How to send self-destructing messages on Telegram

When a few days ago we made an article related to the constant falls that WhatsApp had been experiencing in some specific countries due to the blockades and the limitations imposed by local authorities, we said that at those times when the main messaging application in the world par excellence does not work, it is when we look for options .

How to Send Self-Destructing Messages on Telegram – Messages that are Deleted or Destroyed

Reason why users have been wondering what other platform to use as an option in terms of security and speed when communicating , to which many users bet directly by going to Telegram .

Yes, despite the magnificent number of users that WhatsApp has, Telegram has not stopped growing that it already has the Telegram Web for better communication.

WhatsApp is more secure in normal use thanks to end-to-end encryption, while  Telegram’s private chats add an optional layer of security that you can’t get on WhatsApp at all, with incognito keyboard, capture protection, screen and self-destructing messages.

Indeed, Telegram is another of the very good alternatives that we have at hand when we talk about instant messaging applications, without losing sight of the differences in the functions that this social network has, with, in this case, WhatsApp , such as the messages that are They self-destruct after a few seconds, which is a very interesting option when betting on greater security.

Of course WhatsApp is more secure, thanks to end-to-end encryption, while in Telegram private chats add an optional security layer that WhatsApp does not have, with an incognito keyboard, protection against screenshots and the option to that we had already mentioned, self-destructing messages.

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Send self-destructing messages on Telegram

As we have already said, Telegram has many benefits and one of those is the possibility of sending self-destructing messages . In Telegram we can find an ideal function for those who do not want to leave a trace of their communications, be it text, video or audio, regardless of the content.

Therefore, if you want to start sending self-destructing messages on Telegram, all you have to do is continue reading this article with all the information about it.

We also have the option to hide the contact number , such as starting a new secret chat on Telegram , secret chats, which are not the same as common chats with any contact.

These go separately, so you can have a conversation, with one person, and another secret chat with that same person. To start a secret chat, click on the contact’s name to open their profile, in the Start secret chat menu in the options where the three dots are. Now, below we will give you the steps to follow to self-destruct messages on Telegram

Steps to self-destruct Telegram messages

Well, if you want then to be able to send messages that are deleted on their own in Telegram , activating this function is quite simple , since you only need to go to the application menu, marked with the classic three points, and display the secret chat that appears as one of the many options within it, looking for the contact to whom we want to send these chats that will disappear after a few minutes.

When we have opened the conversation with our Telegram contact, we will in turn have the possibility of  activating the self-destruct option in the settings and also configuring all the details related to it.

Some of the parameters that we can accommodate to our needs have to do with the time intervals in which messages will self-destruct , if we want to delete both received and sent messages, or if we want them to be deleted as soon as they are read.

Indeed, this is the most common self-destruction system for messages and conversations that we can access from our smartphones, and as we have mentioned in this article, we owe it to Telegram. In the meantime, of course, we continue to hope that at some point this option will also appear in WhatsApp , which is the most popular messaging application in the world.





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