How to play Pokémon Moon on Android?

The Pokémon games have given us a variety of diversions and entertainment that only true fans can enjoy, and that is that the Nintendo 3DS platform has not yet released anything new, but it has announced that it will release some updates to this game.

Pokémon sun and Pokémon Moon will have a very good variety both in graphics and in fun and it is that each chapter of these is more exciting as we get deeper into the game.

We all know by now that the famous RPG-style Pokémon games are not going to come out of Nintendo laptops, that is why we have looked for alternatives to be able to install this on Android.

We have had several installments over time of games of this style, all RPGs where we live a great adventure.

On this occasion, Nintendo has promised to bring us a new version of the game from this wonderful world, it is Pokémon Moon. 

This will be released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS platform. But do not despair, to play it is not necessary to have this console, I will show you how you can play Pokémon Moon on Android .

If you’ve been a fan of Pokémon since you first saw the series on TV, chances are you’ve already played several, if not all, of the Pokémon games Nintendo has released over the years.

So you can not afford to stop playing this new installment. If you can’t or simply don’t want to buy a Nintendo 3DS, don’t worry, it’s enough that you have a Smartphone that works with the Android operating system.

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What is Pokemon Moon?

A few months ago Nintendo and The Pokémon Company announced a new installment of their fantastic franchise. As well as the first deliveries of Pokémon Blue and Red , Pokémon Moon we will be able to acquire it at the end of the year.

As in the previous ones, in this version we must capture all the pokemons, train them and make them evolve into their most powerful form and thus participate in the funniest pokemon fights.

There will also be a Sun version available, which will be available at the same time as the Moon version . Both versions will feature new pokemon, characters and gyms like no other.

How to play Pokémon Moon on Android?

Well, so far it is known that this new installment will be available from November 18 in Japan. We also know that it will only be available for the Nintendo 3DS and it is highly unlikely that this game will be available for other platforms.

Well, we already know that this game will be available for the Nintendo 3DS. So, we can be sure that we can play it on our Android device , of course, through an emulator.

This emulator can be obtained through the Google Play Store. Here you can count on many applications , among which are emulators for different platforms, including the 3DS.

Steps to download 3DS emulator on Android:

Well, now you know the big secret to be able to play Pokémon Moon on Android , now let’s put the plan into action. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. First we go to the Google Play store.
  2. In the search engine we write “emulator for 3DS”, with this a long list of emulators to choose from will appear. You must evaluate them according to the number of downloads and score to choose the bestone, personally I would recommend the Snes9x EX +emulator . You can download it on your Android device through the Play Store
  3. You press the install button and wait for it to automatically download and install.
  4. And finally, you click to search for the game, download it, of course once it’s made available, because until now it hasn’t been possible.

And once this is done, will I be able to play Pokémon Moon on Android?

No, you can’t play Pokémon Moon on Android yet  So far you have only accomplished the most important part, which is turning your Android device into a Nintendo 3DS. You still have to wait 3 months until the official release of the game.

It is that without a doubt, who among us would not be fascinated to see a game of this class and much broader , well but well Japanese sandbox style, but on desktop consoles, dreaming is free and good. There is nothing wrong, right? ?

As we have already told you, there are many options to be able to enjoy the different versions of Pokémon, of course through the Nintendo 3DS console, but if you don’t feel like it or don’t want to buy a 3DS and want to enjoy the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Moon game on your computer, then let’s thank the citra emulator because you can make it possible.

Emulators are incredibly popular since they  allow you to enjoy a wide variety of applications and games on your computer, in case you do not have the original platform, because as we already know there are currently a variety of emulators that can help you install games and applications on the pc, of which we can name BlueStacks and Citra.

Play Pokemon Moon for PC

It must be taken into account that the subject of emulators has been around for a long time, without going too far we have emulators for almost all consoles, as for the older ones we have them for all of them, even for Wii.

For the only ones that currently do not exist, it is for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the new generation ones such as PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

All previous games have been successfully emulated and it is not surprising that it was the turn of Nintendo’s latest handheld console , the 3DS.

Citra is a young emulator within everything but it is already emulating commercial games as if nothing, obviously here we will be able to give you the direct download link but we anticipate that it is under construction, and it is better to wait because you can get it once finish it in the Play Store.

3DS emulator for PC

The 3DS emulator is simply great, it will allow us to enjoy a huge number of high-quality titles that had been released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS . You can get this emulator that is very dynamic, practical and is only for PC.

3DS emulator for Android

For Android users, don’t worry, you can also play these games on your mobile by downloading the Ultimate x3DSx application or the emulator of your choice from the Play Store, totally free.

But before…

In my personal case, I did try the Xbox360 emulator for Android , something totally different but worth mentioning how practical these tools are on our computer or mobile as the case may be. But I did have the opportunity to try the Citra emulator with the game mentioned in the post.

The truth is that I have a PC that has an FX 8350 4.0 Ghz processor, with 12 GB of RAM and a GTX 970 video card and it works quite well for me, it can be played, although obviously from time to time there are significant FPS drops, but within everything it is quite playable and ends up hooking you .

Surely as the days, weeks or months go by we will see much better versions, since they are still working on the emulator and release new versions considerably often.




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