How to search for text in photos on iPhone

Apple-branded devices are constantly improving; in fact, thanks to the sudden updates, the famous iPhone by the house is able to use more and more interesting and useful features during daily use.

Among the features introduced by the new iPhone update, we also find the one that allows you to search for text within photos . To take advantage of this procedure, a few simple steps are enough and in this article we will show them in detail.

Search for text in iPhone photos

To search for a specific word in the photos on your iPhone, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • First open the Photos app on your iPhone;
  • once this is done, you will have to press the Search button at the bottom right of the screen and marked by the magnifying glass icon ;
  • at this point, just enter the word you want to find in the search bar and the device will automatically show you all the shots that contain that specific term.




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