How to play Pokémon Go without internet

One of the fundamental requirements to be able to play Pokémon Go is to have a good and stable Internet connection, either through mobile data or through a Wi-Fi connection. Why? This is because it is necessary to connect to the Niantic and Pokémon Go servers, but would it be possible to play Pokémon Go without internet ?

Many users say that it is possible to play Pokémon Go without the need to be connected to the Internet, but it is somewhat complicated, since the coordinates of the pokemons are directed by the Niantic servers, so an Internet connection is necessary. . But an alternative to this is to download and play the offline maps of your city, it is an excellent way to have a more fluid game and save some battery life on your mobile.

Play Pokémon Go WITHOUT Internet, Is this Possible?

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  1. play pokemon go offline
    1. What are the companies that allow you to play Pokémon Go for free?
  2. Download Google maps for offline use

play pokemon go offline

The truth is that playing Pokémon Go without the Internet is a bit impossible due to the simple fact that you would be unable to establish direct communication with the game servers . But in Chile there are some alternatives to avoid having to spend some extra mobile data to your data plan that you can use, you can even play without having access to a Wi-Fi network . But how to play without having access to the Internet?

In Chile you have two excellent cell phone companies that provide free Pokémon Go to all users who are part of one of these companies with a prepaid mobile. This works in the following way: by having a prepaid SIMCard you can access the game for free without spending additional mobile data. It is a perfect solution for players who do not have a data plan or for all those fans of this great game who do not want to spend mobile data playing.

What are the companies that allow you to play Pokémon Go for free?

Entel has this promotion associated with all prepaid mobiles, they only have to recharge their mobile with a minimum recharge and they will be able to access social networks for free and Pokémon Go . It is a great option for all users who do not want to spend money on mobile data packages in order to play this amazing and revolutionary game.

On the other hand, we have Movistar, who has a campaign where it gives the possibility of charging a balance from $2500 Chilean pesos to the mobile and you will be able to access all social networks and Pokémon Go for free. A very good option for users of this great game who do not want to spend mobile data playing Pokémon Go .

Although it is not possible to play Pokémon Go without the Internet , it is possible to play it without spending any money or mobile data from your plan, you just have to be affiliated as a prepaid line user to one of these two large companies and you will be able to play this wonderful game completely free of charge.

We cannot deny that Pokémon Go is crazy and has us all completely trapped. It is possibly the closest thing we are going to have for now to fulfilling that kind of “fantasy” of becoming Pokémon trainers , especially for those of us who watched the first season when we were young and who, despite the years, still follow this Pokémon madness for At least in video games.

But, at least for those who don’t have a phablet with a huge battery, us mere mortals with Smartphones have to battle with it so it can last a full day. So when it comes to Pokémon Go using GPS and mobile data , as we’ve all experienced before, the battery dies quickly and the data is consumed as fast as we would consume a good lasagna.

No matter how much we use the battery saving mode, no matter how much we lower the brightness of the screen (it is quite difficult to play outside without maximum brightness) and no matter how much we close other apps and do what we do, we continue to consume data and battery at the crazy. Although it is also possible to use tricks to save data.

But there is a way that you can play Pokémon Go as long as you want, making the device’s battery last longer and at the same time, consuming the minimum in terms of mobile data , in this way the bills at the end of the month will not scare you as much as when your girlfriend tells you that your mother-in-law is going to stay at home for a weekend.

Download Google maps for offline use

So in order to use Google Maps offline in your city , you will have to follow the following steps, don’t worry, they are actually quite easy.

  • First of all, I opened the Google Maps application
  • Once you have the app open you should go to the settings part, in a few words to the menu on the left with all the options.
  • Now you must click on where it says ” Offline Areas” or ” Offline Zones “.
  • Once on this screen, notice that you have a “+” sign at the bottom right, click there.
  • Now you will be given the option to download the area of ​​your city or if you want to mark a specific area you can draw a box on the map and it will download that area. For example, if you are going on a trip, you must also download the city and the route where you will go.
  • To finish you just have to click on “Download”.

Keep in mind that you download a small portion of everything that is Google Maps , obviously. For most of us mortals who don’t travel too often, downloading the city map becomes quite useful not only for Pokémon Go but for other tasks, remember to have enough space on your mobile device, which may require between 150-250 MB by city or town downloaded.





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