How to know the last connection time of a contact in WhatsApp

Many will still remember the huge controversy that arose some time ago when WhatsApp launched the option of being able to know the last WhatsApp contact connection , basically for others to see. Soon after, the developers of WhatsApp had to backtrack, and announced that this option to show the last connection time could be activated or deactivated by each client.

How to Know the Last Connection Time of a Contact in WhatsApp -Complete Tutorial

Since then, many WhatsApp users choose to keep the information about our last connection time hidden or freeze said information , to prevent others from knowing when we have been chatting.

However, as always, the developers make their way trying to solve the doubts of the users, in this case, of those who anyway want to know the last time someone was connected to WhatsApp .

Thus, after this preamble, we find the point of interest of the article, the presentation of an application that will allow us to know the last WhatsApp connection time even if it is hidden. This App is called WhatsDog, and we can download it from the Uptodown page .

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  1. How to know the last connection time in WhatsApp of a contact?
  2. WhatzSeen: Another app to see the last connection

How to know the last connection time in WhatsApp of a contact?

Once you have downloaded WhatsDog, the next step will be to access the application. Within which you will see that the system asks you to register, and accept all the conditions that they mention to work. Then, you will see that a list appears within which we can basically add anyone whose last connection time we want to know, using their phone number, including the country code.

Then you will see that when you select one of those people, a kind of calendar appears on the scene, whose presence is obviously not accidental, but is the way in which the app arranges the person’s activity . In this way, if we intend to investigate and find out the last connection of a contact in WhatsApp, we will have it quite simple, since we are indicated the time and everything of the last connection of the person.

Not only that, but the application then adds some additional information , such as if the person in question is addicted to WhatsApp, that is, if they spend more time than they should waiting for the messenger. And finally, WhatsDog also has a section in which some of the general configurations of the application are analyzed, in order to make the most of it as you like.

WhatzSeen: Another app to see the last connection

Apart from the already named WhatsDog, there is also an application called WhatzSeen . This tool is very similar to the previous one, but it is an alternative in case WhatsDog fails. This application is what the person needs to identify the last connection of their contacts, in the event that they have this option activated.

This app is downloaded in Android Application Package (APK) format since it is not available in the Google Play Store or App Store. You need to enable the installation of apps from unknown media on your Android first. After installing it, you must give it all the permissions requested by applications that do not come within the official Android and iOS stores, for its operation.

As soon as you open the application for the first time, it will ask you to enter the name of the contact from whom you want to receive notifications each time they connect.

Once entered, WhatzSeen will start monitoring and whenever that person  connects or disconnects it will send you a notification. So it will not be enough for these users to go unnoticed, even if they know the trick of viewing messages on WhatsApp without having to open them, we will be able to know the last connection of said contact on WhatsApp.

Apart from receiving WhatsApp notifications when someone is online , a record of the use that your contact makes of the application will be kept. Thanks to it you will be able to see at all times the hours in which you have been connected, how long and other information about your contact.

From the main screen of the application you will be able to see a list of the accounts that you are following and also activate or deactivate the monitoring of each one. Thus, if at any time you no longer need to receive connection notifications from a certain person, you can easily stop them.





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