How to make Siri pronounce the name of whoever is calling us

Voice assistants have become useful companions for managing and using the smartphone through voice commands. Google Assistant , Amazon Alexa , Siri and Cortana , are the best known, and over the years they have gradually become more and more Smart and full of unique features and above all designed to simplify users’ lives. As already mentioned, among the best known and most used voice assistants we find Siri, the Apple home assistant. In this article we will show you how to make Siri say the name of whoever is calling us .

Have Siri pronounce the name of the caller

To enable this nice feature also on your iPhone you simply have to follow the next steps:

  • open the Settings of your iPhone and go to the Siri and search tab ;
  • at this point you will have to go to the Read call name item ;
  • to conclude you will have to select the word Always .




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