How to make your night vision goggles

The use of night vision goggles has become commonplace in different professions and activities such as hunting or accompanying military equipment.

For this reason, it is essential to learn to do for those with imagination and dexterity and to use night vision goggles.

Just as there are people who like to have fun with extreme sports like Bici-Cross and they like to use cameras to record their feats.

There are people who can have a lot of fun with night vision, both for children and for the young at heart and you wonder can I make a night vision goggles ? If so, then here we will guide you through the process.

How to Make Homemade Night Vision Goggles

Here we will easily show you how to learn how to build and use these items without any problems . In addition, we are going to mention why it is important to have these types of tools. If you want to know about this and much more, do not hesitate to continue reading this article.

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  1. What are night vision goggles?
  2. How to make your night vision goggles step by step
  3. How do night vision goggles work?
    1. Better materials for an IR pass filter
  4. How to use night vision goggles?
    1. turn on night vision goggles
    2. Select location area
    3. Blend into the environment
    4. Analyze the environment

What are night vision goggles?

They are simply objects that allow you to see in the dark in a better way . All this works through the light intensifier that is reflected on the glasses, allowing your vision to be much better than normal.

Night vision goggles are used in multiple professions where it is necessary to see perfectly in the dark.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to use them in case you require them in your day to day; As an example we could give you, the need to take a photo in the dark, or in low light , the glasses are not going to help us, of course, but it is a great example.

For one, we’ll start with homemade glasses that are probably good enough for running at night, shooting paintballs and having a good time, or for kids playing in the backyard at night.

They also make an interesting home science project that may surprise you with the results. However, you may need night vision goggles for a serious purpose.

How to make your night vision goggles step by step

  • Buy blue or red theatrical gels and a pair of welding goggles with removable lenses, plus a cheap infrared flashlight.
  • For the tools, you’ll need a hobby knife or multi-tool, glue, and a pinch of luck.
  • You can make your own infrared flashlight with eight to twelve high-intensity infrared LEDs. For this, you will also need two 3 volt coin batteries.
  • Some thin electrical wire, superglue, and a soldering iron.
  • Cut two pieces of each colored gel to cover each of the welding goggle lenses.
  • Since the lenses must be removable, you can use them as a template for shape and size.
  • Glue (outer edge only) the red gel lenses to the outside of the solder glass lenses, and then glue the blue gel to the inside surface.
  • Try to line them up as exactly as you can to filter out all the light.
  • Replace the lenses in the frame of the welding goggles.
  • If you’re making your own IR flashlight, now glue the LEDs to the outer edges of the frames, pointing outward to illuminate the objects you’re looking at.
  • Stick the batteries to the earmuffs of the glassesor wherever it’s convenient and connect the LEDs.
  • If you have the technical know-how, add a switch that allows you to turn them on and offwith limiting resistor.
  • If the image is dim and weak, add another layer of red gel to the outside, more blue gel to the inside, and additional LEDs.

How do night vision goggles work?

The key component is a dash cam also known as a micro cam or spy cam . To be clear, I mean a “low lux” black and white camera (able to work in very low light, 0.5 lux is good).Z, not an app where you can take photos with your phone turned off.

Also known as a monochrome camera . These cameras differ from the color range in that they do not have an IR blocking filter on the lens. You can probably guess that this is important.

Because that is precisely the light we want to see in the dark . Also, the monochrome type has a very basic 3-wire connection and can be found for as little as $10. My favorite online provider is .

The 3-wire cable is easy as 2 cables are used for 12 volt DC power and the last one is used as a composite video output that connects directly to a camcorder for video recording or recording.

This configuration alone is capable of producing a clear and removable IR image . A simple test is to point at any remote you have at home that is labeled infrared.

It will pulse into your camera. Infrared light is simply a halogen bulb flashlight found anywhere for a few dollars.

A halogen bulb would be optimal because it produces the most infrared in white light, but an incandescent bulb flashlight will work almost as well and has the advantage of not getting as hot.

Better materials for an IR pass filter

  • 25-inch floppy disk .

The actual plastic disc inside the square cover.

  • 5-inch floppy disk .

Same as above, only the larger 5.25-inch one is more practical for cutting out shapes.

  • Used cellulose film (developed).

Take a blank photo (no flash) in a dark room for this. And it usually takes multiple coats for best results.

In turn, night vision goggles can be used as a means of entertainment in activities such as paintball or night wars. Therefore, it is essential to know how these tools work.

How to Use Night Vision Goggles

How to use night vision goggles?

Using these glasses is very simple, in a matter of seconds you will already know how to use them in your daily life. Just follow the steps that we will indicate below so that you can start using these glasses that are so famous and used in multiple professions.

turn on night vision goggles

In this step, you only have to turn on your night vision goggles and all kinds of accessories that they include, such as binoculars. Make sure you have turned it on correctly.

Select location area

To test your night vision goggles, you will need to be in an area where you can find a target to look at in the dark . In this way, get somewhere to be able to put these famous objects into practice.

Blend into the environment

Once you find a place to observe your target, you must camouflage yourself, that is, hide yourself so that the other person or your objective does not see you. You can hide in the bushes or lie on the ground.

Analyze the environment

You will also need to check the environment to make sure your glasses are working properly . Check all the places and make sure you can see every corner without any problem.

This way, you will have already learned how to use your night vision goggles . You just have to make sure to follow these steps every time you use them again. It is not very difficult to use these tools.

The glasses will give you a great advantage and wide vision at night , which is why they are excellent for outdoor activities or for work in the dark.

Remember that night vision goggles have other tools such as binoculars and even lighting if you have one, which is why it is an essential product for nighttime and outdoor activities . Therefore, do not hesitate to buy them and have them in your collection.






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