How to install Pokémon Go on an unsupported device?

The great revolution that the game Pokémon Go has caused is no secret to anyone , especially with the new Augmented Reality technology that was included in this game. This game had a large number of players chasing pokemon through the streets, however there were several who wanted to play Pokémon Go.

So, just as this game caused quite a stir, it also caused certain problems on the devices where it was installed. Thus causing a lot of frustration in the fans who were unable to download the game. All this for a message where it says “Your device is not compatible with Pokémon Go”.

This is actually very frustrating, especially for the most fanatical of this adventure. Thus making it impossible for them to enjoy this incredible experience . As children we all dream of catching some Pokémon creatures and now it is possible with this game, but unfortunately not all devices are really compatible.

But there is no reason to worry, if your device is one or two versions less than necessary , there are ways you can download this game, even if you have a Windows Phone or a Chinese iPhone .

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  1. Why is my device not supported?
    1. Identify when it is a Pokémon Go error
    2. Mobile compatibility error
  2. How to install Pokémon Go on an unsupported device?

Why is my device not supported?

Now, before proceeding with the tutorial on how to play Pokémon Go on a device that is not supported, you need to know why it is not supported. Actually this message can appear even when your device is supported, as errors can vary between the game and your device.

Identify when it is a Pokémon Go error

The millions of users who already have this game on their mobiles can cause server crashes sometimes. Thanks to this, it ends up making it impossible to download and install the game. These things can be noticed when a gray screen appears or when the game simply won’t load.

This is how you can differentiate when it comes to problems with the servers (if this is the case) or if it comes to problems with your mobile. Likewise, the game already has several errors, such as when it closes by itself , or it runs out of GPS signal and does not continue to work.

However, if you try to download the game, but the message you receive is that your device is not compatible with Pokémon Go, then it is a problem with the mobile.

Mobile compatibility error

One of the most frequent problems for which the message where the device is not compatible appears is because the game has certain minimum requirements that your device must meet to work without problems.

If your mobile does not meet these requirements, it is normal for the message that your device is not compatible to appear, in this case, it is no longer an error in the game, but in your device . But in any case, there is no need to be alarmed, since there are methods to be able to install and play Pokémon Go even when your device does not meet what is necessary.

One of these requirements is that your device must have Android version 4.4 or higher , as well as have the available storage space for this, which is 60 MB. It is true that most of today’s devices meet these requirements, but we can always find devices that have been used for years.

How to install Pokémon Go on an unsupported device?

The best solution for mobiles that are not compatible with Pokémon Go is to download the APK directly to the device , it is the only way to have the game on these mobiles when the Play Store does not allow downloading in the traditional way.

Downloading the game directly to the device will allow you to have the game when you have an Android lower than the requirements. Of course, if you have a Huawei, this solution can also help you solve your problem, since many apps are not found in the store.

As you will see, you don’t have to worry if your device throws “Your device does not support Pokémon Go” message if you try to install the game, you can still try this way and maybe you will be lucky and enjoy this wonderful game.





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