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How to know if my Pokémon Go account has been banned?

From children to adults, they have enjoyed this interesting game since the beginning of its release. No wonder a location-based augmented reality video game has caused such a buzz . It was the pioneer in this realm!

How to Know if Your Pokemon Go Account Has Been Banned

After all, it is a free video game that anyone can play on their mobile. In addition, it can be used to get out of the house, get some fresh air and walk through the streets of the neighborhood to go in search of new Pokemons.

This game provides an opportunity to merge reality with the virtual. Now, this has also generated some controversy, and that is that various threats to the game have emerged. Hackers do their thing and get to work to violate the rules of the game.

These use strategies to misrepresent the game , such as simulating a totally different location from the one where the mobile is actually located, with the purpose of capturing any type of Pokémon that could not be found otherwise.

Another way of deception has been to use techniques to play from the computer, so that those who do not have a mobile can access the game. There is even an APK that allows those countries where the game is not yet available to download it. All this has caused Nintendo to take action on the matter and start blocking users.

That is why you may be concerned about this issue and wonder how to know if my Pokemon Go account was suspended.

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  1. Who is responsible for suspending Pokémon accounts
  2. Why can they block your account?
  3. What happens when a Pokémon Go account is suspended
  4. How do I know if my Pokémon Go account was suspended with a light penalty?
  5. How to know my Pokémon Go account was suspended with a serious sanction
  6. What to do if my Pokémon Go account was suspended
  7. How to know why my Pokémon Go account has stopped working without committing any mistake

Who is responsible for suspending Pokémon accounts

Niantic , the American software development company, is in charge of developing and publishing the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go. One could be banned from the game by Niantic, by downloading or using it illegally. Nintendo wants to establish respect for the rules and honesty when playing . After all, a real Pokemon trainer couldn’t cheat like that in real life. It does this by making it clear to its gaming community that the cheater will deal with an account suspension.

Why can they block your account?

They can suspend your Pokemon Go account for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Use tricks to catch Pokemonfrom the comfort of your home, or simulate a journey of kilometers that in reality you have never done.
  2. Using shortcuts to level up unfairly or possessing more figures than you would have naturally obtained.
  3. Open multiple accounts to sell or trade them.
  4. Download the game through the APK (Android Application Package/ Android Application Package), which is a for the Android operating system. Niantic absolutely penalizes cheating the system by downloading Pokemon Goin this way, if the game is not yet available in your country.
  5. Crack the system to catch Pokemons found in other countries.
  6. Unfair or cheating behavior in general.

What happens when a Pokémon Go account is suspended

If this is the first time a law has been broken, the punishment is quite mild , even if you enter the game, you will not be able to do anything for several hours. This includes not being able to catch Pokemon or compete in gyms.

By continuing to commit fouls, the penalty that Niantic must give may vary. It could be the suspension of your Pokemon Go account for several days. Or even what is known to be the maximum penalty given to the most cheaters, the most feared: Being totally eliminated from the community.

How do I know if my Pokémon Go account was suspended with a light penalty?

What signs can reveal that my Pokemon Go account has been suspended ? The following may show that you have been given a light penalty:

  1. The inability to throw Pokeballs at Pokemons for capture.
  2. The refusal to receive prizes from the Pokeparadas
  3. The chances of fighting in gyms are nil.
  4. Wild Pokemons will put up more resistance than normal, it will be impossible to catch them and they will just run away from you.
  5. Basically you will be able to open the game app, but you won’t be able to play it.

How to know my Pokémon Go account was suspended with a serious sanction

If we want to confirm if our Pokemon Go account has been suspended , we can know by being aware of the following signs:

  1. The impossibility of being able to enter the application.
  2. Your account simply doesn’t exist anymore.

These are sanctions that cannot be reversed, so it is recommended to play in the most honest and fair way possible .

What to do if my Pokémon Go account was suspended

Depending on the type of lock, you can do several things. In case of being a softban, you must wait a few hours . Some users who did not want to wait have deleted the application, installed it again and created a new account again.

When they return to their original account, they supposedly no longer have the block . This is an unverified method. Either way everything will be back to normal in a few hours. Everything changes when the block is permanent, in this case the only option is to appeal the ban.

How to know why my Pokémon Go account has stopped working without committing any mistake

Many times the crash causes the game servers to go down often . Therefore, if there is no fault, you should make sure that it is not a problem with the server.

You can do it by entering the MMO Server Status website, where you can see the status of servers around the world. You can verify that your country is displayed with a set amount of time and a red X mark.

