How to Set Fingerprint to Unlock Your Android

Mobile phones with a fingerprint reader have been a real breakthrough in recent years and we have been able to see how something that seemed far away has been incorporated incredibly quickly even in low-end models . It is likely that your Smartphone has this feature but you do not know how to configure the fingerprint to unlock your Android phone , don’t worry, in Android Verde we explain how to perform a fingerprint unlock easily and step by step .

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Unlock with Fingerprint What is it and what is it for?

Well, relatively recently , cell phones have incorporated a fingerprint system to unlock our devices . This fingerprint system allows you to replace the old difficult or easy unlock patterns since it is a less vulnerable system .

How to Set the Fingerprint to Unlock Our Android Phone

The configuration to configure the fingerprint lock is extremely simple , to do it you will only have to follow these steps.

Steps To Set Fingerprint When Unlocking

The first thing we have to do is configure the fingerprint lock , for this we must go to “Settings” or “Settings” of our phone.

Once inside we will have to look for the “Security” or “Personal” section (Depending on your Android operating system). In my case it is in the “Personal” section, click on where it clearly says “Fingerprint And Password” .

Fingerprint Unlock

Now in this section we look for a section that says something similar to “Security With Fingerprint” or similar. Once we find it, click on the  “Unlock With Fingerprint” section .

Create An Unlock Pattern

Now it will ask us for an additional lock with a pattern , this is a second security system in case someone tries to use the fingerprint unlock more than necessary without being us.

We repeat the unlock pattern and press “Confirm”.

Add Fingerprint

Now we go to the “Add Fingerprint” section , we enter as in the photo.

Fingerprint Screen Lock

To configure the fingerprint when unlocking , we will have to add our fingerprint on the sensor . To do this, we will follow the instructions in the drawing. It should be noted that we will have to repeat the process several times (about 5 depending on the device model) so that we can properly calibrate the fingerprint unlock on Android .

When we finish the process we will have our fingerprint saved on our device and we will be able to unlock our Smartphone just by putting the fingertip on the sensor .

Well now you know how to configure the fingerprint to unlock your phone , if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Thank you for your visit and your time… I hope to see you again!





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