How to get more PokeBalls in Pokémon Go

Everyone is going crazy chasing Pokémon, but in order to capture them it is necessary that we take the Pokéballs with us. Today we are going to tell you some tricks to get more Pokéballs in Pokémon Go .

As soon as we begin our adventure in the world of Pokémon Go , we are given 50 Pokéballs with which we are going to begin our journey in the game. This number is not bad, but we must take into account that we do not always manage to capture the Pokémon the first time, sometimes you have to throw several Pokéballs to catch them.

The Pokédex has a total of 151 Pokémon, so it is clear that we are going to need quite a few Pokéballs if we want to successfully complete our mission.

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Visit the PokéStops

The first of the tricks to get more Pokéballs in Pokémon Go is to regularly visit the Poképaradas .

They are shown to us on the map, radars, maps and pokeparadas to capture Pokémon, through a blue square . Once we have reached the place indicated as a Poképarada in the real world , it will open in the game and appear in the form of a wheel. We click on it to make it rotate and we get Pokéballs and other essential objects for the game.

PokéStops reset every few minutes , so if you stay for a while in the place where the PokéStop is located you can pick up various items.


Visit the Pokemon Go store

If you have run out of Pokéballs, a simple option is to purchase them in the Pokémon Go store . Although for this you will need Pokécoins that you will have had to previously acquire with real money. However, there are also ways to get Pokécoins for free and legally .

An advice. If during the purchase process you have a problem with the game, it is best that you do not insist on the purchase . Normally after a few minutes the situation is restored and the Pokéballs you have bought appear in your inventory while the Pokécoins you have are reduced. If there is a problem and you repeat the purchase several times, you may find yourself with the unpleasant surprise that a few minutes later it is clear that you have made several purchases.

Other tricks to get more Pokéballs in Pokémon Go

When you level up you are rewarded with Pokéballs , so the more you increase your level, the more objects of this type you will receive.

Often the key is not in the number of Pokéballs we have but in the way we use them. If you don’t have too many, it’s best to refrain from catching the typical Pokémon that appear almost at every turn and have very little level. So you can keep your Pokéballs in case a Pokémon appears that could be really interesting to add to your collection.

In some Internet forums there is already talk of a trick to have infinite Pokéballs in Pokémon Go . We do not know if it works or not, but since Niantic has no problem banning cheaters , it is best to refrain from trying it, since we may end up running out of our Pokémon Go account.

The fever for Pokémon Go has broken out worldwide and the players are already counted in the millions. The game has the classic plot that so many fans have managed to capture, it is about capturing Pokémon and fighting with them to become the best trainer, but this time Niantic have given it a twist and now the game is much more interactive.

We have to go out into the real world to find Pokémon and objects that help us in our goal. Today we are going to explain how to get more Pokéballs in Pokémon Go .

As soon as we register in the game we start with 50 Pokéballs , which is not bad. But we must bear in mind that we do not always manage to capture the Pokémon the first time, so we may lose more than expected, especially if we are new to it.

There are 150 different Pokémon to catch and to be able to do so it is clear that we are going to need more Pokéballs than they give us at first.

Ideas to get more Pokéballs in Pokémon Go

There are several options to get more Pokéballs in Pokémon Go, the main source being PokéStops .

The Poképaradas are shown on the map as a blue square and are located at different points in the city (a monument, a significant building, etc). In the Poképaradas we can get various types of objects that will help us in the game, including Pokéballs.

The Poképaradas reset approximately every five minutes , so if we spend some time near one of them we can get an interesting number of Pokéballs.

Another way to get these utensils is by leveling up . Every time we increase our level we receive some Pokéballs.

The other option to get more Pokéballs in Pokémon Go is to go to the store . In this case, we will have to go through the box and buy Pokécoins with our real money that allow us to buy things in the virtual store. A pack of 20 Pokéballs is priced at 100 Pokécoins, which cost us €0.99, it is clear that it is not cheap.

The latest rumors suggest that some hackers would already be working on tricks that would allow us to have unlimited Pokéballs. Surely it won’t take long to achieve their goal, but it should be remembered that this type of practice can lead to our account being permanently banned.

Our tips to take advantage of the Pokéballs

If you find it difficult to find Pokéballs to help you hunt Pokémon, the best thing you can do is walk, walk a lot, visiting all the Poképaradas in your city .

Sometimes it’s not so much about earning Pokéballs as it is about not wasting them. It is convenient to be selective when hunting pokémons . If we are short of Pokéballs, it is best not to waste them hunting creatures with a low level and that usually appear quite frequently. In this way we reserve the Pokéballs for more interesting pokémons that may cross our path.

And you, what strategy do you use to avoid wasting Pokéballs?




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