How to remove Windows 10 password

We have all wondered on some occasion how to remove the Windows 10 password . Passwords are a reasonable security measure for certain contexts, and logging in and unlocking the operating system are a perfect example of this. But, of course, for it to be a reliable protection method, it is essential that we opt for a secure password. Otherwise, if we use a weak password, it will be almost as if we did not use a password.

Fortunately, every day there is more awareness in this regard and, therefore, more users resort to secure passwords, with combinations of letters, numbers and special characters (when these are allowed), which have no meaning (thus preventing them from can be exploited with a dictionary-based attack) and with a length of not less than 8-10 characters. In summary, the usual security recommendations when creating a secure key.

The start and unlocking of Windows have, however, a particularity, and that is that unlike the credentials that we use for the websites and services that we use in our day to day, we cannot access the password manager that we use to save them. (if we have opted for a tool of this type) from the PC, since, obviously, it will be blocked until we enter the appropriate password.

This means that one of the most frequently forgotten passwords is that of the operating system and, consequently, that we have all wondered on some occasion how to remove the Windows 10 password . And it is that, if we are not able to recover it, we expose ourselves to losing everything we have stored locally: documents, applications and games, personalized configurations, etc.

How to remove Windows 10 password with PassFab 4winkey

Although there are other alternatives to remove the startup password in Windows 10, we have tested PassFab 4winkey and, without a doubt, we find ourselves before a really complete option that, however, is also very simple . So much so that, following the steps that the wizard will indicate, in a matter of minutes we will be able to recover access to the system whose password we have forgotten. In this way we can assign a new password that, yes, we must try to remember from now on.

PassFab 4winkey is a paid application that, however, has a price that makes it affordable for any user, and that is undoubtedly quite cheap compared to the potential economic loss that can be caused by not being able to access the system again and losing your password. contents. The standard version of it allows us to create a recovery CD/DVD, while the professional one also adds the possibility of using a USB memory.

For this guide on how to remove the startup password in Windows 10 with PassFab 4winkey we have used the professional version to use a USB memory, but if you are going to use the standard version or, despite using the professional one, you prefer to use an optical disk , the process is quite similar. However, we will tell you the difference.

NOTE : Keep in mind that the preparation of the CD/DVD or USB for recovery must be carried out on another PC. Alternatively, you can prepare the recovery drive and have it saved for when you might need it.

Once PassFab 4winkey is installed and registered, start the program so that its main window is displayed

Now insert the CD/DVD in the recorder or connect the USB memory that you want to use as a recovery tool. As you do, the software will detect its presence and allow you to choose it.

Keep in mind, however, that if you use a USB memory, its content will be deleted (pressing Next will display a message alerting you to this).

At that time, the recording of the chosen medium will begin. Wait for this operation to finish and, at that moment, PassFab 4winkey will show you particularly important information: the key of your PC, according to its brand (or that of your motherboard) to access the BIOS. And it is that, to continue with the process, you will have to restart the PC and configure it to start from the drive you just recorded, whether it is an optical disc or USB. Don’t worry, the software itself gives you all the instructions on how to do it, so you don’t have any problems. Check, yes, the four steps of the indications.

When it’s time to remove the Windows 10 password, plug in the USB stick or insert the optical disc into the drive, restart your PC, and follow the steps in the software to start your PC from that drive. This process consists of rearranging the boot sequence that the system BIOS follows, that is, the order in which it tries all possible means to start.

Once this is done, save the changes, allow the PC to restart and, after a few seconds, the main PassFab 4winkey window will be displayed, which, as you can see, is tremendously intuitive. The first thing you’ll see are the Windows installations on your PC (usually just one, of course, but if you have more than one they’ll all show up there). So, you will see all the user accounts defined in Windows

In this list you will be able to see all the accounts, indicating which of them are administrators, and also if any of them are deactivated. Then select your account, choose Remove account password, click Next and, in this way, you will have already been able to remove the Windows 10 password. Then extract the CD/DVD or the USB, restart the PC and you will be able to log in without the need to use the key.

As you can see, removing the Windows 10 password with PassFab 4winkey is a very simple process, without complications and within the reach of any user, so whether you already need to do it, or if you are a person who wants to be prepared for what may occur in the future, we are faced with a very suitable solution.





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