How to know if a Samsung Galaxy J1, J2, J3 Duos, J5, J5 Prime or J7, J7 Prime is original

It is no secret to anyone that today Samsung has covered a large part of the Android smartphone market, and many imitators use this to sell clone phones, which, although they are very similar, will never come close to the quality of a Samsung. So that you do not fall into one of these traps, here we will tell you how to know if a Samsung Galaxy is original or if it is a clone.

The Samsung Galaxy J are very good quality devices at a price that actually seems like a gift. We know very well that they have features that may not be as impressive as in the case of other mobile devices. But the truth is that considering the price, the Samsung J line is considerably good.

There are a large number of people who sell refurbished or fake mobile phones, thus scamming more people by making them believe that these mobiles are completely original. At the time of buying the phone it may seem completely original , a design completely the same as the original, but in the characteristics you can find your first clue to differentiate them since they start to give problems after a short time.

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  1. How to know if a Samsung Galaxy J1, J2, J3 Duos, J5, J5 Prime or J7, J7 Prime mobile is original or a clone?
    1. Samsung Galaxy J1
    2. Samsung Galaxy J2
    3. Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos
    4. Samsung Galaxy J5 and J5 Prime
    5. Samsung Galaxy J7 and J7 Prime
  2. How to differentiate between an original Samsung Galaxy and a clone.
    1. Identify original Samsung Galaxy from clone by Hardware and appearance.
    2. Identify an original Samsung Galaxy from a clone using the IMEI code
    3. Differentiate an original mobile from a fake one with an application
    4. Another way to differentiate an original Samsung from a fake one

How to know if a Samsung Galaxy J1, J2, J3 Duos, J5, J5 Prime or J7, J7 Prime mobile is original or a clone?

Obviously, as happens with all the devices that do well, when this happens it is clear that the famous Chinese imitations or clones arrive . Which try to match the device in everything possible, but charging a much lower price.

The problem is when they try to sell this Chinese clone as if it were an original Samsung Galaxy, that’s when the problem starts.

Learning to differentiate between Chinese clones and an original Smartphone is essential if you are buying more than anything second-hand or from importers of products.

To begin we will see the characteristics of each of these teams and then establish the mechanisms to differentiate an original team from a clone.

1.Samsung Galaxy J1

First of all, to know how to recognize an original device you have to know that there are several versions of the J1 which are the following: Samsung Galaxy J1 model 2015, 2016, Ace, Mini Prime, Next and 4G.

Generally the variants are the same models of the device with some of the different features and specifications, such as the amount of internal memory, processor or just the frequencies.

2.Samsung Galaxy J2

The Samsung Galaxy J2 is a quite exceptional phone, it has many versions, these are similar to each other, only technical characteristics change, but in reality it is the same with several changes. With the great success that this phone had, in the market, the Chinese and the Asian community have been very attracted to this proposal and they are making many clones . Because of this, Samsung sends to buy in correctly established places, and in some cases when buying used phones, always look specifically at the codes behind the battery on the mobile.

How to Know if a Samsung Galaxy J2 is Original

Whenever we are going to make a purchase, from a used phone we must look at several important things. The most recommended thing is to go to a store and see it new to know what the difference is. This way you can establish more specific differences and buy the second-hand phone calmly.

The replicas of the Samsung J2 have many features. But the most important thing here is that they are inferior to the original and this is noticeable when using it: simple and easy, the quality of the screen, the image is never that good, the performance in games and other details.

  1. Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos

While it is quite clear that when we think of the mobile devices launched in the market by the people of Samsung. The interest has to do more than anything with those high-end ones in their different versions, there are other very good terminals with nothing to envy them. We have to talk, for example, about what happens with the Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos. A mobile with the ability to use two mobile operators, since it has a Dual-SIM terminal with two SIM card slots.

