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How To Install Kodi on Android TV Box

Have you wondered how to install Kodi on Android TV Box? Well, the truth is that it is one of the main tutorials that we have been asked for in recent times, so today we are going to focus on it. The truth is that if you want to learn how to install Kodi on Android TV Box, you have to go through the following lines, so without ado, let’s go with it.

The first thing you have to consider in these cases is that the tutorial to  install Kodi on Android TV Box is not one more, but rather it is essential to be able to make the most of our televisions. For this reason, if you think that now you are not getting the most out of your TV and you have an Android TV Box, we recommend that you fully enter the world of Kodi, so learn how to install Kodi on Smart TV , of any brand .

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  1. Install Kodi on Android TV Box
    1. How to improve Kodi performance?
  2. How to set up Kodi
  3. A little more about how to install Kodi on an Android
  4. What is Kodi and why use it?

Install Kodi on Android TV Box

The first thing is to talk a little about Kodi, formerly known as Xbox Media Center or XBMC, and specifically we are referring to a multiplatform entertainment multimedia center that is more than a decade old. And best of all, we can take advantage of it on various operating systems such as Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows. Even on an Android TV Box.

These days, Kodi is an extremely interesting platform for all TV users. Thanks to this, you will be able to access movies, series, international television channels, and many other interesting contents. You can even create playlists and customize your experience as much as you want. Therefore, we are going to teach you how to install Kodi on Android TV Box.

  • Go to the main menuof the device
  • Once there, click on the Google Play Store button
  • Another internal menu will appear,where you can search for the application you want
  • In this case, you have to look for Kodi,of course .
  • When it has downloaded, open its main menu
  • Take the time to configureit with all your favorite add-ons

How to improve Kodi performance?

A recommendation that we cannot fail to make, has to do specifically with taking the time to  install the plugins that improve the features of our Kodi, and there are many and varied ones. To get to know them, you have to go to Programs, Programs Addons, Addons Installer, although now we are going to show you step by step specifically, so you don’t have any doubts.

  • Go to Kodi ‘s main menu
  • Go to System, File manager, Add Source
  • A bar will appear, and write in it “
  • give donate
  • Another bar will appear, and write in it “fusion”
  • Again click on Done
  • Go back to the main menuand follow the following chain: System, Settings, Addons, Install from ZIP File, Fusion, Star Here , Plugin.Program.AddonsInstaller

If you have completed all the previous steps that we have been indicating, we assume that you already have Kodi installed and configured on your Android TV Box, and that you have begun to enjoy it without problems. Now, any questions you have about how to install Kodi on Android TV Box, all you have to do is leave us a comment so that we can try to give you a hand.

Some of the main questions that we try to solve with the following step by step and other related ones that we have seen have to do with the following: install Kodi on LG  webos Smart TV, how to install kodi on android, how to install kodi on smart tv, You can install xbmc on samsung smart tv, install kodi windows, set up kodi android 2017, like install kodi on pc or install kodi on usb. Any other questions you have about it, leave us a comment so we can give you a hand.

If you are one of those readers who follow all our articles, you will know that at different times we have already been talking about an application like Kodi , extremely famous. The truth is that when we refer to Kodi, we are talking about a program that works as a multimedia center, where you can watch the best 3D movies.

In any case, and although with it we can perform different tasks such as listening to music, playing movies or TV channels online, many users do not get there because they do not know how to configure it.

What happens in this sense is that although we are talking about a completely open source system, which in fact can be used in various operating systems such as  Windows, Linux, Mac or Android ; You have to know how to configure it before you start using it.

Therefore, without further ado, in this particular article we want to teach you how to configure Kodi from scratch, taking into account that it seems to us to be one of the most attractive tutorials that we can show you so that you can take advantage of it on your devices.

How to set up Kodi

Well, obviously the first thing you have to do is download and install Kodi. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the ability to  set up Kodi from scratch . If you don’t know how to download the application, you have to do it directly from this completely secure link.

You will see that when you open the application, it is by default in English. So the first thing that we are going to recommend that you do is change the language of the app .

To do this you have to go to the last option that appears on the right side of System, and you will see that there is Settings, that is, Options. You will be shown all the available options, although specifically you have to go to the first one, Apperance.

Then choose  International and finally Language. You can even set some other settings, such as the Region in which you are, so that your time zone is recorded. We recommend that you see all the customization or configuration options here.

One of the keys to enjoying Kodi has to do with the additional content. To enjoy them, what you have to do is have an add -on called Add-Ons installed , which you can find from System, Settings, Add-ons, in a really quick and easy way.

You will see that there are many alternatives that will allow you to increase the functions of Kodi. With this trick, you will be able to enjoy TV channels, series, movies, and many other interesting contents.

In this sense, we also recommend that you try to install one of the Add-ons that you have seen on the web, where they are also varied. Some of the users’ favorites in this sense have to do with  AdryanList or Exodus , two of the most generally sought after by the public.

Beyond this, you have to know that to install them you must do it by following the steps above, and then going to System, Settings, Add-ons, Install from .zip file. And the same goes for installing Exodus.

As you may have seen ,  configuring Kodi from scratch is not difficult at all, although you have to take a few minutes to be able to configure all the settings in the way you like best, and be absolutely sure that you will be able to access all its functions.

For the rest, we did not want to stop highlighting in any case, that you will find in this application the possibility of having fun in a big way with your Smart TV . Precisely for this reason we believe that it is one of the essentials in these cases.

If we think about the main multimedia content platforms around the world, you probably know that Kodi is one of the ones with the largest number of users, and it is not a matter of chance, but the fact that it has an enormous number of functions. , thanks to which it becomes useful for almost any type of consumer of this content.

For this reason, if you are also one of those people who wants to enjoy all kinds of multimedia content, such as movies, series or why not your favorite radio programs, and you plan to do it through your Android smartphone , you should know that this is one of the best alternatives.

In fact, we are doing this article precisely so that you can learn, once and for all, how to install and configure the Kodi application on your mobile with the Android operating system , and thus be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

A little more about how to install Kodi on an Android

First of all, to correctly install Kodi on an Android mobile , we have to download the application from the Play Store. Assuming that you have carried out this essential step, the following has to do with the configuration of the application, for which the first thing we recommend is that you change its language, since it is usually available in English by default, and only in this way will you be able to avoid many of the language problems it brings to novice users.

For that, you have to go to the Settings menu , which is distinguished by the gear icon, and then you will see that another menu appears, which says Interface Settings, within which you must search for your language and that’s it, first related problem

After that, it is time to focus on the Add-ons that are part of Kodi , also known as the add-ons of this application, and that in many cases are necessary to be able to take full advantage of it.

To know them, you have to go to the option of that name found on the left side of the application screen. An icon that resembles an open box will appear and there you must look for Install from repositories. There you can see all the available plugins, and from Install, install the ones you like.

What is Kodi and why use it?

Now, it is likely that by now you are wondering why it is convenient to use Kodi when you do not have to be a great connoisseur to see the enormous number of similar applications that we have available, all of them designed so that we have an experience of audiovisual content on demand. most interesting.

Some of the reasons why this app is above the others have to do with the fact that it is a completely complete multimedia center since it allows you to enjoy movies and series as well as radio, for example; In addition to the fact that it has an open source license , that is, we can modify it if we want. And to that we must add that it is totally free.

Have you been able to install Kodi on Android TV Box with this step by step? You can also see which are the best add-ons to download and install in the Kodi media player


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