How to save your Instagram Reels without posting them as a draft

This function allows users to record short videos of up to 30 seconds , which you can add the effects you like, and yes, Instagram has a wide variety of effects, you can add text, sound, music and much more, everything will depend on what you want to project.

How to Save Your Instagram Reels Without Posting as Draft?

Remember that unlike Instagram stories, you can leave the Reels in the feed and you can also share them with your friends in the Instagram Reels tab, so if you want it to last a long time you can do it, so use your imagination and create one that is unforgettable, anyway here we will show you how you can save the Reels and edit them before publishing them.

Instagram Reels are available in many countries, in case the Reels do not appear in your application , make sure you have the latest update of the application.

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  1. Why doesn’t Instagram let you save Reels with music and what to do to download them?
  2. How many reels can you download from Instagram?
  3. Where do the Reels that you save without publishing on your device go?
  4. How do you edit a Reel that you saved in drafts?

Why doesn’t Instagram let you save Reels with music and what to do to download them?

Of all the Instagram alternatives the Reels are really standouts, these short videos are very entertaining, you can have a nice time enjoying the Reels that are shared by millions of Instagram users, however, maybe you have already realized that This platform does not have an official download of the Reels that you like, you may feel a little disappointed, but put an end to the disappointment, because we will show you what to do to download them easily and reliably.

It is no secret to anyone that there will always be third-party applications that will help us with those problems that we encounter on the internet, there are applications that help you download Reels with music from Instagram, these applications are available for any device and make the process Saving and downloading the Reels is quite quick and easy. There are many tools for this and you can find them at no cost.

There are applications like Insaver or Downloader that have been created to download IG content and their interface is very easy to use, you just have to download and install them. Then, you just have to look for the link of the video that you want to download in Reels Instagram , you give it copy link and then you go to the tool that you have chosen to use and paste the link, when you already have it you just have to click on download. As you can see it is very easy to use them.

How many reels can you download from Instagram?

You can save as many reels as you want, there is no limit. In this case we are talking about saving the Reels on Instagram as a draft, so if you want to record a Reel and you want to publish it later you can do it if you save it in the draft and it will be there safe waiting to be published in the future.

Where do the Reels that you save without publishing on your device go?

They go to the draft. That’s right, the Reels that you record and are not going to publish can be found in the folder called draft , it is easy to access them, you just enter your profile, and touch the three lines that you will see at the top and among the options you will see Saved and Draft. But we will briefly explain how you can save them as a draft.

Once the Reels are recorded, you must confirm the recording and touch the arrow icon that you will see in the lower right corner. This process will send you to the Share screen, to save it as a draft at the bottom of the screen is the Save as Draft option, it is very easy to achieve it.

How do you edit a Reel that you saved in drafts?

That’s right, once saved in the draft you can edit them before publishing them. Editing them is simple, it is similar to how you would do it with the stories already created on Instagram.

To edit it, the first thing to do is access the place where it is located. You open the app, go to your profile and select the Reels option. Once inside the Reels files, look for the Draft option, there you will see the Reels that you have saved. Now you must find the one you are going to edit, when you select it the share menu will appear, select the Edit option. You will be able to make the changes that you see necessary and at the end you only have to share the improved Reels.

You can place music that one of the fashionable effects of the Reels. Remember that you can use the original audio or you can replace it with that little piece of music that you like best.





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