How to know the number of my chip or cell phone in Movista

It may happen that you have a chip or a new SIM and you do not remember your number, perhaps you do not want to bother anyone asking them to send it to you or perhaps nobody has it yet, it may happen that we write it down somewhere where we think it will not go away lose and indeed we lost it. Learn how to register and activate the chip, SIM or prepaid number of a Movistar line.

It may even be that this chip has been saved for a while and you want to use it again, but if you don’t know its number, how do you use it? Whatever the reason, if you want to see how to know the number of a Movistar chip , then you came to the right article because I want to teach you exactly this below.

How to know the number of a Movistar chip

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  1. Know the Movistar chip number step by step
  2. Do you want to know your cell phone number?
  3. How to know my Movistar number in these countries?

Know the Movistar chip number step by step

The best of all is that it is quite easy to find out and I can assure you that it will not take you more than a few seconds to find out what the number of that Movistar chip is, without having to spend a single penny and the best of Everything is that without having to depend on absolutely anyone, you can do it at home while you are reading this article and possibly finish before carrying out the process that I will comment on below than getting up from the chair after reading how it works, it is that easy be.

The truth is that doing it is not difficult at all and in a matter of a few seconds you will get the number, follow the steps to the letter as I will comment below.

  • The first thing you will have to do is enter the chip in a mobile phone that is working.
  • Now you will have to send an SMS to 321,you don’t need to write anything specific, put anything.
  • You will have to wait a few minutes and you will receive a response message where you will actually be able to see your number.

I imagine you’re thinking, is it done? That is all? Yes, the truth is that there is not much more science behind all this, it is a matter of sending the SMS and waiting. In addition, for sending that SMS you are not charged a penny so you don’t even need to have credit on that chip to make this method work and in this simple way you will be able to know the Movistar chip number .

Do you want to know your cell phone number?

You have to know then that as curious as it may seem, there are many people who after a while simply forget their phone number , or when they are suddenly consulted by it, they cannot remember it even though they did know it before. No problem. If this is your case, this tutorial will be of enormous help.

Although of course this step by step can be awarded to practically any operating company in the world, in this particular case we want to talk about what happens, did you know that hiring a Movistar   is extremely easy, discover with Movistar, one of the main companies in the segment from Southamerica.

For this reason, if you continue reading this article, you will find the step by step to know your Movistar number in an easy and simple way if you are in countries such as Argentina, Nicaragua, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Uruguay or Venezuela. If you want to find out your line number, just keep reading.

How to know my Movistar number in these countries?

If we have told you before that we are going to teach you how to find your Movistar line number in the aforementioned countries, then we are going to show you the details related to one by one in particular, since many times there are differences with respect to each territory:

  • Mexico: dial *102# on your mobile and choose option 4
  • Argentina: send an SMS to 321
  • Peru: call *128#
  • Nicaragua: send an SMS to 2266
  • Colombia: call *#61#
  • Chile: call *#62#
  • Venezuela: call *#62#
  • Uruguay: call customer service
  • Guatemala: call *686#
  • Panama: call *235# or *128#
  • Ecuador: send an SMS to 600

Well, now you know what the code is to know your Movistar number in most Latin American countries, which can be useful whenever you have forgotten your phone number and need it for a particular reason.

A detail that you should not lose sight of in this type of situation is related to the fact that these calls and messages are normally free, at least until now, although we always have to think that companies can change their opinion in this regard, and that these consultations become paid. For this reason, it is convenient that you always try to inform yourself about the conditions that exist in this regard in each territory.

Have you been able to find out your Movistar number with this step by step? You can also see how to know my cell phone number in Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and other phone companies. In which other country would you like to learn how to do it? As always, any kind of doubt you have, you can use the comments section to leave it to us. In the same way you can configure the Movistar APN to Have Free Internet





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