How to have WhatsApp on two devices with the same cell phone number

The WhatsApp instant web messaging application is here to stay. Today there are many users who use this app at all times.

Although perhaps one of the “bad” things about it is that to have an account you need a phone number and in theory you can have that number activated only once, on a single device. Without the possibility of having the same account open on a large number of devices, for convenience. That is why we will talk about how to have WhatsApp two different devices, but that have the same mobile number.

How to Have WhatsApp on Two Devices with the Same Cell Phone Number

As it happens with other applications such as Skype, which can be installed on the computer , laptop and mobile phone at the same time.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is different, but luckily now we have WhatsApp Web, which allows us to emulate in a certain way having said App on several devices with the same phone number. It is not exactly ideal, but if we go to the case it is not that it works badly.

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  1. How to use the same WhatsApp number on two different phones?
  2. Applications to duplicate WhatsApp

How to use the same WhatsApp number on two different phones?

First of all, it is necessary to have internet on both devices, for obvious reasons. In addition, it is not necessary that we have WhatsApp installed on the other mobile. The first thing you have to do is configure WhatsApp as always on the main device , the one you usually use.

After this you go to the second phone and simply open Chrome, once open you have to go to the top right, to open the options and look for one that says something similar to Request desktop version and select it. Now you simply have to load “” in the browser.

Once the above is done, you are going to take the main mobile phone, open WhatsApp and go to the options or settings . Go to where it says WhatsApp Web, in this place you must point the phone towards the other phone so that it takes the QR code that you can see in the browser of the second device.

And voila, this is one of the ways to be able to use the same number on two devices at the same time. You can actually do this even with a Tablet or a computer , as long as you have WhatsApp installed as always on the first device, the one you use on a daily basis. As you can see, it is quite easy and in a matter of a few minutes you will be able to use WhatsApp, in fact, on all the devices you want at the same time.

Applications to duplicate WhatsApp

Currently there are thousands of applications for different uses, services and tools that try to help us in our day to day. But if there is a category of Apps that have completely changed our lives, it has been instant messaging . Next, you will see an application that will help you mirror WhatsApp, so to speak.

These applications have already been tested by many users in two different terminals and they work perfectly . It is a process similar to when we want to have the same app twice on the same device.

Apart from Parallel Space, there are other alternatives to mirror Whatsapp . As would be the WhatsClone App, which is in the Play Store . We will install this on our second smartphone, that is, on the mobile that we do not have WhatsApp installed.

Once it is installed, we start the application and a kind of tutorial will appear, we can skip it without any problem. Well, then you will see that a QR code will appear, it is time to stop using that terminal, you do not have to do anything else.

Now we go to our main smartphone, in which we have WhatsApp installed and working perfectly. We go to the three points in the upper right corner and  click on WhatsApp Web , once the scanner appears, we place ourselves on the second terminal and scan the QR code that appears in WhatsClone.

After carrying out this action, you will see how the list of chats that you have on your usual mobile appears in the second terminal. And yes, it works as if it were WhatsApp Web.

So if you wanted to have the same WhatsApp account on two different terminals, you can now do it. It is a procedure that is very simple and fast, you only need two smartphones and download WhatsClone.





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