How to root Huawei Ascend Y635, Y520 (u03), Y220 and Y6 SCL-L01

If we analyze which have been the fastest growing companies in the international mobile market in recent years, we will quickly come to the conclusion that Huawei is the one that leads any type of statistics. And it is that although Samsung continues to be the one that sells the most, the Chinese firm has cut a huge difference, and that is thanks to devices as successful as the  Huawei Y635 .

Indeed, we must emphasize that although the Asian company has a really extensive catalog, many of the mobile buyers who have reviewed it have ended up deciding on the Huawei Y635. In Spain , this terminal is available at basic prices of between 1,670 and 175 euros, although if we know how to look for the best offers we can also save a good amount of that money.

In any case, if you don’t know the details in technical terms of the Huawei Y635, you have to know that it has a 5-inch screen, in addition to a quad-core processor developed by the folks at Snapdragon, a 5MP main camera , 1 GB of RAM memory, 8 GB of expandable storage capacity, and many other aspects that really make it a good entry-level option.

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  1. Can you root a Huawei Y635?
    1. Rooting the Huawei Y635
  2. Root Huawei Y520-u03
  3. How to root Huawei Y520-u03
  4. Installing CWM Recovery and SuperSU
  5. How to Root Huawei Ascend Y520
  6. Before starting the root process for Huawei Ascend Y520
  7. Root Huawei Ascend Y520
  8. Rooting Huawei Y520
  9. Root Huawei Y220 for free
  10. Requirements before you start rooting
  11. Root Huawei Y6
  12. Checking that we are root users

Can you root a Huawei Y635?

In consideration of all the features mentioned so far, we must also say that many readers who own a Huawei Y635 have been asking us about the possibility of rooting these devices. As we practically have to say for all Android mobile devices on the market, rooting Huawei Y635 is completely possible, so if you are interested, read on.

Beyond that, before showing you the first details to be able to root your Huawei Y635, you have to know in the same way that proceeding in this regard will make the mobile’s warranty completely void. In any case, it is possible that your unit of this model no longer has a guarantee, and in that case, if you have some knowledge, you could take advantage of it to improve your daily use experience.

Rooting the Huawei Y635

  • To root the Huawei Y635 thefirst thing we must do is go to Settings, About the phone, and click repeatedly on the build number, which will activate the Developer options of the device
  • When you enter theseDeveloper options you will see that we can activate the one that says USB debugging, connecting the mobile to a computer
  • Then we return to the Huawei Y635,we download the rooting application called Towel Root, something that we can do without paying a penny or waiting from this link
  • When you have downloaded the previous tool, we run it like any other APK type file, and we accept the warnings that will appear along the way.
  • You will see that the Make it Rain optionappears , on which we must press, waiting a few seconds, until the thank you notifications for using this system appear
  • Once the previous steps are finished, we have to download a complementary platform, called SuperSU,directly from this link
  • We accept the indications that are expressed and from there, we can begin to customize our rooted Huawei Y635

It is not at all complicated to root your Huawei Y520-u03 and then I am going to show you how you should do it, step by step to have root access and all its advantages in a very simple and above all fast way.

Root Huawei Y520-u03

Thanks to the 360 ​​root application, it is with which you will be able to have your mobile rooted since it works perfectly with this specific model. In this way, just by pressing a simple button you will have root access to your device and you will definitely not have to think too much, it will be a matter of a few minutes because on top of that we already leave you the application to download on the blog in this other article.

How to root Huawei Y520-u03

First of all, you will obviously have to download and install the application.

Remember that it is essential to have unknown sources enabled in Settings > Security to be able to install APK files outside of the Play Store .

Now once this app is installed, what you will have to do is simply press the button in the middle and wait for it to finish rotating, what you will see are several numbers that indicate the progress of the process.

When you finish, what you will have to do is go to the applications menu and look for an icon that has the shape of a lock, if this icon appears, it is because we are already root users.

Keep in mind that the SuperSU that we are going to have with this app is Chinese, obviously it makes it difficult to use it, but we will teach you how to install SuperSU in Spanish.

Installing CWM Recovery and SuperSU

Download SP Flash Tool and the USB drivers for your mobile .

Now you are going to unzip CWM Recovery , we open Flash Tool from the exe in the unzipped folder.

Go to where it says Donwload and click on scatter-loading, now what you are going to do is look for the CWM Recovery folder.

We click download again, connect the mobile and the whole process should begin to flash our Huawei Y520 .

Once finished, a green circle appears confirming that everything is fine.

Now you will have to enter recovery mode , turn off the Smartphone and hold down the volume up + power keys for several seconds.

Once in recovery you go to where it says Install Zip, then Choose Zip From SDcard or SDcard1 and look for the SuperSU file that we downloaded before and installed.

When it finishes we simply go to where it says Reboot System Now and that’s it, we have everything finished.

To confirm we can use the Root Checker app.

How to Root Huawei Ascend Y520

Rooting your Huawei Ascend Y520 is not too complicated and the advantages are many. It may seem like too many steps, but they are all very simple and in 15 minutes you will have your mobile completely rooted and ready to do whatever you want.

Before starting the root process for Huawei Ascend Y520

Note that this process voids any warranty you may have on the device. At the same time you also have to have the battery charged to the maximum possible . In case you do not follow the steps as we will discuss below, step by step and something goes wrong, everything is at your own risk.

You have to have a Windows computer to do the guide, you will also have to have the Huawei USB drivers installed on your computer. It is necessary to install CWM Recovery on the mobile and the most important thing is that this process is for the Huawei Ascend Y520 and not for another device. For no other.

