How to know if there is an intruder in my Wifi network

Unfortunately, there are more and more applications that allow us to hack other people’s WiFi networks , and even if we use them in a noble way, without trying to take advantage of them with bad intentions, we run the risk that someone else wants to take advantage of our connection.

For this reason, we are going to show you below a series of applications that will allow you to detect intruders in your WiFi network from your mobile. You should know if the Wi-Fi network is secure .

How to Know if there is an Intruder in my Wifi network – The Best Application to Detect and Eliminate Intruders

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  1. The best apps to detect intruders on my WiFi
  2. How to know who is connected to my WiFi
  3. Check who is connected on your network

The best apps to detect intruders on my WiFi

Fing (iOS/Android)

So we start with Fing , an app that, as you can see, is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, and that is one of the fastest and most effective when it comes to detecting intruders who want to use our WiFi network.

In addition to telling you who is connected to your network, it will also provide you with additional information such as the IP address or Mac address of the devices that are stealing your connection.

iNet (iOS/Android)

Another excellent application that you can use on both iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Although it has a paid version that is the only complete one, we must not lose sight of the fact that the free version has enough initial functions. Again, it shows us the equipment connected to our WiFi network, regardless of whether we are talking about computers or routers .

Wi-Fi Inspector (Android)

In this case we stop at an application only available for Android mobile devices. About it we must say that it is capable of showing us enough information about these intruding terminals such as their IP or Mac address , in addition to the connection speed that they are enjoying and are stealing from you, others.

Netty (iOS)

And since we are going to end up with two applications that only work on Apple’s operating system, we must say that the first one is Netty, an app that is responsible, as always, for showing us a list of devices connected to our network. Then we will also have access to information such as the IP or Mac address, as well as the manufacturer of the intruding device, its  DNS server , the Internet provider in question and other data.

Network Analyzer Lite (iOS)

And we end up directly with Network Analyzer Lite , a service that also works only on iPhone or iPad, and which also stands out because it is one of the easiest to manipulate within its segment. Nor should we lose sight of the fact that it is capable of pinging foreign IP addresses to show us information about these devices.

Do you think there are intruders stealing your WiFi connection? You have to know that luckily there are applications that have been specially developed to give us a hand in this type of case, and that is why in this article we want to give you some details about it that we are sure will be of help so that no one else bother you in this way.

If you want to discover intruders in your network with the application Who Uses my WiFi?, keep reading.

How to know who is connected to my WiFi

As we said, although WiFi networks can be covered with a password, the truth is that it is convenient to have specific applications that scan the particular network, in order to tell us if someone steals our signal, and in that case, who is doing it .

The interesting thing is that the application Who Uses my WiFi? solves our lives in this sense in a quick and simple way.

In this way, the first thing you have to do is download the application Who Uses my WiFi ?, from this link.

Once you have downloaded and installed it, you will see that this app has a huge number of functions directly related to the possibility of both recognizing and tracking devices that are connected to our Internet network. Specifically, it is capable of showing you data such as the name of the device, its IP address or the MAC address , so that you can block it in case it is not authorized.

On the other hand, it also has features that have to do with blocking access to the network by strangers or computers that have access to our password, thinking of a database that automatically connects to the router that provides us with the Internet. . The router can be configured and customized from the name to the access password for the devices.

Check who is connected on your network

In turn, checking the MAC address of the connected devices is something really simple, taking into account that in the Internet Settings we can find both this and the IP address of each device. If you want to check the one of your PC, you have to write in the CMD ipconfig/all.

As you have seen, what we are mentioning is the most effective way known right now to know who is connecting to your WiFi network and is using your Internet network, with the advantage that you do not need to enter the router configuration.

Have you found intruders in your WiFi network with this application? Which of these applications to detect intruders in your WiFi network seemed the best to you? If you leave your Wi-Fi network open, anyone can connect to it.





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