How to install or uninstall Facebook Messenger on Android,

Facebook Messenger is one of the main applications for mobile devices these days, and although it is true that within the instant messaging segment we can say that WhatsApp is the most important, we did not want to stop taking this into account either.

The first thing we must say is that although Facebook Messenger initially works as an extension within Facebook, we have come across the issue that little by little it has been moving, until it is a unique reference.

How to Install or Uninstall Facebook Messenger on Android, iOS and iPhone Mobiles – Steps to Follow

For all the reasons that we have mentioned above, there are many users who at one time or another have installed Facebook Messenger on their terminals, and that itself causes all kinds of doubts and queries that we try to clear up on the web. extent possible.

Well, it must be said that in this case we wanted to talk a bit about the step by step that will allow all users to uninstall Facebook Messenger from their smart mobile devices as soon as possible.

If you are determined to remove Facebook Messenger from your cell phone, you have to analyze in the first instance that you will no longer be able to communicate with all your friends on the social network, nor send messages or read those that have been sent to you, so you have to be fully aware of this situation.

For the rest, you can eliminate Facebook Messenger with a simple and well-known method that we are going to detail below, although you have to know that in all cases, there is absolutely no secret about it.

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How can I remove Messenger from Facebook step by step

Well, if you are going to delete Facebook Messenger, you have to know that there is only one way to take advantage to continue taking advantage of all the traditional options of this messenger.

Specifically, you will be able to send messages and read them if you open Facebook from the mobile browser, although it is not so comfortable, of course. You will always have to be connected to the Internet in any way, so do not hesitate for a second to take advantage of your WiFi, 3G or 4G LTE connection, so do not hesitate for a moment to bet on that alternative if necessary.

Well, to uninstall Facebook Messenger on Android mobiles, what you have to do is go to Settings, Applications, Application Manager, Messenger, Uninstall, and you will see that at that moment an alert appears, at which time you must press on the option to accept.

The only consideration that you should have is that once the Facebook Messenger application is deleted, you will not be able to access your messages natively , so it is convenient that you be careful in this regard.

Have you been able to remove Facebook Messenger from your mobile with this step by step?

More and more people are interested in installing Facebook Messenger on their mobile or tablet. The Facebook instant messaging application is increasingly popular and surprises us with new features with each of the updates that arrive.

These are some of the criticisms of Facebook through Messenger

Facebook launched Facebook Messenger in 2011, just as instant messaging apps were in full swing.

At first, the Facebook application went somewhat unnoticed , but as time went by, more and more users had it on their mobiles.

However, many of those who used it complained that they had practically been forced to install it in order to read the private messages that came to them from their contacts.

Although there are ways to chat on Facebook without having Facebook Messenger installed , the truth is that in most cases if we want to see the messages and reply in a more dynamic way, we are forced to download the application to a certain extent.

Regardless of the criticism, Facebook has continued to work with Messenger to make it a truly useful application, so that users are satisfied with the application and want to have it on their mobile.

What is Facebook Messenger for?

Initially, Facebook did not have Messenger, at first the direct application was only used to answer the messages , there was no tone that would notify you that a message arrived, to be able to review them or know that they wrote to you, you had to go directly to your Facebook and check the messages from the icon that appeared there.

But over time Facebook has evolved and today it is nothing like what it was at the beginning, now it has many more functions, more advantages, more ways to make it easy to use , etc.

In one of the many updates that the social network has had, I enter what today is called Facebook Messenger, which has been an application that came to completely revolutionize the way of sending messages through said network.

Originally, Facebook Messenger allowed us to use Facebook chat and chat with our contacts on the social network, but over time the application has progressed.

Today Facebook Messenger allows us to have group chats , send photos and all kinds of files, and even make video calls. Its progress has been such that today it is the main competition of the popular WhatsApp messaging application .

If you want to see what each of these instant messaging systems offers you, you may be interested in our comparison article between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp .

Steps to install Facebook Messenger easily

If you want to install Facebook Messenger for free and in a very simple way, the first thing you have to do is go to the application store for your operating system (it is available on all platforms).

We are going to explain how to install it on Android , but it is just as simple on other operating systems.

  • Enter the Google Play Storefrom your mobile
  • Click on “Applications” and then on the “Most Popular”option or directly search for Facebook Messenger
  • Click on the application to see more information about it
  • Click on the “Install” button
  • Click “OK”and wait for the installation to finish

With these simple steps you already have Facebook Messenger installed on your mobile or tablet , now all that remains is to start chatting with your friends and discover all the advantages and benefits of this instant messaging system.

We are sure that Facebook Messenger will soon become one of your favorite applications. And you already use Facebook Messenger? What do you   think of this application? Do you prefer Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp?

