How to locate, find or block a stolen, lost or turned off Samsung mobile

Currently mobile phones are everywhere, we all have, even if it is a mobile phone at our disposal . There are even people who, due to work issues, must be with two mobile devices.

How to Locate, Find or Block a Stolen, Lost or Turned Off Samsung Mobile

But we cannot also deny that crime is growing more and more, this is something that cannot be 100% avoided and although we have all been victims of an assault on some occasion, whether we like it or not, it is important learn what measures we can take in the event that this happens to us and that I commented on previously.

The problem is that in terms of security it seems that the situation is getting worse in all countries of the world, obviously in some more than in others, but it is always advisable to know a little about how our mobile phone could be located in a few simple steps. and in the hypothetical case that it was stolen or even that you lost it.

Unfortunately, it can happen to all of us that our cell phones are stolen or that we even lose it. But in case you don’t know how to track a stolen cell phone, don’t worry because below, you will find several methods to locate your Android cell phone in a matter of minutes.

In this article I want to teach you how to locate a mobile phone that has been stolen or that you may have even lost, through recommendations and simple steps.

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How to easily recover my lost or stolen Samsung device

If Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world, in the same way we have to emphasize that most of the equipment that is sold using this environment belongs to the Korean Samsung . Of course, although none of us wants it that way, we can sometimes find ourselves unlucky enough to lose our Samsung or have it stolen, although there are always alternatives at hand.

The truth is that if we take some prior precautions, and we add a few steps after the moment in which we have lost sight of our Samsung mobile, we can get it back with some luck . For this reason, all those who have been consulting us about how to locate a Samsung mobile must know that we will teach them what to do in these situations below.

Of course, before we can explain how to recover your Samsung smartphone, you have to know in the same way that, for example, it is always convenient to have the device with a pattern lock to avoid possible problems . Adding an unlock pattern is not complicated at all, there are some more difficult unlock patterns to perform, but with this we can also guarantee that your device will be more than safe.

It is also one of the easiest things that we can do and do directly from the Settings section, followed by Security of our smartphone quickly and easily and we will find the various options that it offers us, where it can be pattern, password or pin. Either way, the important thing is to have it safe.


If you have taken into account everything mentioned so far, we believe that in the same way you should consider that all Androids have a complementary application, Android Device Manager, very useful for these cases . It has been developed to remotely locate our terminal if we lose it, either block it or cancel it, so that the person who found it can’t do anything with it.

Android Device Manager can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on your Android device and in addition to teaching you how to configure it on your mobile device, we have to highlight that it is compatible with most Samsung devices.

Once Android Device Manager is installed , we go to Settings> Security> Device administrators , and activate the check box that allows this app to have direct access to the configuration of our mobile, in this case Samsung.

And if you really suspect that even though you have lost the terminal it is somewhere at home, you have to know that this tool is equally useful, to the extent that it will make the phone vibrate and make sounds, even if we have left it silent. , so it is an excellent option for those people who simply tend to lose their smartphone anywhere and want to avoid this inconvenience.

If at the time of the loss or theft of the smartphone the system in question was active, we can track the location of our mobile from the login of our Google account . And if some time has passed and you think that it is completely impossible to recover the device, you can always easily block it, just by taking advantage of the Block tool that appears right there.

Alternatives available to recover lost cell phone


What we are going to use to locate our mobile device is an application called Android Device Manager or Android Device Manager , which, as you may be imagining, comes on all Android devices regardless of the model or brand of it.

Although obviously to be able to use this function it is necessary that we have an active Gmail account, which is why it is so important when configuring the mobile phone to use a real account and not one simply to have the Play Store.

The only thing you need to have on your mobile is your Gmail account logged in , generally we are always logged in anyway, but otherwise you can have an account in Samsung Account on Samsung phones and that’s it, in this way we can locate the mobile phone by GPS. The easiest method of all is by going to the official Google Android Find site .

You will need to enter your Gmail account details to start registering your mobile device. Google systems should give you the current location of your cell phone. If the option that says “ Last connection right now ” appears, it means that the location is in real time. You must take into account that messages may appear that say “Last seen”, “Last connection”, “Device not available” , “Error accessing the device”.

In the event that the messages that I mentioned above appear, then it is possible that the device does not have a connection or that it was simply turned off completely, which could cause it to take a little longer to locate it. For this we are going to have to use a computer and through Device Manager , we are going to log in, once we enter there we will be able to locate it by satellite.

Keep in mind that in order to be able to locate your phone , it has to have GPS activated , otherwise the only thing we can basically do is delete the data from our phone or make it ring, what you can even do is lock it with a password to prevent it from being erased unless the thief knows how to do a hard reset through Recovery.

It is a good option in case you lose your mobile phone or someone steals it, obviously one does not always have the GPS on all the time , but it is not a bad idea either. The truth is that you have to be cautious when we go out on the street because you never know exactly when you are going to find yourself in a situation of this kind where you just end up losing your device in the hands of a living evil.

Also remember that the Gmail account is very important on Android devices , as you will see, the account you used on the mobile is the same that you must use on the computer when you want to locate the phone, otherwise it will not work.

How to completely block your phone if it was stolen or lost

Within everything and unfortunately it is very difficult to definitively block the phone in question, as it can also be to locate it in case everything is deleted, so in case of theft it is a matter of having a bit of luck also to be able to find it .

Now in case you need to block the mobile  and I delete everything or simply turn off the device and the chances of recovering it are very few, then it can be so that they cannot use it because whoever stole it or has it did a hard reset and block it for IMEI, in this way you will not be able to use it with any company because the IMEI in question becomes a blacklist of all companies.

The issue is that it is not 100% effective either because we know how we talked on other occasions that there are ways to change the IMEI of the mobile phone, in addition to the fact that on many occasions if you go to a mobile phone technical service business when they want to release the device you can change the IMEI easily, with the BOX to release devices changing an IMEI is a matter of a few seconds , it takes longer to connect the phone than to change the IMEI in question, so imagine.

In another case, if you have lost it, then it will not be too difficult for you to find it since you can possibly use the Gmail account or the Samsung Account as we mentioned before, without any kind of problem and without fear of anyone deleting anything, but as always If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

Final recommendations on mobile device theft

There are many applications to be able to track your cell phone, obviously the ones I mentioned before are somewhat simple in the sense that they are free and not very complex compared to others. Since in the event that the mobile does not have internet or is turned off, they will not be able to track anything at all. The good thing is that there are more complete applications that can somehow make up for these drawbacks.

In case your device is a Samsung, you can opt for the official option of the company such as Find My Mobile . In order to make use of this incredible Samsung function, it is necessary to have a Samsung account, which you should register with the cell phone.

In the case of Apple devices, we also have a very interesting and effective option, from iCloud where you can easily locate your iPhone , entering the ” Find my iPhone” section and follow the steps indicated there.

There are applications that thanks to SMS you can locate your mobile without having to have internet, in addition to being able to block the turning off of the phone. You can even take a photo of the person holding the device at the time.

Quite good applications such as: Cerberus Anti Robo , Wheres my Droid , Avast Anti Theft and Lookout fulfill this purpose very well and can be very useful to find your cell phone.

The only bad thing about these applications is that they usually require a payment to be able to use all the functions of the app in question, in addition to the fact that, as you may be imagining, it is essential to have them installed on the mobile device before it is stolen or lost . , so in case you no longer have your cell phone, you have no choice but to try the first options that we mentioned above.

Let us know through a comment, if all these tips have been useful to you in the search for your device and tell us. Have you been able to find your lost Samsung with this step by step?





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