How to recover deleted history or bookmarks from Google Chrome

If you have mistakenly cleared your Chrome browsing history and lost all your important Chrome bookmarks , you will be at a complete loss thinking about how to get that valuable information back.

Sometimes this can happen even in processes that seem most innocent, such as losing Chrome history after updating or restarting Google Chrome on our mobile or PC. Also, you can use a built-in Windows tool or a Google Chrome tool to recover your history.

However, before going into the topic of recovering the history, it is convenient to know how to delete it. Clearing the browsing history in Chrome is something that we can all do; In this sense, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how we can do it.

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  1. Clear browsing history in Chrome
    1. How to clear history in Google Chrome
  2. Retrieve browsing history
  3. Method One: Use Your DNS Cache to Retrieve Chrome Browsing History
  4. Method Two: Restore Chrome Browsing History From Google History
  5. Recover history in Google
  6. Recovering deleted browsing history

Clear browsing history in Chrome

Deleting the browsing history in Chrome is very simple, it is even a task that we must perform with some frequency to clear disk space and speed up the operation of the browser.

However, there are times when we mistakenly delete this information and want to recover deleted history and pages that we have previously visited.

How to clear history in Google Chrome

Before we start to recover the information from the browser, we will see how to delete this data. You have to access the Google Chrome menu and select the More tools option.

There is an option that says Delete browsing history , when we select it a dialog box appears where we can select different data that we can delete and that are stored as we navigate.

From user accounts to browsing history or passwords saved in each active session. Once you have chosen the data you want to delete, we confirm the action of Delete browsing data and that’s it.

Retrieve browsing history

Obviously, every time we browse the Internet , everything we visit is registered in our browser, so if we want to access that same content quickly and easily, we can do so.

For those people who have been using computers for a long time, they already have it quite clear, everything we delete from our PC is not permanently deleted, so it can always be recovered, even the browsing history.

The reason you have for wanting to recover your browsing history can be anything, but we will focus on teaching you how to do it in a simple and fast way.

How to Recover Google Chrome Deleted History?

Method One: Use Your DNS Cache to Retrieve Chrome Browsing History

Keep your computer connected to the Internet and do not shut down or restart your computer after losing your Chrome history.

  • Press Windows + R, type cmd and click OK.
  • You can also type cmd in the Windows search bar.
  • Open a command prompt, type ipcongif or displaydns, and click Enter.
  • Once you complete this, all your recently visited websites will be displayed.
  • You can see all your recent browsing history in Chrome.
  • Copy and paste important websites into Chrome, where they will be saved once again.
  • This solution will only show your recent browsing activityand will not be able to retrieve your entire Chrome history, unlike the next two solutions.

Method Two: Restore Chrome Browsing History From Google History

If you have a Google account, whenever you lose your Chrome browsing files or bookmarks, you can get them back through Google history.

Google history will reset all your browsing history , including bookmarks, which is stored in your Google account.

  • Search Google history > Click on ” Welcome to my activity – Google“.
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Then all your browser/internet history files will be displayed along with the date/time.
  • Review your history as needed.

How to Avoid Losing Your Data Again?

To avoid unexpectedly losing your Chrome browser files again, back up your Chrome history manually:

  • Press Win + Rto open the Run dialog, type: % LocalAppData % and press Enter.
  • Go to the path: Google Chrome UserData Default and locate the Bookmarks or History file in the folder.
  • Copy the Bookmarks or History file folder to another hard drive or storage for backup.
  • If you lose your history or bookmarks in the future, you can copy the backup files to the folder you previously opened.
  • Back up frequently to keep a recent restore point.

When browsing the Internet, our computer or tablet automatically saves information. This is usually to have faster access to certain websites , being able to select pages from our history and thus directly open a specific site that we have previously visited.

Recover history in Google

We now move on to the second procedure. In case you have deleted your browsing history by mistake, there are chances to recover it. It is very important to act quickly to prevent deleted data from being written.

A good way to avoid problems with accidentally deleting history in Google is to save the system state regularly . In Windows you can use the System Restore function to return the state of the browser and the operating system in general to a previously saved configuration.

To recover Internet history in our browser we are going to go to the Start option – Computer and in the upper bar we will select the System Properties option .

A window opens with all the basic information about the computer, being able to find the System Protection option in the left bar. With this tool we can create a recovery point to return to at any time in case we have mistakenly deleted some important data.

If we want to restore the state of our system to that of an hour before, we only need to have created the corresponding restore point.

When we click on System Protection, the Create option appears , that’s where we have to click to obtain a reference point to restore our system. This must be done before accidental deletion, it is important to do it regularly to avoid accidents.

In the next window a box appears where the system asks what data we want to recover . There we can select the history of a specific date and time and once the system loads the restore point we will have recovered the browsing history we had on our computer.

Quick, easy and useful to ensure that you can continue browsing your favorite pages by learning how to recover deleted history in the browser.



Recovering deleted browsing history

The best way to recover history is in a nutshell by doing a system restore . The way to do it is quite simple and we should only go to Start, after this we go to Programs, and then finish in Accessories, once here we click on System Tools and to finish in System Restore .

Then we have another possibility to recover the history, although obviously it becomes more complicated, it is using the log files . The process we must warn can put several things at risk, so take it into consideration.

First of all we must go to Start, and then in Settings look for the Control Panel, now we go to the folder options part and put view.

In advanced settings we are going to put so that you can see all the hidden files and folders that is disabled by default. At the same time we have to deactivate the option that says ” hide protected operating system files ” so now we will be able to find the history.

We simply have to go to My computer or My computer. After this in the search bar we are going to have to write “ index.dat ” now you must identify the browser search history file, and then you should simply restore it .

As you can see, it is possible to recover within everything in a quite simple way what would be the browsing history. Just like almost everything in Windows it is possible to recover it once deleted , even the files that we even deleted from the recycle bin are still recoverable

To give you an idea that nothing really ends up being 100% eliminated in the Microsoft operating system. Any questions you have leave it in the comments.

Have you been able to recover the deleted history of the Google Chrome browser thanks to this step by step?





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