How to see the TikTok live broadcasts of your friends and followers?

TikTok has implemented live broadcasts just like other social networks. There is nothing like enjoying watching a “Live” and being one of the first followers to enter and see what your favorite users are doing. Watching the live streams of the users you follow requires little effort.

How to See the TikTok Live Streams of your Friends and Followed?

Just by looking in your notifications or in your inbox you can already enjoy the show. We detail for you each of the options with which you can access the TikTok streams of your favorite users.

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  1. What is the regular way to enter TikTok live?
    1. From your inbox
    2. in notifications
    3. with your start
  2. How can you avoid missing the broadcasts of your followers on TikTok?
    1. be a follower
    2. Activate notifications
    3. Find it before it’s over
  3. Is there a way to enter the stream after it has finished?

What is the regular way to enter TikTok live?

TikTok provides you with various options to enjoy the live streams of your favorite influencers. The most recurring options with which you enter TikTok live are the following:

From your inbox

The inbox is one of the options that TikTok offers you to view your live streams. You just have to enter the application and in the lower right part press the ‘Inbox’ button . Once you are in the tray, notifications of the live ones that are taking place right at the moment will appear.

in notifications

Eventually, TikTok broadcasts notifications to your bar when someone you’ve followed is going live. By clicking on these notifications you will be able to enter it live just in time.

with your start

The start of TikTok includes the ‘For you’ section given by your algorithm and the ‘Following’ section, it doesn’t matter which section of the start you are in, as you go down you may find yourself with the live ones that are being carried out on At the moment, it is your decision to enter and see them fully so that you can interact with who offers them.

How can you avoid missing the broadcasts of your followers on TikTok?

The way you can avoid missing broadcasts from your followers on TikTok is to anticipate the times that a certain user performs their live. As long as it is a scheduled time or an announced live, you will have a better chance of arriving on time.

be a follower

A very simple option to not miss a user’s live is to follow him and keep an eye on your home section in ‘Followed’ . In this section you will always find at the top as bubbles each live that is being carried out by your followers.

Activate notifications

Following a user is not enough if you want to be aware of all their content. What you must do to not miss any live is to go to their profile and press the bell button that is in the upper right part. There you can customize the type of notifications you want to receive from this user including live. TikTok also offers you the option to mute a person , in the opposite case, when you don’t want to know anything about the user.

Find it before it’s over

As a last option, you cannot rule out searching for him live that you want to see even if it has already started. If you saw a notification that it has already started and you missed it, you can enter the user’s profile and see him live that it is being broadcast.

Is there a way to enter the stream after it has finished?

It is possible to watch a TikTok stream again after it ends as long as the person who recorded the “Live” stream . If this was recorded, it can be repeated, downloaded or deleted if desired. But if you’re not the one recording him live, you probably won’t be able to watch the stream again.





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