How to set up Hootsuite to schedule posts

It’s very easy to sign up for Hootsuite and linking your social networks to this tool is much easier, however, is it just as easy to schedule and publish? It is known that Hootsuite is a platform or tool that helps us manage our social networks, from the topics with which we are going to interact, a management of the images that we are going to upload, the publications that we will make, at what time we will make them, and As if that were not enough, it will also tell you the traffic of users who have reacted to said publication .

How to Schedule Posts on Hootsuite

This is often an indispensable tool, so in this article we will explain how to schedule and publish to Hootsuite.

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Follow the instructions below

There are many social networks that you can link with Hootsuite to manage them and schedule the content you want to upload, however, sometimes we don’t know how to start programming, or we don’t have the slightest idea of ​​how to do it.

After linking your social networks, the Hootsuite home screen will appear , you could say that the “Home” of the tool, you will go to the top of the screen where there is a text bar that says ” Compose message” click there and immediately a window with various options will be displayed; You will notice that on the left side there will be some folders with the logos of the social networks and on the right side a text box with tool buttons at the bottom.

Write what you want in that text box, your motivational message or even a joke, the information you want to provide to users will be reflected there; if you want to add some link you just have to click on the bottom bar which is in the text box, this is a link shortener, paste the link there and then click “Shrink” , wait for the link to be added to your post, Hootsuite will tell you with a confirmation message.


You can publish at once from Hootsuite for your social network, or in the buttons that are at the bottom of the text box you can choose a specific time and date in which you want it to be uploaded; To set a date for your publication, you just have to click on the small calendar on the bottom edge, you will notice that the current day is in yellow and the day you choose will be in a dark gray color, on the right side you can place the date time you want your publication to be uploaded, there are applications to add text to your publications.

After this, do you remember the folders with the icons of social networks? Well, select the one in which you want to publish the post, Hootsuite will automatically give you a preview of it, so you can check if everything is as expected, if you are convinced of your publication, click on “Schedule” to leave your scheduled publication.

If this has been successfully programmed , Hootsuite will leave you a green confirmation message. And ready! Now you can schedule and publish in Hootsuite, simple right?

Hootsuite is one of the most popular content management tools currently, since, through this tool we can carry out various content programming, through Hootsuite you can organize the publications or post that you will upload to your social networks , in addition to that, this tool It helps you see people’s responses and reactions to your posts, you can organize topics and watch your audience perform, rise or fall.

How to Use Hootsuite and Set Up Your Account

This tool, as you can see, is very useful, and you can associate it with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and Linkedin , however, it only allows you to associate three social network accounts to manage them, but in case you want to link more social media accounts with this tool, you will have to pay for some of their monthly plans.

Without further ado, we’ll walk you through how to use Hootsuite, so you can create your account and set it up however you like.

Let’s create an account

Signing up for this tool is very simple, however, you must already be logged in to the social networks you want to link to Hootsuite, why should I do that? Hootsuite, when registering, it will ask you for permission to link with each of the social networks that you choose, so don’t wait any longer and go to Hootsuite, enter specifically through that link, because if you search for Hootsuite in google, it will only give you the option to sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Click on “Create a new account” and click on “start now” in the plan that is totally free, enter your data, after this Hootsuite will open a window in which it will ask you for the social networks to which you want to connect or link with the tool, connect it with the three main social networks you want, in the case of some of these social networks you will have to authorize the tool, that is, it will open a tab in which it will tell you what the tool can do in your network social, put what it asks for and authorize Hootsuite.

worth noting

You must be careful, since if you have several company pages on Facebook, you will have to choose only one and that is the one that you will manage and program with Hootsuite, however, you can also manage your personal Facebook profile. When you finish connecting and linking all your social networks to the tool, you can proceed to click on “Continue” a tab will appear in which you will press “Done adding social networks”

A new window will immediately open in which they will show you what will be your Hootsuite home page . If you want to add another social network to your home to manage it along with the others, you must click on your profile photo, which is located in the upper left corner, after this the options menu will automatically be displayed, proceed to click on your name and Hootsuite will let you add or remove the different social networks that you have linked to this tool.

If you want to add Instagram , all you have to do is click on “Add social network” , a pop-up window will immediately open that will tell you which other social networks you can link with Hootsuite, select “Instagram” and place all the requirements that you request to authorize it.

And ready!

Today the whole world uses social networks either by posting photos or following the influencers of the moment; but when it comes to business, it is likely that social networks act like that host who did not invite you to his party. However, some brands are using the networks sharing fun things; talking to new clients and growing your company. So what is stopping your business from doing the same? With HootSui you can join the party using a single platform to manage your networks; a platform that will grow in functionality as you grow in popularity.

How to Send a Message in HootSuite to Several Social Networks at Once?

This platform schedules content in advance and find out what is working on social networks; you can also integrate to HootSuite the tools you already know and love like Google Drive, dropbox, among others; or even send a multiple message in HootSuite.

It lets you find new customers by joining conversations about your brand and automatically shares your most popular posts to a larger audience; create and publish content everyone will love by following social trends; and create interesting posts using different text fonts and commercial images.

Then review the results of your social media activity in a single, easy-to-understand report based on the numbers that matter most to you. Hoot Suite also helps you keep up with your social networks; offering access to free online uses and articles covering the latest social trends, strategies and tactics.

What you can do with HootSuite for free

HootSuite in its free version allows you to enter profiles by doing basic analysis such as programming 30 messages; 2 integrations of notices of web page updates and the 150 free applications. The free version limits you to add only to 3 social networks and is mostly used for personal use. The interface of this platform is simple since it works by columns in which you will find the different social networks associated with it.

It is important to mention that HootSuite helps you schedule in advance what you have prepared to upload to your social networks, so it is ideal if you do any type of prior work, it is 100% recommended that you use the content plan. This platform has many more advantages which I will discuss below:

Send a multiple message in HootSuite

With HootSuite you have the advantage that you can program the same message in all the networks associated with this platform, preventing it from consuming computer resources and at the same time it can be used from mobile devices.

Follow the steps below to synchronize the same message on several social networks:

  1. If you want to send a message through HootSuite on various social networks, you must enter the platform.
  2. Once in it, click where it says ” Write messages ” which is located at the top of the main screen.
  3. Write the message you want to send taking into account that this message cannot exceed 140 characters.
  4. Choose the social networks in which you want this message to be sent and click on “Send”.

And just as easy as you can see, you can easily send a multiple message in HootSuite, to keep your social networks up to date.

How to schedule posts on Instagram with HootSuite

Posting to Instagram from the HootSuite  dashboard  is different than posting to your other social networks.

There are two methods to send an Instagram post and they are based on the type of accounts you have and the type of content you want to share. Direct posting  is available for business profiles that post individual images while notifications are used on personal profiles and posts with video content.

Those using direct publishing can switch the workflow as many times as necessary, HootSuite will automatically detect if you upload video content  and switch your post to the notifications workflow.





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