It is necessary that you have SP FlashTool , also with Scatter File, obviously CWM Recovery and the fundamental SuperSU.

Root Huawei Ascend Y520

Ideally, you should have all the files mentioned above in one folder so that you can easily access them.

The first thing you have to do is extract SP FlashTool and then double click on setup to install it on your computer. Once the installation is finished you will have to open the app.

Now we are going to click on where it says Scatter-loading and what we are going to do is select the Scatter file that I mentioned earlier.

What we have to do is disable everything from the SP FlashTool interface except Recovery.

Now we have to click on where it says Recovery and select CWM that we had downloaded.

Take your mobile phone and go to Settings > About phone > Press several times on Build number, then go again to Settings > Developer options and activate USB debugging and Allow mock locations.

Now once what I gave you previously has been done, we have to turn off the mobile and connect it to the computer in this way. What we have to do next is locate the button that says download on the computer and press it to start installing CWM Recovery. Once finished we are going to restart the mobile.

Rooting Huawei Y520

The next thing you will do is connect the mobile turned on to your computer to copy the SuperSU.Zip file to the microSD of your mobile. Now we turn off the mobile and we are going to turn it on to enter recovery mode but instead of turning it on as we normally would, what we do is press and hold the power button + volume up.

We wait a few seconds and we should enter Recovery mode. Now we are going to go to where it says Install ZIP from SDcard and then we are going to where it says Choose ZIP from SDcard and select the file

Once finished we must restart the mobile with the option that says Reboot System Now.

All those users who regularly read our articles will have seen that in recent times we are talking a lot about the root procedure of the main smartphones around the world, among which we can mention, of course, those developed by Huawei.

In this particular case, we did not want to stop taking into account one of the many Huawei mobiles that we still have pending, as is the case in particular with the Huawei Y220 , to be more specific.

The truth is that the Huawei Y220 has undoubtedly been one of the most successful terminals of the Chinese firm in recent years, basically its entire history, and that is why we understand that many of the users who have one of them will be interested in being able to root your  Huawei Y220.

The first thing you have to consider in this regard is that in order to root the Huawei Y220 you will need the corresponding programs, such as the KingRoot APK executable, which can be found at this link.

Of course, in the same way you have to understand that once you have started with this step by step, the guarantee of your smartphone will be completely void. If over time it suffers some unexpected damage effect, you will find yourself with the cancellation of the warranty of the Android device.

For the rest, we always recommend before starting this type of process, to make a backup copy of all the contents , since it is the only way to be completely sure that the contents will not be lost.

Root Huawei Y220 for free

Well, once you have your  Huawei Y220 with KingRoot downloaded, the next thing you should do is go to Settings, Security, and within this section, bet directly by checking the Unknown sources option, since otherwise you will not be able to run the APK in any way.

Once KingRoot is installed, it should appear like any other application you have on your mobile, and the next thing to do is to search among its options, until you find one called  Try To Root , which is the one you should choose in these cases.

This fundamental step for the rooting of the Huawei Y220 should take you just a while, not too long, and at that moment you have to be able to move on to the next thing, that is, download an application like Root Checker which is the one that confirms that your mobile has already been completely rooted, an application that you can easily find by the way. Beyond that, before using this app, we recommend that you make a backup of your Huawei Y220 to avoid problems.

One of the interesting news in this tutorial has to do with the fact that when it comes to using KingRoot, we are talking about a tool that in no case requires a Windows computer . All you have to do is treat KingRoot like any other more or less similar application.

For the rest, the rooting procedure for the Huawei Y220 is not too different from that of many other mobile devices with Android, so if you are interested in another one in particular, do not forget to take it into account either.

At some point, either out of curiosity or out of necessity, we reach the point where we need to root our mobile device. In the case of today we are going to teach you how to root Huawei Y6 SCL-L01 with a fairly simple method, read carefully and follow the steps that we are going to comment on so that in this way you can have your device rooted in a short time.

Let’s remember that we have already told you about all the advantages and disadvantages of being a root user, among which is the possibility of uninstalling applications that come pre-installed on the mobile , optimizing the operating system , reducing the speed of the CPU to save battery, among many other things.

Requirements before you start rooting

First of all, we recommend that you make a backup of all your data just in case, it is unlikely to lose anything, but always just in case.

The battery has to be yes or yes at a minimum 60% charge. Also, it is essential that you use the original USB cable.

Turn on USB debugging found in developer options. These options are hidden at first, to see them go to Settings> About phone and press several times in a row on Build number.

You have to download Huawei USB Drivers for Windows and you have to download KingoRoot as well.

Root Huawei Y6

Now we are simply going to open KingoRoot on the computer.

Once open, we connect the device and the Root status appears, that means that the app recognizes the connected device well, so we are going to go down where it says ROOT in a big way and click right there.

We wait a few minutes, patiently for the process to finish, don’t despair.

Once finished it should say “ Root Succeeded ” in green.

Checking that we are root users

Obviously there is a way to check if we are indeed root users, the way to do it is with Root Checker , it is an app that you find in the Play Store, quite light and above all very simple with which we will be able to verify if indeed everything what we did before in the tutorial came out as it should have, in case yes, then you can uninstall this app and start enjoying being root user.

In case you are not root, you should review everything we mentioned above to see if you left something undone, although it is not too complicated either.

Have you been able to root your Huawei Y220 with this step by step?





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