This means that at the moment no player

 from your country will be able to access the game . While if it appears with a green check, it means that it is available in your country and only you cannot enter for some other reason. Now that you’re aware of everything you should know about Pokemon Go crashes, you can play it safe. However, maybe you would be interested in knowing everything about Pokemon Go Plus.

We have been warning you for a few days that the people of Niantic do not like cheaters. The developers are not willing to let even one go by and bans have been taking place almost from day one. That is why this time we are going to explain how to remove a ban in Pokémon Go .

 How do I know if I’m banned?

Before seeing how to remove a ban in Pokémon Go, the first thing we have to do is know if we are banned. The bans applied in Pokémon Go have a bit of bad temper. The usual thing is that we can enter the game and apparently everything works normally, but after a few minutes we realize that in the Gyms we cannot fight, the Poképaradas do not give us any type of object and the wild pokémons that we find They run away as soon as they see us. In other words, if Niantic bans us, we become a mere spectator , which is almost worse than directly not being able to enter the game.

If you want to check if you have been banned, we recommend that you visit MMO Server Status Pokémon Go . By creating an account you will be able to know instantly if you are banned. In addition, this website also indicates the status of the servers .

What actions lead to bans?

Those of Niantic have not clarified much on the subject of bans, but it is clear that what is sanctioned the most are the tricks that seek to play Pokémon Go without walking . Behaviors such as selling accounts, using multiple accounts in the same game, playing through the unofficial APK or using tricks or tools that serve to falsify the location are also penalized.

Nothing is clear about the ban time either. Cases of banning for just one hour have been recorded , but there are also users who have been banned for a couple of days. It has even been stated that in some cases there could be a definitive ban.

How to remove ban in Pokémon Go?

If you have confirmed that you are banned, the best thing you can do is wait a few hours to see if the restriction ends up disappearing.   If not, some users have reported that the trick that works for them is:

  • Close the original account and create a new one
  • Sign out of the new account and delete Pokémon Go
  • Reinstall the game after a few hours

Niantic against cheating

Those of Niantic have become tough with cheaters and their hands do not tremble when it comes to banning them, but this is not the only measure they take. In recent weeks, a multitude of tricks for Pokémon Go have appeared that have spread like wildfire on the Internet. However, today most of those tricks are no longer useful since they don’t work. It seems that from Niantic they are willing to cover any small security hole that could allow players to advance faster in the game or bypass the philosophy of it .

That Niantic doesn’t like cheaters is something we’ve known for a long time, that’s why bans are not something strange in their video games. In recent days there is a lot of talk about bans in Pokémon Go , so let’s take a closer look at this issue to see what we can and can’t do in this game.

Download the APK without risk of ban

Pokémon Go is being released in stages worldwide. Pokemon Go is already available in Spain , but there are still many countries where it cannot be downloaded officially through the Google Play Store or the App Store. In these cases, what fans of the game can do is download the APK of Pokémon Go .

APK downloads already number in the millions and in recent days there have been no shortage of rumors that Niantic was going to ban users who were playing through the APK . We discussed this issue with you a few days ago and we told you that it was a simple rumor and that Niantic had never confirmed anything. Well, from Niantic they have already ruled on this issue.

The video game developer has made it very clear that no one is going to be banned for downloading the APK of Pokémon Go, as long as they are downloading the official version . In other words, if you are playing with the official APK, you don’t have to be afraid, nobody is going to ban your account.

Reasons for bans in Pokémon Go

We have already seen that downloading the official APK does not in any way entail a risk of being banned, but there are other actions that can lead to Niantic taking action. The actions that lead to bans in Pokémon Go are:

  • Play through an unofficial APK
  • Make use of multiple accounts in the game
  • make account exchange
  • Use tricks or tools to fake the location
  • sell accounts

How are the bans?

Niantic doesn’t like cheaters, but they don’t want to get too tough either, so the first ban will be something of a warning. Users who commit some of the actions that are not allowed will be temporarily banned. For a few hours you will be able to access the game, but they will not be able to do anything. Of course, if it is detected again that the same user continues to commit the same infraction or another, more important measures will be adopted, and it may even lead to a definitive ban from the game.

You see how things are. If you want to continue enjoying Pokémon Go, it is best that you stick to the law. We all want to get as many pokémons as possible, but that’s not why we should resort to traps. The beauty of the game is visiting new places and enjoying the experience. Trying to catch Pokémon comfortably from the sofa at home goes totally against the spirit of the game and it is clear that it is something that Niantic is not going to tolerate.


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