How to Remove or Unlock PDF Password

Passwords are useful to protect different files or accounts , it is something that we use every day for that matter.

Having password protected PDF files is a normal thing to protect their content, but if you want to remove the password to be able to enjoy that content or just because you know that the PDF will be in a safe place and you don’t need it to be too protected, then you We are going to teach you how to unlock a protected PDF below.

How to Remove or Unlock PDF Password – Remove Restrictions Easily

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  2. How to unlock a protected PDF
  3. Protected PDF files
    1. Select the source of the PDF
    2. Why unprotect a PDF?

Unlock Protected PDF Without Chrome

In any case, we can make use of BeCyPDFMetaEdit , which is a very interesting program to be able to remove passwords from PDF files without obviously having to use Google Chrome. Learn about the best Apps and programs to convert PDF files to Word

How to unlock a protected PDF

There is a way from Windows, Mac and Linux to be able to remove the password from PDF files using Google Chrome, we will tell you how to achieve it below.

Chrome has a PDF file reader, with it we will be able to remove the password from a PDF file without any kind of problem, to achieve this we will guide you below, follow step by step what we are telling you and you will quickly manage to remove the password from a PDF file.

First of all, we are going to pass the PDF file to the Google Chrome browser , when we put it on the browser it will ask us for the password in question to be able to open it, enter the password and open it.

What you are going to do now is go to File, after this click where it says Print and what you will do next is click on destination and then click on Save as PDF, click on save.

Google Chrome saves the file on the desktop, obviously this time without protection of any kind , without a password or anything similar. We can quickly use the PDF without problems or share it in case we want.

Protected PDF files

As you will see, it is not that complicated to unlock a PDF file with a password , so in case you do not want to expose your password and share the PDF file or simply want to leave it unprotected to have faster access to the document, you can do it with the two methods that we mentioned before that are extremely simple to use, in case you have many files to remove the password, we recommend you use the first of the methods, that of the program.

PDF files are among the most used by users when it comes to having quality texts on the computer. When we try to copy a paragraph or print an area of ​​the text to read it outside the computer and it won’t let us, we are dealing with a PDF file with restricted permissions . No need to worry, it is possible to unprotect PDF and access all the content in a simple way.

To be able to bypass the defenses and release PDF there are different tools, as well as open, write, edit and save a PDF file. One of the most widespread allows you to unprotect PDF online, it is the website from which we can unlock the content of a file in PDF format.

Select the source of the PDF

To unlock PDF you have to choose the source from which you upload the file . A window appears where we can select the computer, the Dropbox web storage service or Google Drive as the source. It remains to select the PDF, open it and wait for the web service to take care of the release.

Check the box where it says Unlock and the process of unlocking the PDF files will automatically begin. The file will be uploaded to the online service, unlocked, and then downloaded back to your computer. When the download window opens, you have to click on the Save button and select the folder where you want to store the file so that it is already freely accessible.

Why unprotect a PDF?

The main reasons to unprotect a PDF include the possibility of copying the content to copy it in another type of file, or the modification of the texts in case you need to edit data. Many times PDF files end up being converted to other more accessible formats, such as DOC.

File editing is one of the key points when unprotecting a PDF. Users tend to access release services in order to use the texts in text files that are more easily edited and modified by users from any device.

The PDF is a format that does not directly enable many modifications, and this sometimes becomes a difficulty. To be able to edit and modify the content, it is necessary to unlock protected PDF, and there are no different online alternatives such as PDFUnlock, a direct, fast and very simple website that will only ask you to upload the file and wait for the procedure to finish. .

Other online alternatives to unlock PDF files is the website . This is another web service that works automatically unlocking the content of your PDF files to be able to copy and edit it from other text files.

If you want to save the content of your PDFs in other documents, transfer them to Word and be able to edit them, then use the web services that we recommend, they are totally free and available on the web so that you can access all the content of your PDF files from any other text editing program. There are options to be able to edit PDF documents , such as converting text messages to PDF files,





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