How to follow Twitter accounts via RSS with Nitter

Following  your favorite Twitter accounts via RSS  is a very real possibility and with its advantages, especially -it goes without saying, but it is still said- for those who are suspicious of the little bird’s social network and prefer methods as comfortable and personal as syndication. content through open standards.

In fact, as in many other web platforms that were born in the last couple of decades and even before, RSS support was present on Twitter from the beginning, until in one of the many updates received, those responsible decided get it out of the way. Why? With the explosion of social networks, the enlightened on duty considered that a technology like RSS was doomed… but nothing could be further from the truth.

By the way, who says RSS, says Atom, even though the former is the most popular protocol. In essence, we are talking about what was stated above,  content syndication through open standards to receive the information that one wants , and not the one that the biased algorithm calculates. Hence, I refer to receiving Twitter by RSS without further ado.

Well, following Twitter accounts via RSS has always been possible: at first, officially, with the support of the platform itself; later, through various inventions, not all of which are still available. For example, there are different RSS services that provide this function, usually in a limited way and always within their paid plans. But you can also follow Twitter via RSS by more  sui generis methods , as in this case.

How to follow Twitter accounts via RSS with Nitter

The most accessible way, because of how simple it is; open, since it does not tie you to any specific service; And the complete option for following Twitter accounts via RSS is  Nitter, an alternative Twitter interface  that in my opinion does not reach the level of the original, that is, I would not recommend it to a Twitter user, but it is at least curious and includes extra functions like the one at hand.

Nitter is an open source development that, as I said, is not limited to offering Twitter via RSS, although that is undoubtedly one of its most attractive functions, especially for those who are interested in following certain Twitter accounts without being on Twitter. And although it may sound contradictory, it is not: the social network has a lot of noise, but also really interesting information. If we add to this the power of RSS…

How is it done? It’s as simple as  entering Nitter  and  using the search engine that occupies the center of the site by entering a username  of the social network. We chose the right one, which shouldn’t be difficult to distinguish… And we’re already on its Nitter page, similar to the original Twitter one, but with a few different functions: look at the top right button. You see it?

Twitter by RSS with Nitter

There you have the RSS button of the account in question, press it and add the URL to your preferred news reader to follow that Twitter account via RSS. There’s no more.

Well, yes: although Nitter has been available for quite some time, sometimes it stutters and can fail or take a little longer to update than expected, but it works, it works. Also, remember that it is an open and free development, so you can contribute financially if it plays the part for you and you think it deserves it.

Indeed, the issue of Twitter is still hot after the acquisition of the social network by Elon Musk has been confirmed and many of its users have shown their displeasure about it, threatening to abandon the ship like rats in a shipwreck. , afraid of what is not known. Whether or not you are, Nitter can help you take Twitter elsewhere.





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