We also have to mention in this sense that, as you have surely seen so far. Chinese phones or imitations are commonplace and we come across them practically all the time, so this time we wanted to focus on them. We must point out, beyond what is indicated, that there are cell phone models that the Chinese and Koreans are counterfeiting very well , and unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos is one of them.

  1. Samsung Galaxy J5 and J5 Prime

The only way to tell if it is a clone or if it is original is simply by paying as much attention as possible to all the details that surround the mobile.

How to Know IF a Samsung Galaxy J7 is Original?

Below we will show you some simple and easy to apply tricks so that you can identify if your Samsung Galaxy is original or a clone .

  1. Identify original Samsung Galaxy from clone by Hardware and appearance.

There are details in the hardware of an original equipment and that are difficult to match for a clone:

  • Check the quality of the materials, which as we can imagine is usually much lower than usual. This is valid for devices up to J5 Prime. Since the hardware and aesthetics of the J7 and J7 Prime clone are completely the same as the original. So you should pay attention to other details.
  • Check screen brightness and quality. The SuperAmoled Screen of the Samsung Galaxy shows sharp and bright colors, while the clones show dull colors.
  • Check the gap between the screen and the edge. The cloned phones have a big gap from the edge of the screen to the edge of the phone.
  • Run your fingers across the Samsung logo on the front screen. If you feel a bump when you run your finger over the Samsung logo at the top of the screen, you can safely say that it is a fake mobile. The name can also be easily detached.
  • Check the hard buttons. Home buttons and volume buttons have anomalies on cloned Galaxy phones.
  • Check the phone’s sensors. Some sensors such as Smart Scroll or Air Gesture are not present or do not work in the Galaxy range replicas.
  • Check the glass material of the screen. Run your fingers across the screen. If it feels like plastic more than glass, the device is fake.
  • Another very effective way to tell them apart is to remove the back cover of the phoneand check that there are 10 screws surrounding the edge of the phone. You can also verify it in the battery, when you remove it you should see that there are four inverters on one side and a white rectangle that is not.
  • You can also differentiate them in the camera,since the design, size and distribution vary in the original phone and the clone. Additionally , the camera does not take photos of the same quality as the original model.
  • Something that can indicate if the equipment is fake is the USB cable. Since the clone is characterized by being thicker and heavier, and the longer terminal.
  • It is also common to detect a spelling error in the brand itself. Either on the battery, in the space under the battery or anywhere else the logo appears. As well as the specifications that it brings have nothing to do with the official ones.

Finding out if we are dealing with an original device or a fake one can become quite complicated to tell the truth only by sight. Since you have to try to dig a little deeper to discover if we are indeed dealing with a clone and not an original.

  1. Differentiate an original mobile from a fake one with an application

The first thing you should consider in this regard is that in addition to the techniques described, there are some applications that will immediately remove your doubts about their originality. Among these we have:

  • The app called Genuine Galaxy. Once you install this application, it will automatically begin to detect if the mobile is fake or original. Where you will be notified through a message of the result of the test that the application performs. This app is available for free on Google Play.
  • You also have CPU-Z,which is one of the best known and most recommended to find out if a Samsung Galaxy is original. Since it will offer you all the information about the device. Remember that this information does not change and that what this application shows is true. You will see, among other things, the brand of the processor, camera, RAM, CPU, etc. Fully detailed device hardware information. And thus be able to understand perfectly if it is what Samsung places on its mobiles or if it really is a well-achieved replica of the Chinese. So do not despair, you can always review this wonderful application that, in addition to being free, is very light. All you have to do is download the application on your Samsung Galaxy, and at that moment you will then be able to access its original information. If you see information that does not match the original Samsung Galaxy. That means that unfortunately you have a device that is nothing more than an imitation or a replica.
  • Then, there are other ways to find out if the mobile is fake, such as by managing the original Samsung phone. The Samsung Kies or Smart Switch application,which will automatically connect to your device if it is one of those developed by this company. Beyond that, we cannot help but consider that if the program does not recognize it, it is because we are in the presence of a fake cell phone.





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