How to forward text and voice messages on Instagram

One of the premises that social networks now use to stay current and thus capture the interest of users is to adapt to their needs. Or allow what was not possible before and this is what Instagram, the social network of images and videos, does. And in this article we will show you how you can forward voice and text messages on Instagram from any device .

How to Forward Text and Voice Messages on Instagram? – On Android, iOS and PC

As you already know, Instagram is a platform that mainly focuses on displaying images and videos. And any function that is related to it is allowed, such as uploading photos and videos to your stories from the gallery . But now the App has added a new option where you can without any problem resend a message or audio that you have previously sent .

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  1. What is the procedure to forward an Instagram Direct text message to another contact?
  2. What can you do if you want to share an audio of your Instagram messages with your other contacts?
  3. How can you share a message from Instagram messages to other networks?
    1. If you want to send it by WhatsApp
    2. To send it by Facebook Messenger

What is the procedure to forward an Instagram Direct text message to another contact?

The option to forward a direct message that you shared with another friend is now available, but the question everyone is asking is how? And here we will tell you what steps you must follow so that you can perform this operation on PC and on your Android and iOS devices. But before teaching you this practical trick, we will tell you that it is not possible to forward it directly from Instagram .

Therefore, the procedure that we will use will be the following, enter the Instagram App and start the session from the PC or your mobile device . The next step will consist of searching and selecting the message that we want to forward . When selecting it, a small menu will be displayed and from it we will choose the ‘Copy text’ option.

Next, you must choose the contact and in the area where the messages are written, you must press and hold until the paste option appears. Select it and the message will be pasted and then simply proceed with sending the message. You see how easy and simple you can forward a text message to another contact on Instagram .

What can you do if you want to share an audio of your Instagram messages with your other contacts?

Surely you already know how to send or send voice messages on Instagram and you have done it many times. But you also know that it is not possible to forward it to another contact , but don’t worry, here we will show you a method that will not fail. And just as it happens with text messages, it is not possible to send it directly from the Instagram App installed on your smartphone.

And in this case we will proceed as follows, we will search for and select the voice recorder of our mobile and we will record a conversation. While this operation is being carried out, we will enter Instagram and play the audio . We left Instagram to go back to the audio recorder and finished the recording.

In this way, the audio will be saved in our sound library, now you just have to search for said audio and go to the three-point icon. This option will display a menu and we will choose the ‘Share’ option. The last step is to choose the Instagram contact to whom you will forward the audio and that’s it, you can forward a voice message on Instagram .

How can you share a message from Instagram messages to other networks?

The unification of social networks and direct messaging platforms are currently a fact. And sister Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram will make it possible for you to send messages to each other without any problem. And in this case we will explain how you can share a direct message from Instagram on WhatsApp and on Facebook Messenger .

But it is important that you know that it is necessary that you previously carry out a unification between Instagram and WhatsApp, and from Instagram and Facebook Messenger. We must also take into account that the unification between Instagram and WhatsApp will not be available to all users and at the moment it can only be used by those who use a business or professional account.

If you want to send it by WhatsApp

To send direct messages from your Instagram account to a WhatsApp contact, you must first link both accounts. This procedure will work perfectly for users using Android or iOS mobile devices. Since we will work directly from the Instagram application and as a first step we will enter the aforementioned App.

Once inside we will go to our profile and click on the ‘Edit profile’ option. Then we will look for the option ‘Public information of the company’. The next step is to find and select the ‘WhatsApp’ option. And now you must write the telephone number with which you use this direct messaging platform .

Once you finish entering the requested data, you must click on the ‘Send confirmation code’ button. This is to be able to verify your identity, when the verification process is finished you will see that your WhatsApp number is now displayed on your Instagram profile as an option and from now on you can send direct messages to this WhatsApp number from Instagram .

To send it by Facebook Messenger

In the case of Facebook Messenger, by linking your Instagram account with it , you will not only be able to send messages, it will also be possible to make video calls, use the well-known temporary messages, send messages to groups, emojis or stickers. Therefore you will be able to interact with your Facebook friends without having to leave Instagram.

To link both numbers you must do the following, first enter your Instagram profile and for this you must click on your photo or image . The next step is to select the icon of three lines that you will locate in the upper corner. This action will show you a menu of options on the screen and in our case we are going to select ‘Settings’.

Once in this window we will choose the ‘Privacy’ section and there we will search and select the ‘Messages’ option. To finish this linking process you must go to the ‘Connected Tools’ section and there you will look for the ‘Allow access to messages’ option. Which you must activate and from now on you will receive messages from Instagram to Facebook Messenger and vice versa .

As you can see , it is an option that integrates both platforms , but if you want you can deactivate the chat function of Facebook Messenger and Instagram at any time . This is how this interesting article ends. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t forget to leave them in the comment box.





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