are still many people who love us and support us. But if we focus our time on the wrong people It will be us who feel bad in the end.

#6 Don’t isolate yourself.

Quiet isolation Does not reduce stress or existing problems It also reduces the pride and confidence of those who are being treated.

Therefore, escaping the problem by isolating yourself is not a good solution to bullying. Rather, we should approach people so they can give advice and work together to find the right solution to the problem.

#7 Family Consultation Teachers, colleagues, supervisors or trusted people.

Cases of unresolved bullying at school Part of it comes from the fact that the victim did not tell parents or teachers to know Probably due to being intimidated by bullies like not to sue anyone Otherwise, you will be bullied even more. As a result, the victim did not dare to tell his parents. or teacher

Therefore, we should not keep our problems to ourselves. or ignoring the situation The courage to tell your parents, guardians or teachers about your problems. is very important Because they can help each other to cope and find solutions together to solve the problem exactly to the point. In the working society, you may try to consult with your colleagues. a trusted boss to ask for a solution

#8 Self-worth.

We don’t need to pay attention to what people say about us. Or insult us badly and missing What to do is Being yourself without hurting anyone You should accept yourself. even though there are disadvantages But there are still many advantages that no one is aware of. besides ourselves

#9 Find a good role model

that we have a good role model It allows victims of bullying to see their worth through their role models. Because the victim has a good role model that will be able to recognize that There are many others who have experienced the same problem. But those people were able to overcome the problem of being bullied. until finally being able to succeed It also helps to solve the problem of self-conflict by the victim and to increase self-love.

#10 Stop seeing yourself as a problem.

identity Outward appearance that is different from other people such as race, gender, appearance, etc. is not our problem which is the offended party. But it’s just a misconception. of the doer towards others separately

#11 Gather evidence and find witnesses

Sometimes being bullied It doesn’t just happen to one person. Finding those involved will add evidence and witnesses. To increase credibility by allowing witnesses who were involved in the act to confirm the behavior of the bullying or bullying others. which will be beneficial to the prosecution of the perpetrators in the future

and in case of bullying about work It will also be used as evidence to protect ourselves from being bullied that we are not at fault. But someone intended us to be wrong. It may record the event. By taking pictures or recording audio, etc.

#12 Legal action

Some people may not know yet. In some cases, the bullying is very serious. beyond the acceptable limits. Whether using remarks against race, gender, or using force and violence against others. including the dissemination of personal information other people’s false information on the Internet All of them are unlawful acts. And if encountering such serious bullying can report this to the police in order to take further legal action

#13 Find ways to manage stress.

Sometimes it is necessary to find a way to deal with the stress of being bullied. because it cannot be denied that bullying problem bullying in that society Create stress and effects to those who are greatly offended

In addition to telling or discussing problems with trusted people We should look for new things. or activity To help relieve existing stress, such as watching movies, listening to music, going out going out to eat with family Or exercise, etc., in order to manage their own stress. Makes it not obsessed with the problem that arises and also helps to restore the state of mind for the better

#14 Change the environment

case of bullying Severe bullies at times, whether at school or at work. until sometimes it may escalate to the point where there is a conflict or being bullied continuously for a long time Causing the person who was abused to accumulate stress that may become depressed and cause no concentration or shift the mind to concentrate on studying or working which doesn’t even affect study and work only but also affects personal matters as well Therefore, changing to a new environment is the best choice.

#15 Take care of your physical and mental health

being bullied Often creates a wound or knot in the mind of the victim who has been treated more or less Some people endured and kept it to themselves. can’t find a way out Until causing a bad effect on the physical condition, such as insomnia from accumulated stress Anorexia, etc.

Likewise, prolonged bullying can take a toll on both your physical and mental health, so it’s important to see a professional for counseling and direct advice from a psychologist or psychiatrist. It is regarded as taking care of one’s own health.

Finally, to solve the problem of bullying.

bullying in society It is a problem that should not happen to anyone or in any kind of society. And this problem should be seriously solved. Because not everyone can deal with bullying every time. And for anyone who is experiencing bullying like this I recommend trying to bring 15 ways to apply it. and believe that everyone will be able to overcome this problem well and will grow into a stronger person than before in the future





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