How to know how much money I have spent in the Google Play Store

Smartphones today allow us to make app purchases in a matter of seconds , even without having a credit card . This is very convenient when it comes to having our favorite tools and games always available, but it can also be a problem since there is the possibility of spending a lot of money without realizing it.

How to Know How Much Money I Have Spent in the Google Play Store and How to Manage It

So the best thing to do is to get to know the platform , it doesn’t hurt to know its most basic tricks and configurations since these purchases are made through the Google Play Store for Android devices mainly that have it downloaded and as we get to know each one of them. its functions, we can give it a good handle for our benefit.

Thanks to APK file downloads, there are many programs that today can be downloaded without spending a penny, but you may want to know the total amount you have spent on games and programs. We’ll tell you how you can analyze the content you’ve spent on your Android phone or tablet and see all the details of your purchases so that in the end you’ll be aware of how much money you’ve spent and manage it well.

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  1. Control expenses from Google Play
  2. Applications to keep track of what is spent on Google Play

Control expenses from Google Play

If you access the analysis of your account in the Google Play Store you can review the order history . The list shows all the applications that we have been buying with our Google Play account. Within the Applications section we can even see what are the expenses made through in-app purchases.

You just have to access your verified Google Play account and select the ” My account ” option and that is precisely where you get the order history mentioned in the previous paragraph where you can see everything you have purchased on Google Play. However, there is a small drawback with this option and that is that the information provided in this section is not very complete.

All the registered purchases and that can be verified in the order history do not have a logical order and the worst thing is that it does not provide us with a way to download the information in an excel or document to give it a certain order. But don’t worry, fortunately you have reached this post and here I will give you an effective solution so that you can easily carry out this activity.

Google stores information about all the content you buy on Android. It doesn’t matter if you made an accessory or device purchase, or if you want to see how much you’ve spent on renting movies or buying games. Thanks to this quick and simple trick, you will be able to practically control the money you spend from your mobile.

Applications to keep track of what is spent on Google Play

With the applications you do not have any waste, it is easy, fast and with all the necessary information to properly manage the purchases made. You can even use search filters to see how much you’ve spent on music, movies, apps, books, and devices.

Applications like My Paid Apps give you much more organized information with a summary and details of what you have purchased on the platform. What this App does is synchronize with Google Play and extracts all the information, returning it much more organized with the dates, values ​​and everything you have acquired. Giving you data by segments or categories that looks much simpler and easier to understand.

With this application we can have many benefits apart from those that we have already mentioned. One of them, and perhaps the reason why you are reading this article, is that it gives you the possibility of having an exact value of everything you have spent on purchasing applications with each of the relevant details and concepts.

Something else to add about My Paid Apps is that it helps you see the payments separately , this in order to show you the cost of each application and the real value for which you have purchased it, if you purchased it with a special offer, the application It will show you all the details and if you are a person who likes to save this type of information, you have the option of downloading it to your PC.





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