How you can install Messenger on your phone safely and quickly

Talking about Messenger can lead to some confusion, but no, we are not referring to the extinct Microsoft Messenger, the one that gave us so many afternoons of entertainment during the first decade of the 2000s, but to Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging system. . Today we are going to explain how to install Messenger on your phone.

What is Facebook Messenger, what is it for, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Facebook Messenger is the official messaging application of Facebook . Originally launched in 2011, its goal is to make communication with our Facebook contacts as easy as possible through our mobile device.

With it we can send text messages, but the application continues to improve day by day and already allows us other actions such as creating group chats, sending files, video calls, etc.

The main peculiarity of Messenger is that it allows us to access the messages we have and interact with our friends without having to be connected to Facebook .

One of the great advantages of this type of messaging is that it has a very peculiar notification  tone , which immediately notifies you if you have a new message or someone wants to connect with you.

Although it sometimes fails to notify you, it generally works very well and thanks to its chat bubbles you can use it without having to close the application you are using at that moment.

How you can install Messenger on your iOS or Android phone

The advantage of Facebook Messenger is that it is a completely free application and it is available for both iOS mobile phones and Android mobile phones, so you can easily download it from both the App Store and the Google Play Store .

The installation process is as simple as searching for the application in your main application store and downloading to install. The app will download and start running.

From that moment it will give you some brief instructions to open your session and you can start using Facebook Messenger . It’s that simple, in just a couple of minutes you have one of the most popular instant messaging applications installed on your mobile device.

Facebook Messenger and its surprises that you will surely love

Facebook Messenger is an application for chatting, but it doesn’t stop there and from time to time it surprises us with something new. One of the last is the presence of a hidden game .

One of the latest Messenger updates has arrived with a fun basketball game. To play him, all you have to do is talk to one of your friends and send them the basketball emoji. After sending the message, click on the ball and the game opens.

How can I log out of Facebook Messenger easily.

Being in communication is good, but there may be situations in which we don’t feel like talking to anyone , in these cases what we can do is disconnect Facebook Messenger.

The application does not have a button that allows us to close the session, but if we have a mobile phone with the Android operating system, Lollipop or Marshmallow versions, we can deactivate Facebook Messenger with a little trick.

  • On mobiles with Android Lollipop we go to Settings> Applications> Facebook Messenger> Clear data.
  • In mobiles with Android Marshmallow we go Settings> Applications> Facebook Messenger> Storage> Clear data.

A couple of decades ago, SMS brought about a revolution in the world of communications and soon became one of the favorite forms of communication for the younger generations, but the arrival of instant messaging systems put an end to their reign and today nowadays practically no one uses that kind of messages.

Instant messaging applications have the great advantage of being free and allowing us to send all the messages we want without having to pay anything for them.

WhatsApp is the most popular, in addition to the fact that it has many advantages and that you can install it without the need for the Play Store, but there are also other well-known ones, such as Facebook Messenger , Telegram, etc.

Introducing Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s messaging application

Facebook revolutionized the world of communications with its arrival a few years ago and, despite being criticized by many, it continues to be one of the most used social networks and this is because Mark Zuckerberg’s company works every day to continue offering innovations that maintain the interest of users who are already registered and attract new ones.

Facebook has had an interest in the instant messaging industry from the beginning. In fact, he bought WhatsApp for a large sum of money. However, his foray into this field did not stop here.

Facebook launched its own instant messaging system, Facebook Messenger , in 2011 . Its main quality is that it allows us to talk to our Facebook contacts without the need to be connected to the social network . But it’s not just about text messages, the application has evolved a lot and it also allows us to send photos, files, videos, have group conversations and even video calls.

If you want to install Facebook Messenger, we tell you what is the step for its installation

You can enjoy Facebook Messenger whether you have an Android phone or an iOS or Windows Phone operating system . In either case, you can download the application completely free of charge.

The first thing you have to do is enter the application store that corresponds to your operating system and search for Facebook Messenger. Once you have found the application, click on the download option.

When the application has been downloaded it will start running . Log in with the same data with which you are registered on Facebook and you can start enjoying all the advantages of this instant messaging system.

Do I really need to have Facebook Messenger or is there any other option to not download it?

If you regularly connect to Facebook and also like to chat with your friends, Facebook Messenger is the most comfortable way to do it, so it can be very practical for you to download the installation.

If you don’t regularly use the chat system, you may be interested in downloading the Facebook mobile application but not Facebook Messenger. If you sporadically receive a message and want to read or reply to it, you can do so without having to have Facebook Messenger on your mobile .

In general terms, Facebook Messenger is a very useful application, but if you don’t want to use up too many resources on your device, it’s a good idea to first evaluate whether you’re really going to use this application.

And have you already tried Facebook Messenger? We would like to know your opinion about this instant messaging application.





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