How to send and receive WhatsApp messages on a Smartwatch with Android Wear

WhatsApp is the main instant messaging application in the world, and therefore, every time a new operating system appears, its developers as well as the creators of the environment worry about making its use possible. Well, since this app is so popular, there are many users who want to have more ease when reading, sending or receiving messages, without the need to opt for their mobile device.

How to Send and Receive WhatsApp Messages on a Smartwatch with Android Wear

That is exactly what happened with the case of Android Wear , Google ‘s operating system for smartwatches and wearable devices . That is to say, devices that can be part of a person’s daily clothing, being these intelligent and that can be very useful for it.

Where for some time we can access many of the main features of WhatsApp without problems, and perhaps that is why a huge number of readers have asked us about how to directly send or receive WhatsApp messages from their smart watches.

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  1. Using WhatsApp on a Smartwatch
  2. How to answer messages on a Smartwatch?
    1. More uses of Smartwatches

Using WhatsApp on a Smartwatch

The first thing we must say about it is that Android Wear is indeed one of the best options available to us when it comes to smart watches, with hundreds of manufacturers such as Samsung, LG or Motorola that have joined this segment. And for this reason, with more and more smartwatch users around the world, they are wondering about the possibility of sending and receiving messages from their Android Wear.

We must say that reading WhatsApp messages on Android Wear is completely simple, since all we have to do is open the notification that will come to us if we have it synchronized via Bluetooth.

How to answer messages on a Smartwatch?

If what you want is to be able to answer that message, the next step will be to slide the message to the left, something that we can do quickly and easily with the other hand. Just then the option to “respond + username” will appear, which is the one we are going to choose.

And although we can respond naturally by text , it is also possible to do it with emojis or predetermined messages, which saves us a lot of time.

In any of the aforementioned cases, you will see that it is extremely easy to be able to send a WhatsApp from your smart watch with Android Wear, and you should not lose sight of the fact that you should be precise. We say this because once we have answered the message, Android Wear makes the notification disappear because it senses that we have already read it.

Therefore, we will have no way to reply to him again unless that person again starts a conversation with another answer. However, at the same time you have to know that if you want a messaging application that works practically independently of the mobile one, with autonomy even from our Android Wear wrist, there is one.

This is Hangouts, Google’s social network that has not managed to make users fall in love with it, but which at least in this case seems like a much more sensible option than WhatsApp. In addition, it not only works on this type of device, but we can also use it on our mobile.

More uses of Smartwatches

These devices, in addition to being a good accessory to combine with our best outfits, provide us with a large number of advantages at the same time. Thanks to its advanced technology, compact design, practicality, among other factors, it is a unique and functional element that will not disappoint us at any time.

Among the various uses that we can give to these, we can mention the following.

  • They are configurable to our mobile.
  • They give us the time like any other conventional clock.
  • They provide the weather and weather forecast.
  • In some cases, we may use them to answer phone calls.
  • Among others.

In addition, there are endless manufacturers and models , that is, we can choose the one that seems most convenient to us. To do this, we must carry out a study of each of them, and choose the smartwatch, with the most favorable operating system, with a size that suits our tastes and demands, favorite color and functions that they offer.

We are sure that if you look at these aspects, you will be able to choose a smartwatch that meets absolutely all your requirements.





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