How to prevent third parties from using your PC with Windows 11

Dynamic Lock was one of the new features that Microsoft added to Windows 11 and allows you to automatically lock a computer using a smartphone. In short, prevent third parties from using your PC .

This feature isn’t too well known, but it can be useful in certain situations to prevent anyone from using your PC when you’re not at your desk. All you have to do is pair an Android device with your PC via Bluetooth and complete the setup to get it working.

How to prevent the use of a PC with Windows 11

This dynamic lock works by determining the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) value of a Bluetooth paired device such as a smartphone. If the paired device moves away from the device (out of range), Windows 11 will detect it and lock the system.

In order to use this dynamic lock you must pair an Android device with your PC. In theory, it could also work with an iPhone, but tests haven’t shown it to be as reliable. We tell you how the process is carried out.

Pair your Android mobile with your PC

  • Activate the Bluetooth connection on the smartphone and on the PC.
  • On the PC, go to the general Settings tool > Bluetooth and devices.
  • Click on add device.
  • Add your smartphone, “S21 de Jr” in the example.
  • In a few seconds you should be connected.

Configure dynamic lock

  • Go to PC Settings, Accounts section.
  • Click Sign-in Options and scroll down to Dynamic Lock.
  • Expand the section and check the box “Allow Windows to lock your device automatically when you’re away”.
  • Windows 11 will show your Android phone as the paired device. Close the settings. All ready.

Once activated and to test this function, take your smartphone out of Bluetooth range and you will see how your PC automatically locks itself . When you return, the mobile will be paired with the PC again, you can log in and continue working.

It works correctly, although it may take a while to block the PC once it is not connected to the mobile (about 30 seconds). Obviously, it cannot be the preferred method of choice for secure logins, since biometric authentication systems with Windows Hello (fingerprint scanners or cameras) are faster and more secure.

However, Dynamic Lock is a useful security feature for those users or workers who often forget to lock the PC when they get up from their desk and leave the office where the personal computer is. There are other blocking methods, but this one does not work badly, it is automatic, it can be started simply with a mobile phone and it depends on it, so it will be really difficult for a third party to access your computer without your consent.




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