How to see Google images in full size

When we need an image or photo, where are we going to look? Obviously from Google and it is that the internet giant seems to have the answer to everything. The problem is that since the search engine changed a few options in terms of image search, now the “View image” button does not appear anymore to open it directly, many people do not know how to download images from Google images .

But today we are going to see how to download images from Google images . We are going to learn how to view the full size image as before.

How to Save Images From Google Images

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How to see Google images in full size

On your computer, things become very simple, since all you will need is to have an extension installed in Google Chrome. Such an extension is called: Straight to Full-Size for Google Images .

As soon as you enter the Chrome store, you simply have to press the blue button that says add extension. A pop-up window appears where you must press “Add extension” and in a matter of seconds a new icon will appear in the upper right part of Chrome. This means that it was indeed installed.

What you should do now is go to Google and search for any kind of image as you normally would. Once you find the image you want to download simply click on it and you will see that the full size image magically opens . As simple as that.

To download it to your computer, all you have to do is right click on said image and then on “Save image how…” and select the place where you want to save the image on your PC.



How to save images

First of all, we are going to see how to download images without any kind of problem and in a simple way, it is not necessary to use special programs or anything similar. What you should do is search for the image you want to download.

Once you have that image, simply right-click on it and among all the options that you will see, there is one that says Save image how… you simply have to click on that option. Now what you are going to do is select a folder where it will be saved, as you are testing, the ideal would be to save it on the desktop so you can quickly locate the image you have downloaded.

What you are going to do next is press where it says Save and that’s it, you should already have the image saved in the destination you have selected. In the event that you want to find high-quality free images to download in the same way that I mentioned above, what you can do is visit wallhaven , which is a web page where there are millions of wallpapers of all kinds, without a doubt one of the best you will find on the internet.

On this website you will be able to find high definition images on different topics, ideally you should do the searches in English, for example: Instead of searching for “girl”, you should put “girl” for this you can use the Google translator and quickly You will be able to find thousands of images to download for free without any kind of limitation and best of all, they are all in high definition, Full HD.


Another site that is simply phenomenal and that has more than 600 thousand wallpapers is Wallpaper Abyss , which again you will find high quality wallpapers and images very easily through a search engine and in this case everything can be configured in Spanish.

Google images from mobile

On mobile it is a little more complicated, one could say, although not that much. What you are going to have to do is use a third party application called Image Donwloader . The problem is that we cannot use Chrome, since in its mobile version it does not have support for extensions.

Now you are going to use the application to search for images. This app works by giving you the search results of Google images so that in a few words you will be using an application that would show you the same results as the search engine, only in this case it allows you to download the photos or images without any kind of limitation nor any problem.

To use the app you simply have to open it, look for the images you want to download from the search engine at the top and then click on the image you like.

You will notice that once the image is enlarged, an icon appears at the bottom that has the shape of an arrow pointing downwards. By clicking on this arrow you can download the image you are viewing.

In this way you can download all the photos from Google from your mobile or your computer without any kind of limitation.





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