How to restrict, block or reject incoming calls on my Android phone

In one way or another, at some point in your life, you have gotten tired and a lot of receiving constant calls from the same numbers and worst of all, on top of all this, there are possibly telephone companies that want you to change companies or maybe they want to sell you something, insurance, others. All this without adding the fact that you have someone annoying calling you or even someone who has published your number somewhere to annoy you. For whatever reason, we can help you block all or some specific calls on Android.

How to Restrict, Block or Reject Incoming Calls on my Android Phone

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block calls on android

The best of the options that we are going to present you in general cases where they bother you to try to sell you something or tell you about a promotion, which generally come from numbers that begin with 0800, etc.

What you should do is first of all go to the Settings part of your mobile device, and then go precisely to Device and then to calls . That is when we go to where it says Call rejection and then where it says Call rejection list, that is where we must enter the number in question that we want to reject automatically.

other method

If we do not have another simpler and specific method for different numbers. Let’s first of all press on the phone icon as if we were going to make a call. After this, what we are going to do is go to the settings part from the options, generally on the upper right we have to enter them.

Once we are there, what we should do is go to the Call Settings part to look for the option that says “ Call blocking ”. In this place we are going to have two options, the first one is “Call rejection messages” which is used to create a response message to be sent when you have rejected a call. The second of the options is “Blocked list” which is exactly what we want, we enter there.

When we are in this part, what we can do is add contacts or specific phone numbers so that they can never bother us with phone calls again.

Every now and then it’s necessary

Unfortunately we live in a world where not even companies respect schedules and they end up calling you at any time to try to sell you things. Therefore, the only way to “fight” against this kind of situation is the one outlined above. In case someone bothers you, as you can see, blocking them isn’t too complicated and I can assure you that they won’t bother you anymore, at least not for phone calls.

Surely on more than one occasion you have had that serious problem where you receive calls from strangers, learn to call these private numbers, even with promotions from telephone companies that are the competition to which you subscribe, etc.

Whatever the reason, on some occasion you have wanted to block a number that became too annoying and that is why below, we are going to show you which are the best applications to block calls and we are even going to teach you a method without the need of applications, clearly depending on the version of Android you have.

block calls on android

The easiest method to block calls on Android and it will depend on the version you have is the following. First of all, we click on the call icon. Once there we go to the options that appear at the top right and then click on Settings. Now in the Call settings section we have an option that says “Call blocking” press there. Next, we click on the blocked list and then we can add the number we want to block, very simple and without the need for applications.

But in case you do not have these options, keep reading that we will recommend several interesting applications to block calls from strangers.

Safest Call Blocker

It is very good without a doubt since it fulfills its function perfectly. It is a considerably simple app to use since you only have to dial the number you want to block and that’s it. In addition, this app has a record of blocked calls so that you can later keep track of the number of times, times, days in which you were called. It has a free version with advertising, although not too annoying, and a paid version without any advertising. You can download this app from here.

Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

It is considerably powerful and at the same time you will not even remember that it is there, in addition to being used to block calls and also text messages . You can create black or white lists, basically of blocked and admitted calls. If you decide to create a white list, only the people on that list will be able to call you and all the others will be blocked. In case of having a black list, only those cannot call you and the rest can. Download it from this link .

Caller ID, Block Calls & texts

Completely free, it allows us something similar to the previous one to create white or black lists, which depending on your needs may or may not be useful. We are not even going to realize that the app is installed since it does its work in the background without us knowing anything about it. At the same time, something that stands out is the possibility of blocking private numbers and knowing how to identify them, that is, even if some hide their number, we are going to block them all. Download it from the Play Store by following this link.

It is normal that from time to time you receive calls from the same number , over and over again. They’re annoying and it’s happened to all of us at some point, whether it’s someone being a pushover, being played a sick joke posted in number somewhere, or just companies offering their “so cool” deals that we don’t really have. desire to listen, for nothing in the world. you can restrict, block or reject incoming calls from your mobile.


How to reject a call on Android

For this Android has a fairly simple solution, but at the same time extremely effective, you do not need to download any kind of extra application or anything similar because it is the same OS that has this very useful function to prevent certain people from bothering too much .

block incoming calls

What you have to do to block an incoming call is really simple, follow the steps below: First you have to go to the ” Settings ” part, once there we will go to ” Device ” then ” Calls ” now you have Look for the option that says ” Call rejection ” and then end up in ” Call rejection list ” in this place is where you have to enter the numbers you want to block.

The good thing about this is that it is so effective that at no time are you going to realize that they are trying to call you, it is fervently blocked and there is no way to contact you from said number, on top of that you do not find out anything because on the mobile no notification arrives, it does not ring in any way or anything similar , therefore, it ends up being an excellent way to block calls for when we want nobody to bother us.

Especially those telephone companies that get our number “magically” and spend their time making calls to offer us services that we are not interested in having and that we are never going to contract in our lives, those calls are definitely very annoying because they even call at times that are too out of place bothering and irritating each of us too much.

With this method you can definitely forget that they bother you again since they will not be able to call you again unless they change the number, but as you will see, it is so easy to carry out the process that in less than 30 seconds you have a new number blocked.

This is a very uncomfortable situation that has affected many of us. It has probably happened to you too, on some occasion that someone constantly bothers you by calling you on your mobile , be it a particular person or a company that wants to convince you of the benefits of its services or products.

Of course, those situations can become really annoying unless we have some solution at hand that allows us to block certain numbers or types of calls.

The advantage if we have an Android mobile device is that, as we always mention, one of the big issues with these is that they are almost completely customizable, downloading the apps you need for any purpose. Indeed, we have to point out that luckily there are many applications that allow you to block calls on Android , and today we are going to show you what we consider to be the best in the field. You have to know that they differ from each other, so you should give it a try in all cases.

The best apps to restrict calls on Android

Mr. Number – Block calls & spam (download)

Mr. Number – Block calls & spam  is the first of the Android call blocker apps that we wanted to mention, because it is probably also the most popular in this segment for many users. It works by allowing us to block both traditional calls and SMS messages, and we can block by entering the numbers manually or blocking from the last ones registered.

Calls Blacklist

Another of the good apps for restricting calls on mobile phones is the so-called  Calls Blacklist , which in principle stands out for having one of the best interfaces in the segment, one completely adapted to what Material Design is. From this app we can highlight issues such as when we receive a call, we open the app, and just by clicking on the + icon, we will no longer be bothered by that number.


We come to the third of the apps to block incoming calls on Android, and about  Truecaller  we can point out issues such as that it is easy to use, and it is surely the most visually pleasing. It allows us to access the call log as it appears on the mobile by default, to add or remove all the numbers we want from the blocked ones, in addition to offering other more specific parameters.

Call Blocker

If the first thing you want to know when you are going to download an application to block phone numbers on Android is that it be simple, then we have to say that you will not find a better alternative than  Call Blocker  at hand. Of this, we must highlight in the first instance that it allows us to see the blocked calls, and by sliding to the right the blocked SMS, to later see the black list of those that we have blocked.


Black List  already anticipates a bit of its operation just by seeing its name, and in this regard it will call the attention of most users that it allows access to different types of controls, being more complete than others. With Black List we can establish the following controls: black list, everything except the exception list, all and not block any, going from one to the other without having to be retouching number by number.

Which of these applications to block calls on Android is your favorite? In any case, if you have any questions leave it in the comments, as soon as we see it we will try to answer it.





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